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The Earthmind Material

Author: Matthew Webb

brought to you by The World Mind Society, and Matthew Webb

Any or all of this material may be used by any interested person or organization, for the purpose of spiritual and/or intellectual enlightenment. We ask that you mention the source of this material in your publication(s), (the World Mind Society, and Matthew Webb) so as to promote the mission of this organization.

Part 1 | Part 2

Author's Note

All references made in the first person(s) herein, are grammatical conveniences created for the sake of the reader. Such words as "I", "OUR", and "I/WE" are therefore not meant to be taken as literal personifications, as they have been received from the Earthmind in another form. During meditation, most of these messages arrived in my consciousness as complete packets of information, through pictures and collections of symbols, and always without any "personal" content such as one would usually receive from a given entity. The channeling of the Earthmind is a matter of linking with a source of natural wisdom, one that is devoid of any real subjectivity. Symbol and meaning appear in the mind’s eye singularly, or one after another in succession, coupled with intuitive knowledge. This is direct knowledge whose signature is rendered lightning-swift in the receiving mind. With it comes complete certainty as to its accuracy and profound scope.

Depending on the meditator's state of consciousness, Earthmind information will often be gained in extremely compressed packets, as intuitive flashes. These can contain enough information in a 60 second period of contact to comprise an entire book, so long as one has the ability to unravel them completely. The difficulty in effectively receiving information of this kind, is in its subsequent translation into words and practical action. Fortunately the same information may be accessed repeatedly, and in the slow process of many years and many Earthmind contacts, I eventually decoded fundamental portions of its content. It is made evident through these excursions into the Planetary Mind, that information thus given is by no means random. It is purposeful and directed Intentionally for specific reasons. Those specific reasons are based upon one primary motive, which in one phrase defines the very purpose for the existence of humanity. The evolution of consciousness is that universal purpose. We as conscious beings, must embrace this Cosmic Intention, or else find destruction through our own misguided works.

Our true purpose is revealed to be same one prevalent in all the galaxy. In all places and times, universal transformation of form, (evolution) is carried out via the expansion of consciousness. Our kind is uniquely poised at this moment in human history, to act successfully on that true purpose of life. The following material is Intended to facilitate exactly that...

Matthew Webb

Part 1

The heat of this Earth fever you provoke, which brings closer your own self destruction year after year, can be cooled. The body of the planetary collective may once again be brought to balance. This may be done by viewing Nature as a guide and teacher for right living. There are those few among you who remain teachers and spiritual adherents, as well as those native peoples who still live close to the Earth in natural ways, who are capable of leading the way back to an embrace of Nature as ally. These few have not forgotten the importance of natural laws. It is they who remember the sacredness of the Earth, and are capable of revealing the right paths of living. Learn from them, and take up their example of right living in your own lives. Do not destroy or hinder those who follow the natural ways, nor the sacred regions they seek to protect. These are as Holy as any of the greatest Temples and Churches in sincere dedication to the worship of God. Destroy them, and you destroy a great many of the remaining guardians of spiritual progress for your species. Return to those natural areas of the Earth to remember the many profound principles they have to teach. Within their custody you will re-experience the purpose of life and your own soul, as well as the means by which humanity may be rescued from its own self induced peril. Learn natural ways and adopt the simplicity of progressive living. In so doing you will be returned to the garden of bliss that is your heritage. By looking to the Temple of Nature as your place of worship, you will therein know God to be as accessible as the purity of youth in play.

For the future of your race, there exists three basic possibilities or courses that can now be taken. All of them involve a complete change of human societies. The first of these possibilities encompasses your demise as a species. The second involves your eventual, though hard-won success as an evolving race. The third is that of a complete and rapid transformation into what is in truth a new species, or super-humanity. The first course which is based on fear, will be had if you do not significantly alter your current direction of action as a collective. This path is one of complete destruction through and because of, the fear brought about by unnatural Intentions. It will lead you into accelerated chaos, forcing a collective entropy and decay of human civilization, to the point of extinction or near extinction. The destructiveness you continue to sow, if it continues on the present course of materialism, will like an unchecked fire eventually burn itself out by consuming everything available. The contaminants of a lifestyle out of balance, scientific manipulations without wisdom, and the holding of material ends as a first priority over spiritual ones, shall be the dissolution of the human potential in thousands of years, that took hundreds of millions to generate.

