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Mid Summer Sabbat Ritual

Author: Rhiana Moonstar

brought to you by Rhiana Moonstar's Little Witch House

This Sabbat celebrates the Goddess. She is now with child, as is nature with the bounty of the coming harvest. This is a time when energies abound, & is a good time for magick/purification rites. The altar can be decorated with summer herbs, greenery, & flowers. The cup should be filled with milk. If you have made a protective amulet previous to the ritual, you will want to place this on the altar. Before the ritual begins, make a small pouch out of white cloth and fill it with any combination of midsummer herbs that you wish & be sure to add them in threes. Tie pouch with red string & place it on the altar. The altar cloth & candles should be white. Light the altar candles and the incense, & cast the circle. Invoke the God & the Goddess. Kneel before the altar, facing east, and say:

"With these mystic rites, I celebrate the summer time and the coming bounty of autumn. Now, the world is bathed in the warm glow of the sun, and the fields and seas and skies and forests are teeming with life."

Hold the cloth pouch in your hands. Concentrate on any problems, pain or illness that you wish to be rid of. Picture these things going into the bag. Stand up, walk around to the East side of the altar. Light the pouch with an altar candle. Drop the pouch into the cauldron to watch it burn. As you watch, know that those impurities are burning to ash. Say:

"Oh great Goddess and God, on this magickal night I pray that you will help me to know and understand myself and the world around me. May you bring joy and happiness into my life, and may no harm come to anything by my hands."

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