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Beltane Sabbat Ritual

Author: Rhiana Moonstar

brought to you by Rhiana Moonstar's Little Witch House

This Sabbat celebrates the joining of the God and the Goddess. She is now in her Mother aspect, and it is from Her womb that all life will spring. This is yet another fertility Sabbat. The altar and circle should be decorated with flowers. Any white flowers are appropriate, especially those with five petals. The cauldron may be filled with flowers. The altar cloth and candles shall be white. Flower garlands may be worn by the participant. Set out your altar with your usual tools. Include a white ribbon and a red ribbon. Light your incense and the altar candles, and cast the circle. Invoke the God and the Goddess. Kneel before the altar, facing East. Place the ribbons on the pentacle, the end of the white ribbon covering the end of the red one. Speak these words:

"Oh Father God, oh Mother Goddess, now is the time of your joining. Through your happiness, may all be happy, and through your fruitfulness, may all in nature be fruitful."

Begin plaiting the ribbons together. This is a simplified & solitary version of the traditional maypole. While you are doing this, say:

"All life in all the world springs from the union of the God and the Goddess. Blessed are they, the creators, the Ancient ones!"

Do with the ribbons whatever you wish. Any magick or other seasonal activities may follow. If you are outdoors in a fairly safe place, you may wish to light a small balefire. After such festivities are completed, hold the simple feast, & banish the circle.

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