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emerald and aquamarine, spiritual heart, empathy, lungs

Morganite (Pink Beryl)

Author: Rhiana Moonstar

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Related to Emerald and Aquamarine. Clear/soft pink to violet, translucent to clear. Inspires spiritual lovingness, compassion, equality, upliftment, empathy, patience. Spiritual heart chakra. Also heart, lungs, breathing, throat, oxygenation. One of the highest frequency stones available.

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name morganite. It was called pink beryl until the year 1911 when it was named in honor of banker and mineral collector, J.P.
1 powdered sample of pale. From the same sample used pink morganite, Brazil for Vis-NIR and Raman. 1 powdered sample of red beryl, Wah Wah Mts.
Morganite (Pink Beryl). Morganite is a national stone for Madagascar. Obsidian.
Beryl The varieties of beryl The physical properties of beryl
Beryl. Beryl. Aqua marine.
Silicates - major rock-forming minerals Isolated Tetrahedral Silicates
H = 7.5 – 8; S.G.

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The pear-shaped stones in the necklace and earrings all belong to the beryl family and comprise the pink morganite, blue aquamarine, green goshenite and yellow heliodor.

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Morganite or Pink Beryl
Jul 9, 2008 Morganite is a rare pink beryl, first discovered in Pala California in the early twentieth century.
Morganite Pink Beryl and Heliodor: Encyclopedia of Gemstone
The little known Morganite, a pretty pink gem, and the lesser known Heliodor, Encyclopedia of Gemstone Information.
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There are different varieties of beryl depending upon its colour like Morganite, Bixbite, Goshenite, Green beryl, Heliodor, Maxixe etc.
8mm Morganite Pink Beryl 149ct Round Portuguese by
May 2, 2011 An absolutely stunning 1.49 carat natural Morganite. Wouldnt this make a beautiful ring?