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More Group Mind Basics (GM2)

Author: Matthew Webb

brought to you by The World Mind Society, and Matthew Webb

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The similarities between the function of a two-way radio and the human body can be quite surprising. The body/mind constantly emits all aspects of our internal state to the environment, and in turn receives inputs from the world in the same manner. When we feel praise or irritation from the boss or a co-worker, it is registered within the body as an unmistakable indication of these states of mind projected toward us. We know that when a person says one thing and yet at the same time we feel another, that something is wrong. Thus it is within the human, (psychic) sensory power to detect a lie, or even the degree of a lie, as soon as it is spoken. People speak of having a “gut feeling” or a “hunch” about the intentions of another. It is common practice to take a new course of action based upon “intuitive impressions”, because we feel that a different approach is necessary. Upon entering a room already occupied by others, a person immediately registers the “vibes” or “atmosphere” or “the space” of those present. Feelings within the body then indicate whether or not the prevailing space is compatible with our own. To be honest, we must acknowledge that not only do psychic phenomena exist, but that they form the basis of everyday interactions.

It is common knowledge that feelings travel from person to person, just as it is implicit that our intentions render immediate effects upon those in the vicinity. Whether or not we refer to this phenomena as “psychic” is irrelevant. The important truth is that person to person influences are the norm, not the exception. Psychic sensitivity is not the lucky property of the exceptionally gifted alone. All persons, and in fact all living beings have some degree of psychic sensitivity with which they were born, and which cannot be truly suppressed regardless of adopted belief structures. The degree of psychic sensitivity and power varies from day to day, and from person to person due to a number of factors. Materialistic or other limiting belief structures, do act to inhibit our psychic abilities to some variable degree. This effect can be offset through an honest appraisal of everyday experiences and meditation. Psychic power is also affected by emotional states and mental willpower. The more intensely we feel something or focus the mind one-pointedly, the more powerful our “broadcast” of inner content tends to be. This principle of natural law can be compared to a radio tower increasing its broadcast strength, by using more electricity and an unwavering frequency. In the case of the human body/mind, our electricity is known as “chi”, (originally a Chinese term, also known as “ki” in Japan, “prana” in India, and “orgone” in the West) or life energy, whose emitted intensity is increased during periods of strong emotion, conviction and/or mental focus. Our broadcast is composed of feeling carrier-waves, that convey the information of thought.

When we study the traditions of the native peoples of the world, as well as Eastern philosophy, the theme of “we are all connected”, or “the web of life remains unbroken” continues to recur. Apart from the fact that all life has a strong chemical relationship, what this means is that on a subtle, psychic level, we all experience a constant union of minds. At all moments during work, play, discussion, sex, disagreement, harmony or sleep, this connection remains unbroken, and in reality, can never be broken. This law of physics, like all others, is constant and immutable. As with radio wave propagation, human psychic interaction occurs via such principles as frequency, resonance, dissonance and broadcast strength. When several radio transmitters of the same frequency and location broadcast simultaneously, their range is greatly extended. The same principle is true of groups of similarly focused people for the same reason. The occultist notices examples of this fact when feeling the strong effect of holiday crowds or other gatherings. Anyone who has ever been to a music concert, sporting event or spiritual gathering, knows that there are stronger feelings associated with larger numbers. In other words, there is a greater emitted psychic power associated with similarly focused minds. This force is easily registered by the body in the form of received waves and particles of chi, and felt as emotion, (or as words and pictures in the mind). Scientifically speaking, emotion is simply chi resonating at a given frequency in the body. Anger has one frequency, happiness another, as does depression, fear, love and all points in between. The range of human emotions forms a spectrum of frequencies or feeling states, one that is not significantly different in nature than the spectrums of visible colors or audible sounds.

