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Group Mind Basics (GM1)

Author: Matthew Webb

brought to you by The World Mind Society, and Matthew Webb

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Anyone who has ever spoken in front of a group of people, knows that there is a peculiar sensation associated with the experience. A tightness of the throat often appears, or the speaker “gets butterflies in their stomach”. Just as in the case of person to person communication, a speaker can feel the focus of onlookers upon them like a pressure, while giving a speech or lecture. Effective speakers can reverse this trend by using their strong feeling or conviction. Through force of will or emotion they can compel the audience to think and feel as they, thus getting their message across. At sporting events the spectator feels the rush, thrill and sometimes disappointment of the crowd. At the scene of a street fight, onlookers gravitate like iron filings to a magnet, to witness not only a physical brawl, but a psychic battle as well. At a religious gathering, many people in prayer have been known to heal the sick. Many experience a mutual, spiritual ecstasy. Meditation groups have always made use of the fact that when many people focus quietly together, positive results are amplified many times over. Transcendental Meditation for instance, has statistically and repeatedly demonstrated that groups of experienced meditators can, by their very presence and practice, lower the incidence of stress and the violent crime that accompanies it in a community or region. In all of these cases, there is one natural law that is primarily responsible for our mutual psychic experience. This law is known as the group mind principle.

In short, the group mind principle of Nature states that; the resulting force generated from the combining of like minds, is geometrically greater than the sum of its parts. In other words, minds which are focused together upon a common theme, create a mutual force which is not merely additive, but vastly more powerful than any one individual or group of individuals. In nature we see graphic examples of the group mind phenomena in social insects, particularly in the ant, termite and bee. A single insect is a weak individual, but a colony of ants for example can build living bridges, bring down prey 1000 times larger than themselves, and create vast underground tunnels or large mounds. Schools of fish perceive their environment and move about, as though each individual were physically connected. The same is true of flocks of birds and packs of dogs. Groups of monkeys are much better equipped to survive through their mutuality of perception, one that goes beyond the simple combining of many watching eyes.

The practice of brainstorming is effective not only because of enhanced psychological processes. Brainstorming, or any other mental focus upon a common idea, creates a merger of consciousness of the participants, (to varying degrees). Such a merger enhances or expands the degree of consciousness of every involved individual, raising their level of manifest intelligence so that much greater things may be accomplished. This fact has considerable significance which the informed occultist will not take lightly, and which those who have a purely psychological orientation will ignorantly overlook.

The group mind phenomena is constantly in effect, though few people rarely notice it. Most persons casually go about their daily affairs, without taking stock of their own inner feelings and intuition. They never realize that not all of their thoughts are of their own making, and neither are the feelings and even intentions, which often cross their minds. The fact is, any time two or more persons are in proximity to one another, or even when they have similar thoughts and yet are separated by great physical distances, some group mind effect is taking place. The consciousness we all possess is a very fluid and permeable substance. It flows from person to person in an automatic fashion, and the self aware individual can cause it to flow and render specific effects according to their will. Each of us can and does feel energy, emotion and intent from others on a daily basis. We know when someone has a friendly “vibe” or a hostile intent, even without any cues given by words or physical gestures. All of us are psychically sensitive to some degree, and when this sensitivity is refined in meditation, it becomes obvious that thoughts and feelings are very often a group phenomena, rather than just a personal one. Examples of thinking together as one mind can be seen when other people finish the sentence we were just speaking, or vice versa. During a discussion, many people will have the same idea at the same time, without the need for a prompting cue of any kind.

It is important to notice then, that the situation at work or at home involves a deep mutuality of intention, feeling, thought and focus. We experience the feelings of others, and usually assume these to be of our own creation, when in fact they are often either mutually generated, or are a product of others ready-formed. In meditation we learn just how profoundly the psychic effects of the mood and thoughts of others impacts our being, and at every level. This impact is felt body-wide. In fact, every single feeling we create impacts others resonantly. When we feel happiness or sadness within, this state of being automatically radiates outward, much like the ripples from a stone thrown in a pond. Waves of emotion impact other bodies and minds, thereby inducing a similar state within them. Thus the human body/mind emanates information and energy, just as a radio station broadcasts music. In order to live well in this modern age, it is necessary for each of us to take careful notice of the psychic effects we both send and receive. The human body, and in fact all cellular structures, act as transceivers of information to and from the environment. The Internet is therefore not the only “world wide web” upon which the world is intimately connected. We are surrounded by an electromagnetic ocean within which the individual must either learn to, (psychically) swim, or become drowned by the raging storm of chaotic mindstates, that are a worldwide symptom of the modern age.

The individual meditator can do much to offset the psychic influences which surround him or her. Through the gaining of self knowledge via self observation, we learn which thoughts, feelings and intentions are our own and which are not. The meditator may also choose which emotion or state of being they wish to remain within. But even more importantly, groups of meditators or other similarly focused individuals, can actually aid one another on a profound and psychic basis. Those who recognize the truth of the group mind principle, can raise each others’ level of consciousness at will. Ultimately, groups of positive-minded people will not only aid each other through mutual “good-vibes”, they will also significantly aid the state of world consciousness by employing certain natural, occult laws. We can use the group mind principle to our own advantage on a personal basis, in groups, in the community and globally. By observing natural laws and employing them according to the natural design, we may yet as a species survive the coming global crisis. We may even further evolve into a form that is greater in scope than the current Homo Sapiens.

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