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Bergamot, Orange: Correspondences

Author: Gwydion

Mentha citrate
Folk Names: Bergamot, Orange Mint
Gender: Masculine
Planet: Mercury
Element: Air
Power: Money

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The juice pairing is possibly more fascinating: bergamot kombucha with native mint, for example, or green tomato juice with lemon myrtle. In either case, it's expect the unexpected.
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Her mother had been a laundry woman in rural France, so she loved the smell of soap, but for years she was unable to find a perfumer who was up to the task, because citrus fragrances such as lemon, bergamot and orange just didn't last on the skin.
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Bergamot is great for depression; sandalwood is sensual. Lush bath bombs are made from pure essential oils, and are cheap too. 6.
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