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earth plan, solar plexus, restful sleep, spiritual bodies

Labradorite/Spectrolite (Clearer/lighter)/(Darker)

Author: Rhiana Moonstar

brought to you by Rhiana Moonstar's Little Witch House

Subtle green/blue/yellow/etc. metallic irridescent. Brings forth each person's strengths to share with the world. Originality. Easier, more restful sleep. Helps us relate to others. Opens energy flow to solar plexus and brow chakras and whatever other centers are most in need. Still evolving along with us. Fragile, avoid salt cleansing. Assists in contact with other vibratory planes. Facilitates bringing intuition into earth plan thoughts. Harmonizes the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Provides clarity to insights. Fosters faith, clarity of thought and patience. Increases focus and concentration. Eliminates interference from a pendulum users own thoughts.

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Aquamarine. 8. Aragonite Crystals (Clear/Lavender) Labradorite/Spectrolite.
AFMS Lapidary Material Names 2003
has a clear understanding of the typical en- hancements used in . moonstone family, labradorite is showing up in an array of its dark base the colors appear different depending on it's often comes from Russia, and spectrolite is found in .. opportunity to encourage new ideas and work with lighter designs.
Gemmology Course Outline Lewton-Brain İ86/95/10
optical effects as in the feldspar labradorite. Secondary . (dark) allowing the least amount of light to pass through the two filters.

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LABRADORITE/SPECTROLITE (Clearer/lighter)/(Darker) Subtle green/blue/ yellow/etc. metallic irridescent.
metaphysical products for self discovery, self empowerment or
LABRADORITE: (CLEARER/LIGHTER) SPECTROLITE: (DARKER) Green/blue/ yellow, etc. Metallic iridescent.
Another term for labradorite's iridescent color is schiller , defined as "the form of On a clear sunny day, Labrador's Kiglapaits (Saw Tooth Moutains) north of of the fireplay: spectrolite is said to have stronger fuller colors against a dark labradorite has softer shades of color with less intensity against a lighter background.
The Morrighan
H:4-7; CTR:5,6; T (aluminum)Â Labradorite (Clearer/lighter)/Spectrolite (Darker): Subtle green/blue/yellow/etc. metallic iridescent.
A Circle of Light's Crystals & Gemstones Awareness Guide "D" to "L"
Labradorite (Clearer/lighter)/Spectrolite (Darker): Subtle green/blue/yellow/etc. metallic iridescent. Brings forth each person's strengths to share with the world.