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Yule Sabbat Ritual

Author: Rhiana Moonstar

brought to you by Rhiana Moonstar's Little Witch House

This Sabbat celebrates rebirth and renewal, and the return of longer days as the Lord of the Sun is reborn from the womb of the Goddess. Wreaths and evergreen trees may decorate the home. Set up the altar with your usual tools. Extra tools will include a Yule log, a small evergreen tree, a wreath representing both the wheel of the year and the Goddess, and the God candle that you used in the Samhain ritual. The Yule ritual will be performed skyclad. The altar will be decorated with a variety of evergreens, and the altar candles shall be red and green. The color of the altar cloth shall be green. Cast the sacred circle. Then, invoke the God and the Goddess. Then bring the God candle used on Samhain to the front of the altar. Say:

"As this candle represents the Lord of the Sun, as did its blowing out represent His passing, as will its lighting represent His return."

Take an altar candle and light the God candle. Bringing the altar candle with you, move around the altar to the Yule log at the rear. Light the first candle, saying:

"Blessed be the Goddess in her maiden form, fresh and young. May all the world be born young again with her."

Light the second candle, saying:

"Blessed be the Goddess in her motherly form, lovely and heavy with child. May all that springs from her womb be strong and fruitful."

Light the third candle, saying:

"Blessed be the Goddess in the form of the crone, powerful and wise. Guardian of magick and the wheel of life."

Now the Yule log has been lit, put the altar candle in its place. Return to the front of the altar and stand, facing East. Speak these words:

"On this night the Lord of the Sun is reborn and the Goddess and the God are reunited. As the sun returns and the wheel of the year turns once more, we honor the Goddess and the newly born God, our Mother and Father."

Now is the time for any seasonal activities that you had planned for this evening. Magick is not appropriate. Singing, decorating the Yule tree, etc., are. After any such business has been taken care of, you may banish the sacred circle.

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