When two or more people meet, the psychic phenomena which occurs falls under three general categories. The first is a feeling of friendliness or synchrony, the second is antagonism or antipathy, and the third is neutrality, (no reaction). Feelings of friendliness or like-mindedness are a result of the principle of resonance. Resonance occurs in the radio realm when two transceivers are tuned to the same frequency. In human beings resonance occurs when two or more persons are “tuned” to the same emotion and/or intention. Feelings of antagonism are usually the result of dissonance. A dissonance of frequency between radio stations implies that their clear communication is impaired. It may even imply that the two stations interfere with each other, canceling out each emitters’ ability to broadcast. In social interactions, dissonance can be witnessed as an instantaneous and otherwise inexplicable feeling of dislike for another. This phenomena is registered by negative impressions within the body/mind. Speakers of disparate emotions may cancel out each others’ ability to smoothly communicate, and to negate the others’ effect upon a listening audience. Arguments are always graphic examples of the principle of dissonance, experienced by the participants as a tightening of the throat, fear or anger in the stomach, weakness in the knees and other such symptoms. As for neutrality, this reaction occurs via the usual, “live and let live” mode of human interaction. It is based upon the intention of, “I’ll go about my business while you go about yours”, resulting in not really taking notice of another. In the radio analogy, a neutral reaction between radio stations would simply result in the coexistence of various stations on the dial, with each broadcasting simultaneously without significant, mutual interference.

When we take the psychic factor of social interaction into account, a much clearer picture of the human condition arises. Community and group action, cultural and even world events are then made more understandable, and so are the solutions for the problems experienced at each of these levels. Psychic resonance and dissonance, as well as group mind connectivity, give useful explanation for many human behaviors which cannot be otherwise adequately addressed. Psychological or cultural theories designed for the understanding of world events, have proven themselves to be inadequate, and simply cannot provide the answers we seek without an equally comprehensive occult explanation paralleling them. During a riot for instance, individuals will do many things which they will later disbelieve or even denounce. Such persons have fallen prey to mutual psychic effects, or in other words, negative group mind phenomena. The group mind force of many chaotic or anarchistic minds in unison, compels/empowers individuals to join into acts which might otherwise seem impossible or unorthodox to them. Battles fought by opposing armies are often won not by superior numbers or technology, but by something referred to as greater “morale”, or group mind determination. Cause organizations often persevere in the face of overwhelming opposition, simply because the mutual empowerment they provide each other, sustains the common effort. Anger becomes a contagious thing, transmitted from person to person in a continuous feedback-loop. Love grows through sheer sweetness within the ranks of an unsuspecting citizenry. The psychic loop of group mind force, becomes mutually reinforcing and geometrically amplified. The same is of course true of any emotion, or intention of like kind. A mutual resonance of feeling is first established, and then a group mind is formed, whose lasting value is dependent on the emotional pitch, mental focus and conviction of its composing members. As individuals leave a group mind and follow separate intentions, it gradually loses force, much like an avalanche or rockslide loses momentum as each of its members are slowed or stopped.

In any discussion of group mind phenomena, it is impossible not to enter into the subject of psychic effect, as well as the principles of natural law, such as resonance or vibration, (feeling/frequency) which make it possible. Similarly, it is not possible to fully understand psychic effects, without a minimum coverage of the energy or chi upon which it is based. True occult knowledge such as this, is based upon many scientific subject matters which are inextricably interwoven. As we examine the meaning, scope and implications of the group mind phenomena, a certain branching off into related subjects is necessary in order for full understanding to be gained. It is necessary that a clear definition be given regarding the term “occult” as well, which is itself a legitimate science. The occult is very simply, the applied physics of consciousness. Consciousness we all possess, and when we learn about its functions, as in the case of psychic effects and group mind interaction, (and how these can be mastered) we then become occultists.

The electromagnetic ocean of consciousness, of subatomic waves and particles in which we reside, is the underlying reality behind our every-day experience. In order to understand reality, we must therefore explore consciousness and the occult principles of natural law which govern it. In this journey of exploration, there awaits for the intrepid soul both high adventure and deep, spiritual satisfaction.