The second basic potential of the human experiment, consists of duel outcomes coexisting side by side. This course is duel in the sense that there will be a significant rift in the Worldmind, wherefrom two very distinct groups will emerge, (and are emerging). Each of these will hold very different Intentions and views of existence. One group, the probable majority, will cling to the current status quo with increasing desperation and fear. They will attempt to maintain their militarized, fear-based, physical security-oriented materialism, even as the means for it is rapidly dwindling away. They will do this regardless of the fact that such a lifestyle is destroying them, and the world at large. This group will choose death, individually and en-masse, rather than relinquish the old ways of centuries past and the imagined social status it grants. The other group, a probable minority among your kind but never the less of a significant number, will increasingly appear from the ranks of the old-world order with a fresh vision of life. In this way there will spontaneously arise, (as well as through organized means) those with new, yet ancient knowledge and abilities. Certain individuals will act as the revolutionaries of consciousness. This world group will progressively recognize the deeper values and qualities of life itself, as well as the true identity of humanity as conscious souls. They will increasingly crave and align with natural ways, finding this to be a very real source for spiritual regeneration. In so doing many will gain what will be regarded as certain mental and spiritual powers, including expanded perceptions, enhanced intelligence and wisdom. These important qualities will enable them to guide the new progressive trend of humanity into an enlightened age. The new era will be marked by a knowing of God in Nature, and a respect for right living as governed by spiritual, scientific and natural principles. All of these areas will be viewed as one in the same study. Thus science, based on nature and Natural Law will be more fully understood through the wise focus of consciousness. Science will be the means to the spiritual for many, having been motivated by the Cosmic impulse to evolve. Spirituality will be more fully understood and embodied through scientific areas of understanding. It will find progressive manifestation through the catalyst of scientific tools and concepts.

In the basic splintering of the Worldmind, ideological divisions between old-world ways and those of progressive consciousness will manifest themselves. The trends of each faction will find their expression in many new organizations and world events. A sharp increase in the efforts of control oriented institutions to subdue public freedoms, will be countered by an equally fervent, and organized effort toward an enlightened citizenry. There will be much suffering for the majority of humanity, especially for a short period in the near future, as it is with any birth of a new way. Many of those whose Intent is destructive and unnatural will simply die, as their own self imposed imbalances will disable them to withstand the great changes to come. Old diseases, as well as many yet to be understood or even named, will take many. The intentional self destructiveness that is a symptom of collective chaos and dissatisfaction in the modern Worldmind, will be rampant. During this time the progressive splinter of humanity will find ways of living which maintain inner strength. This group will wait for the time when their voice and way of living may be more clearly heard. Many will band together especially in natural areas forming communities of like mind, with some of these existing successfully even in large cities, (as some do now). Spiritual practices of all kinds for the improvement of the body, mind and spirit will flourish among them. The widespread use of herbs, natural foods, and alternative technologies will also sustain those who are progressive and natural. They will have the support of Earth consciousness in general. A Worldmind rift will represent a purification of global Intent, much like the distillation of a boiled substance renders the desired, refined liquid from the original raw material. This is a natural and inevitable process, which has occurred in similar ways at various times in the natural history of this planet. Mistakes made in the evolutionary ascent must be corrected, just as faulty DNA is adjusted to maintain life. This is as it should be, though it is not the most progressive outcome possible.

