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Imbolg Sabbat Ritual

Author: Rhiana Moonstar

brought to you by Rhiana Moonstar's Little Witch House

A festival of lights to herald the coming of spring. A popular Imbolc activity is to prepare seed for spring planting. Lay out the altar with your regular altar tools and add these extras: a bowl of earth with a seed of some sort, as many white tapers on the altar as is safe, and seasonal decorations, such as evergreens, sun wheels, or a cup of melted snow. The altar cloth shall be blue, and the altar candles shall be green and white. Cast the sacred circle, and invoke the God and the Goddess. Then bring the seed and dish of earth or planting pot to the front of the altar. Hold the seed in your hand, knowing that it is the beginnings of life. Bless it in this manner:

"In my hands I hold the seed of beginnings, of life, wisdom, and of coming spring. I ask the God and the Goddess to place a blessing on it so that it may prosper in the coming season."

Then think of something you want. It could be a request of the God and the Goddess, or something you want from yourself. Concentrate on this as you hold the seed.

"With this seed I plant a request, and hope that with careful nurturing and daily care, my goals may come to fruition in time."

Having said this, place the seed in the soil and cover it. What is to be done with it after this is up to you. Hold the simple feast, and then you may do any magick or seasonal activities that you had planned for this evening. One Imbolc tradition is to weave corn dollies. Banish the sacred circle.

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