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Samhain Sabbat Ritual

Author: Rhiana Moonstar

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Now is the time of year in which we pass from light into darkness, symbolized by the death of the God of the sun. At this time, the spirits may roam the Earth along with the living, and the Goddess is in her crone aspect. Seasonal items should decorate the altar. Grains, gourds, and dried flowers are appropriate. Some extras you might want to lay out are things like apples, tarot cards, runes, hazel nuts, divination wands, a plate of food to be left outside for wandering spirits, and corn bread or a pomegranate in place of crescent cakes. One thing suggested is a yellow candle with a sun painted on it. This represents the dying God. The altar cloth is black, the altar candles should be red and black. Cast the sacred circle. Invoke the God and the Goddess. After this is done, light the God candle. Say:

"On this night when the dead once more walk freely among the living, we pass into darkness and do so willingly, for we know that it is simply the turning of the wheel. We give thanks to the God and the Goddess for the bounty that they have provided us over the summer. On this night , the Lord of the Hunt, the Lord of the Sun passes away from us. We realize, however, that it is simply the cycle of life, and we wait for that time when the Sun will once more be born of the moon. As this candle represents the Lord of the Sun, so does its blowing out represent the passing of the Lord of the Sun."

Having said this, extinguish the God candle. This candle is not to be lit again until Yule. Now is the time to invoke the crone aspect of the Goddess by saying:

"Goddess of the stars and of the waning moon, Goddess of magick and wisdom, whisper in my ear whatever you may and trust that the knowledge will be wisely used. Lend your power to my spells and rituals and trust that they will result in no harm to any of your creatures, great or small."

Now is the time for any magick or seasonal activities which you had planned to perform this evening, things such as drumming and chanting, carving apples or pumpkins, divination with the tarot, runes, wands, hazelnuts, or a pendulum, or scrying in fire, smoke or water. After any such business is done with, hold the simple feast. Then you may banish the sacred circle. Take the offering dish outside, and bury the offerings in the earth. Remember to leave a plate of food outside for wandering spirits.

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Now is the time of year in which we pass from light into darkness, symbolized by the death of the God of the sun. At this time, the...
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