The third and most progressive possibility for your kind is that of a total shift in Worldmind consciousness. Such a shift would mean the primary fulfillment of purpose for humanity's very existence. This will come as a phenomena of consciousness that is rarely attained easily by a planet, or any other life supporting body. It has however been achieved by some in this galaxy, as well as others. Consciousness, in this highly significant phenomena of natural law, reaches a planetary threshold whereby the constituent minds of a world collectively and simultaneously shift. It is a process that resembles the flash point of fire suddenly crossed. This flash point is usually catalyzed by one or more among an intelligent race, typically at various points around a planet, whose personal consciousness reaches a stage when it suddenly radiates a powerful and progressive mindstate(s) of a very high vibration. Such a state of being is the result of dedicated Spiritual Intent, an alignment with the Will of God/Nature, and the subsequent manifestation of High Intent into the environment for the benefit of all. The spiritual spark thus created by advanced souls, ignites the realization of a great many more, elevating their consciousness resonantly.

Evolutionary emanations travel outward from the spiritually adept, like the waves caused when stones are thrown into a pond. To make such an event more probable, there must exist those in the Worldmind who have attained a certain minimum threshold of self realization themselves. This will allow them to be sufficiently receptive to the emanations of the consciousness-pioneering few. Because of their receptivity, (and also because of the very compelling nature of the high vibration/Intent sent forth) the people first affected will then embody this Intent themselves. [This process is nearly identical to the Master/disciple relationship such as that found in the case of Christ and Buddha.] They will feel compelled to spontaneously enter states of love and realization, though many may not realize why this is so. This will amplify and expand the original impulse sent by the few who Understand. Larger and larger portions of the population will resonate with, and radiate high vibrations and Intent, (love and spiritual motivation). The flash point phenomena will continue to expand over the entire population of the world in ever widening circles of influence. In a very short time, the Worldmind will be transformed and elevated in its level of consciousness, after a certain critical mass or percentage of the population is converted to high(er) states/Intents. The raising of world consciousness may therefore be catalyzed by a certain few, who already understand the principles which can accomplish such an act.

A shift in the planetary mind of this type will be strongly felt by every living being. It will similarly render effects upon all planetary matter and Energy in the form of emanated waves of effect. A flash point phenomena such as this will also result in off-world effects, extending outward into space like a radiating light. The Earth would become a literal spiritual source, a psychic sun of high vibration and Intent shining brightly on subtle realms. This would be a primary culmination of Earth consciousness in self realization, which is the ultimate aim of all group minds in the universe.

Part 2

A major flash point in consciousness would bring the dawn of a super-humanity, possessing various advanced powers of mind, soul and body to the point of multidimensional perception, super-physical strength and a greatly extended life span, if so desired. Telepathy would take the place of spoken language as the primary mode of communication, and not just in human relations, [also with the Earthmind, the Solarmind, other intelligent races, and with those in spirit realms, (souls not in physical incarnation)]. Many will achieve rapport with matter itself being able to manipulate it at will, especially when working in cooperation with others of like Intent. Disease would become essentially unknown, and most current material technologies rendered obsolete. New ways to employ consciousness individually and through Intentionally formed group minds, will enable physical, mental and spiritual feats which the current human mindset would regard as nothing short of miraculous. Today's miracles shall become tomorrow's routine. The very dullest in mind and body of the future age will overshadow the greatest geniuses and athletes ever known in human history.

The unlimited potentials of human consciousness may be witnessed, when the world collective is joined together in natural spirituality, as One Mind. In unity each member of the Worldmind may then draw strength from the enlightened whole. Unification of all component minds on the basis of the evolution of consciousness, is the primary Intent of God for all worlds.

As the flash point of consciousness approaches, (which may come in successive stages one after another, or as a single major leap) all bodies and minds will begin to experience unusual sensations. At first great positivity and unexplained joy, the unity of humankind in spontaneous goodwill and greater Energy, will be experienced. The very first to feel this will be those who already practice positivity and progressiveness on a spiritual basis. Feelings "in the air" will seem impossibly elevated, colors more vibrant, sounds more melodic, physical sensations more pleasurable, and thought processes much clearer. Spontaneous states of love will lead each individual to the undeniable perception of the universal brotherhood of man, as a moment to moment fact of existence. The artificial divisions of country, race, creed, affiliation and social status will erode and fade away almost instantly, being seen as irrelevant. Greater creativity and progressive self reliance will, even without being consciously summoned, arise to take the place of old ideas and institutions. These will fade away in the mindset that they were only encumbrances to the general good after all.

