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Author: Rhiana Moonstar

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Chalcedony Qtz. Red, orange, yellow, browns; solid, grounding. For stomach, colon, liver, spleen, kidneys, Xray/radiation.

Moss: Draws new friends. Relieves exhaustion and heals problems with the neck and back. Money & happiness spells. Centering. Bloodsugar, anorexia/food issues, lymphnodes. Balances emotions.

Iris: Insight, restores nerve feeling and healing after injury/burns.

Picture: Gaze into for meditation. L/Rt. brain balance. Pineal, pituitary; coordination.

Blue Lace: Patience, peace. Cools.

Crazy Lace: Spiritual powers: aids with energy lows. Relieves emotional pain. Opens the way for laughter. Healing attributes: strengthens the heart. Clears energy blockages. Brings vitality to major organs.

Flame: Spiritual powers: Provides clarity during periods of transition. Stimulates awareness. Healing attributes: Enhances physical vitality. Treatment of burns and relieving pain.

Green Tree: Spiritual powers: Major abundance stone. Native American Power stone. Aids in finding purpose. Healing attributes: All around healing stone. Used for liver and sinus. Fine for capillaries and pain relief.

Turitella: Spiritual: Guidance to past lives, a gift from the stars, safety, protection, dispels old programming, aids in any type of transition, the survival stone. Healing: Energizing, reinforces the thymus, works with the skeletal structure particularly the hands and feet. Relieves swelling, tiredness and fatigue. Soothes the stomach, aids elimination. Helps in the absorption of zinc, calcium, magnesium and Vitamin A.

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