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Ritual Tools

brought to you by the Children of Ra Temple

The most important thing to remember about the use of ritual tools is this: the tools are unimportant -- we have all we need to make magic: our bodies, our breath, our voices, each other.

However, ritual tools can be useful to remind your subconscious that you are in a different place -- a place between the worlds -- when you are working ritual magic. They can also be used to direct energy. Some of the more traditional Wiccan tools and their correspondences are:

Tool Element Direction Sphere of influence
Wand (or Blade, depending on tradition)

Censer (Incense burner)
Air East Mind, intellect, ideas, abstract learning, theory, dawn, spring, wind and breath
Blade (or Wand, depending on tradition)

Fire South Creative energy, courage, healing and destroying, willpower, noon, summer
Cup Water West Emotions, daring, the unconscious, intuition, twilight, autumn

Earth North Material gain, the body, health, money, birth and death, midnight, winter
Cauldron Spirit Center "Soul", spirituality, transformation, change, transcendence, immanence
Broom Spirit Circumference Purification and protection - used to psychically cleanse an area or to guard a home by laying it across an entryway
Bell Spirit Circle Purification - used to psychically cleanse ritual areas and personal energy fields

This table is a combination of what I was taught and what works for me. Feel free to embellish, rearrange or completely ignore this system. Native Americans use a six-direction system; the Norse used nine, including their home realm of Midgard. To be effective, ritual must speak to you personally, and ineffective ritual kills spirituality.


A particularly important ritual tool in the Church of Amazement is music. We’ve used everything from a simple percussion circle to a highly orchestrated chant CD with 15 harmonizing vocalists to create our aural magic. Music tends to increase personal involvement in the ritual and produces freer flowing energy. A list of commonly used songs and chants and a selection of pre-recorded ritual music appear later in this book.

Music can be used prior to a ritual to set the mood; during, to create sacred space, as an invocation and offering to Deity, and to raise energy; and afterwards in celebration, as well as a gentle return to normal space.

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