All of these qualities will begin to arise throughout society just prior to the Shift, (or Shifts) itself. Then suddenly there will manifest like a bolt of lightning in the darkness, a very intense change felt by all. This will represent a threshold of world consciousness suddenly crossed. Some will experience a buzzing of one or several tones of both low and high pitch, as well as a tingling throughout the body. Some will fall into a state resembling unconsciousness, others a very temporary dizzy faint, too overwhelmed with unusual inputs to coordinate the physical body effectively. Others will also see visions in regard to their purpose as incarnated souls, as well as spiritual revelations of all kinds. They will receive information regarding the Truth of existence, of God, of advanced sciences and other subjects of a profound nature. Vast numbers will share the same archetypal visions, and see them scrolling through the mind’s eye simultaneously, sharing feelings of absolute ecstasy and oneness with one another. Religions will be implicitly unified, with philosophical differences resolved in common universal focus. Formal religious ritual will become unimportant for the most part, since the face of God will everywhere be evident, and not need to be invoked. In a state of world consciousness such as this, the hearts and minds of each individual will dance upon the waves of joy that is an enlightened collective. Each will contribute telepathically their best attributes as the souls that they are, to the benefit of the Worldmind.

In this age of greater enlightenment, plants and animals will also be benefited. Plants will grow to enormous size, with incredible speed and abundant fruits. Animals will proliferate rapidly, with many individuals being of much greater size and strength than before. The presence of plants and animals beneficial to crops will increase greatly, as an aspect of Earthmind support for the new Way of humanity, whereas the reverse is currently true. Ecosystems will after a time balance themselves out, much as they were in human pre-history.

The planet-wide collectives of both the Earthmind and the Worldmind would in this way be unified. They would be as one functioning and self coordinated Being, possessing as a single collective a level of intelligence which far exceeds anything known in the current time. As a result of increased planetary intelligence, weather patterns will change in every region of the Earth, so as to accommodate the best possible conditions for life in each area. Planet-wide greening and reforestation will begin to take effect, as a result of much greater Earth Energy levels and vibration. This Energy, (which your ancestors knew well in such areas as Egypt, India, China, Japan, Mexico and Central America, Asia and South America) will redouble many times over. It will at that time be a simple act for any intelligent mind, to draw upon this Energy and wield it for various purposes that have far-reaching results, just as your ancestors did. World temperatures will stabilize, with extremes of seasons moderating, and what humanity now calls "natural disasters" will be very few in number. Enormous increases in the Energy and Awareness of the world will occur, because they will no longer be wasted on internal divisions of a petty nature. The world consciousness will instead be efficiently united within the joint purpose of mutual advantage, according to the principles of natural law.

Any of these three basic outcomes are available to the human future, depending on what actions it now takes, and in the next 100 years in particular. Total entropy, a Worldmind rift, or a flash point-like shift upwards in consciousness, are all possible outcomes for your kind at this critical turning point in human history. Of these three outcomes, the appearance of a Worldmind rift is the most likely by far, with both progressive and materialistic factions of humanity traveling their own separate courses. The next most likely outcome is total entropy for your kind, which will generate widespread death and destruction, with the Flashpoint phenomena being the least likely of the three. All of this depends primarily upon decisions reached, choices of priority and lifestyle made, and actions taken within the next century, and most especially within the next 20 years. Choices must be made with the conviction evidenced in day to day action. The more completely humanity realigns itself with natural ways, employing knowledge of the true self and of Natural Law, the easier will be the inevitable transition from the old world era, into one of self and global realization.

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