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Ostara Sabbat Ritual

Author: Rhiana Moonstar

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This Sabbat recognizes the start of spring, and celebrates the Goddess, once again in her maiden aspect. This Sabbat is a time for fertility rituals, and the cutting of spring's first blossoms. The altar and the circle should be decorated with a variety of fresh flowers. Set up the altar with your usual tools, including a green potted plant, and the cauldron placed somewhere in the circle. The cauldron may be filled with fresh water and floating flowers. Light the altar candles and the incense, and cast the sacred circle. Invoke the God and the Goddess. Kneel before the altar, facing East, and gaze at the plant. Recognize it not only as a plant, but as a symbol of the awakening earth. Say:

"Blessed is the Goddess, our Mother, our provider. Now, the dark days of winter are past, and the world grows green once more. As life awakens from it's slumber, and is renewed by the power of the God and the Goddess, we thank them for all we have received from them."

Touch the plant. Connect with its energies, and feel its life. Say:

"This plant is representative of the awakening of life after its long winter slumber. May I learn to be kind to all creatures, great and small, and may I bear in my heart a warmth and understanding of all living things. Mother Goddess, Father God, teach me to revere the earth and all its treasures always."

Take part in any magick or seasonal activities that you had planned. Tradition on Ostara is the decoration of eggs. Hold the simple feast and banish the sacred circle.

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