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Experiences of a Pagan Practicing Pranic Healing

Author: Robert Mark O. Lauzon

My exposure to the Old Religion and to the Earth-based Religion also exposed me to tried and true healing techniques involving herbs, oils and some other shamanic rites. Most of these techniques did not ritualize a systematic division of bodies and/or energy centers. They did contain elements of 'energy centers,' invisible bodies, but did not name these areas nor try to concentrate on one aspect of each. Needless to say, it still made a whole lot of sense and, yes (!), was still very effective.

My tradition was more occult, more ritual magick, until I felt the Goddess make a change in me. Now I want to heal, to teach; and now, being more public, the problems began cropping out. Problems such as how to explain the technique or convince a 'Cowan' to undertake the healing procedure without much talk (which releases energy, in relation to the "To Keep Silent" aspect) were the more common ones I had to deal with. For years afterwards, healing took place for a lot of people, initiates and Cowans alike, without me expressing the full detail of the healing procedure (often times taking too long to enumerate the different qualities of herbs and oils rather than talk about the details).

Then suddenly, while going my merry way along the aisle of a bookstore, I chanced upon a book entitled "Miracles Through Pranic Healing (formerly: The Ancient Science and Art of Pranic Healing)" by Master Choa Kok Sui. Thinking it was another of those Chinese-Oriental-Philosophy, I simple regarded the book as pretty good because it was able to stay on the shelves after all these years (not knowing it has been published in more than 24 editions and languages around the world).

Looking through the pages, I immediately discovered a plethora of specific and practical approaches to healing. They involved 'sweeping' the area of either congested or depleted energy, over-all sweeping, localized energizing and distant healing. This is basic Pranic Healing; the advanced form has color-related treatments for the energies, and higher courses involve crystals.

My Pagan background was not totally sold on the idea of an Indian-Sanskrit healing technique but I was definitely drawn to the minute and scientific way it outlined the practice. Checking the old 'thinker' and its contents, I remembered the cross-references drawn while taking 'Parallel Myths' in one Circling. Prana or Ki is commonly called the life energy, also translated as mana in Polynesian, pneuma in Greek, and ruah in Hebrew (also known as the Breath of Life). And so many flashbacks came... from spiral energy equated to chakras (energy centers of the body); Prana from Earth, Air, Water, Sun (or nature, in short) was nothing new to a Pagan, who is Earth-based in the first place. I discovered a bridge between society's misdirected notion of healing and Traditions, and my Path and Spiritual Practice.

Living in a Catholic-dominated country, with a steady increase in Fundamentalist following, I was both cautious and oftentimes 'persecuted-minimally.' Mention Healing without the name of the Lord Christ and everyone calls you a 'Satanist' (their own formulation to begin with!) or Black Magician (who doesn't really just do healing alone...) without even blinking! Give them incense and everyone thinks you are some Chinese with a departed loved one (Oh, how sweet the aroma of rain and sandalwood!) and, for most part, you are simply not doing the 'Work of God.' It took effort to help and to keep good intentions in place, and I said, "The book just might bridge the gap..."

By the Guidance of the Goddess... I asked myself when and how would the information help in my personal life? Asking also, after learning the technique, how confident could I be in the technique?

I then received a call from Acupuncture Therapy and Rehabilitation Center (ATRC), asking for help with a Cancer patient. I wasn't told what the symptoms were nor the type of Cancer; I was simply asked to, at least, help energize the boy (and maybe, even convince the 'pastor' father that alternative medicine is not the Devils' Work!). Bringing along a rutilated quartz, which I bought a week earlier for no clear reason, I proceeded to the clinic. I found waiting for me two medical doctors combining alternative forms of healing with their Western Medical Methods; one was practicing acupuncture, and the other herbology and some other forms of healing. We were all asked to give our own diagnostic and opinion of the boy's case; without going into all the details, we all came-up with the same findings. Blood problems, respiratory difficulty, and bone problems (turning out to be cancer), all this was by individual examination. The funny part of it was, when all the results were being discussed, I added a tiny bit of information. Not sure of what to say, I simply said, "The energetic body of the boy is not at sync with his diet." I added, "Did any of you switch him into vegetarianism?"

A hand went up, confirming that one of the doctors made the boy undergo a strict vegetarian diet (Vegan* type at that!). We had to give the boy time to assimilate and adjust to the new diet, and not just force him into a regimen he was not used to, became the consensus of the whole group.

Everyone's technique was then presented and the explanation of energy bodies and healing was made much easier through the techniques I picked out from "Pranic Healing". The testimonies and detailed representation given in the book also helped the doctors with more research materials, which they hope will eventually help Alternative Medicine. This small step confirmed my hopes and gave me another tool in my spiritual endeavor to help in any small way, like healing or teaching. The Pagan in me, who thought that this technique might take me further from my Path or even add to the already overwhelming misinformation, had to finally smile in the end.

Happily, retreating into my sacred space in perfect Love and in perfect Trust, the Goddess has once again shown me that all is not impossible and difficult! The Circle is Cast... in every healing performed, in every accepting heart!

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