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cypress cones, oak sprigs, autumn leaves, altar candles

Mabon Sabbat Ritual

Author: Rhiana Moonstar

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This is the second harvest Sabbat. The Goddess is entering into cronehood, and the dark of the year is beginning, so this is a time often associated with mysterious lore and wisdom. The altar and circle should be decorated with autumn leaves, gourds, berries, pine and cypress cones, acorns, oak sprigs and other fruits of the season. New willow staves and wands were traditionally consecrated or empowered on this day. You should also have a small basket filled with a variety of autumn leaves. The altar cloth shall be brown, and the altar candles shall be red. Cast circle & pick up the basket of leaves and hold it in both hands. Spill the leaves slowly so that they cascade down to the ground within the circle as you say these words:

"The days grow colder, and the leaves fall. Our Lord of the sun rides the winds westward, and the cool, misty night descends. Fruits ripen, and the seeds drop. This is a time of balance, when night equals day, and though all seems dead or dying, I know that life continues. Life is not possible without death, and the coming of winter is just another spoke in the great wheel."

Put the basket down, and say:

"Oh great Goddess of the waning moon, keeper of the cauldron, of secret magicks and forgotten lore, teach me to be wise and peaceful in thought and deed. Grant me your wisdom, and do not fear that it may be used unwisely, or for purposes other than those which encourage peace and prosperity."

Works of magick or activities may be performed now. After any such things have been taken care of, hold the simple feast, and then banish the sacred circle.

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This is the second harvest Sabbat. The Goddess is entering into cronehood, and the dark of the year is beginning, so this is a time...