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The World Mind and Consciousness (GM4)

Author: Matthew Webb

brought to you by The World Mind Society, and Matthew Webb

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Few would argue the fact that today's world is literally permeated with conflict at every level of society. Yet the governments and institutions of the world are, for the most part, unable to alleviate the pain and fear that is increasing among us. Most governmental efforts are aimed at psychological, political, institutional, material and monetary approaches, in an attempt to make social changes. These efforts are primarily misguided because they do not address the cause of social ills, only their symptoms. The real cause behind modern chaos is found within the study and science of consciousness. Regardless of what a person, community or nation thinks, or what they do on the material plane, it is their state of consciousness which truly determines moment to moment results. Regardless of what religion one adheres to, or to which life philosophy they may apply, the state of consciousness held in this very moment is what creates the ongoing reality for every person. As a nation or community, we may attempt to implement new social regimes through a variety of institutions and artificial measures, but so long as the level of public consciousness continues to degrade, so too will the state of society. Some of the major factors currently responsible for the degradation of public consciousness are the advertising world, gossip and trivia promoting publications, television programming and the materialistic ideals to which we are expected to adhere, in order to become a “success”.

Thus the questioning mind is prompted to ask, “What is consciousness and how can it be changed?” First of all it is important to understand that consciousness is a natural phenomena, and can be found in all forms of life to some type and degree. It is a fluid, permeable and highly self-interactive medium, that is composed of three primary elements. These elements are ENERGY, AWARENESS and INTENT. Our energy or “chi” as it is often called, has been recognized by martial artists, healers, shamans, mystics, and Eastern/alternative medicine, (among many others) for millennia. Awareness is that agency in us which focuses. It is that which utilizes all the senses, and is the “observer” behind all thoughts, emotions, and physical action. Intent is the guiding force behind energy and awareness. It is the decision-maker and catalyst for all action. When we change our intent we have a corresponding change of action, either internally, externally or both.

The meditator confirms for themselves after a time, the reality of personal energy, awareness and intent. They therefore validate the reality of personal consciousness and its components. At this point the practitioner realizes that when they change their intent, and/or their focus of awareness and level of personal energy, consciousness as a sum total also shifts. When consciousness shifts, so too does the moment to moment personal reality. The meditator realizes that they can, for instance, shift their intent away from the primarily unnecessary accumulation of money, and toward cultivating clarity, love and a harmony with nature. They see that a shift of awareness, (or focus) away from televised distractions or the taking of artificial, mood-altering chemicals to one of inner awareness, creates immediate improvements to daily existence. The meditator finds they can, through their ever-improving self awareness, draw additional energy or chi into the body, thereby supplying more vitality for all of life’s activities. In this way, the practitioner of natural laws not only gains self knowledge, (knowledge of consciousness) they also gain the ability to determine for themselves the state of being that is most personally desirable. They learn in essence, to guide their own destiny. This ability is known as gaining personal power or self mastery.

As self mastery is progressively gained, (especially through the practices of daily awareness of inner feelings and of meditation) it becomes obvious that any and all persons possess the capacity for similar self development. The individual realizes that a study and mastery of consciousness has every potential for the complete transformation of society. As more and more individuals raise their degree of consciousness, it will become progressively easier for many, many others to do the same. This fact has much to do with the group mind principle, and of course the psychic effects rendered from person to person. Since minds and bodies are connected by an invisible medium, (fields of subatomic particles which relay electromagnetic, mental and emotional impulses) the change of consciousness in one person, always renders some degree of change in the consciousness of others. In particle physics, there is much explicit and implicit work being done with the interaction of particles, and systems of matter across the “gulf” of space between them. Physicists know that there is actually no such thing as inactive, empty space between objects. They know that our world is filled with activity, the majority of which we do not perceive with the unaided eye, especially in the subatomic realm. All matter is based upon subatomic particles and their interactions. Thus the human form both radiates and receives particles on a variety of spectrums, as previously indicated. We are joined by a contiguous field of such particles, referred to by Einstein and particle physicists as the Unified Field. It is the unified field and the principles of physics that consciousness carries out, which make all psychic interaction possible. This is why occult study is truly “the applied physics of consciousness”.

Although it is true that we profoundly and often unwittingly affect the emotions and thoughts of others on a local basis, (by emanating our own) it is also true that our state of consciousness affects the entire world to some degree. The electromagnetic ocean in which we live provides a no-boundary environment, wherein intentions render some inevitable impact, (of like kind) upon the World and Earth Minds. By the same token, groups of people render psychic effects in accord with their general state of consciousness upon individuals, as do the natural areas of the Earth. Love for instance, propagates more states of love, and anger encourages the prevalence of anger. Validate for yourself the varying effects between natural group minds and those of the average human community. Try spending a week or so in a secluded forest without distraction, meditate every day, and notice the subtle details of your feeling experience there, body-wide. Then go straight to the downtown area of any major city, (or even a smaller one) and compare the distinct difference in the “background feeling” of each location. The difference in the psychic effects upon the body/mind, between that of a remote forest and a city, is such a stark contrast of feeling, that even the most psychically numb will have to admit the distinction is graphically obvious. Whether it is realized or not, most camping excursions are motivated by a desire for the healing, group mind influence of a forest, river, ocean or desert. If we listen carefully with our feelings and open minds, nature has profound lessons to teach, which the native peoples of the world have always taken the time to listen to. This they consider(ed) an integral part of their daily spirituality. In this system of occult study, the collective group mind of the planet on which we reside, shall be referred to as the Earth Mind. The Earth Mind is the group mind of the entire Earth and all of the natural creatures upon it, as a sum total, collective consciousness. This collective is named separately from the World Mind of humanity, for the simple reason that humanity has strayed a great distance from its rightful, natural alignment with natural laws, processes, and denizens. Were this not the case, and if society was not currently based upon fear instead of the natural love and positivity of nature, then there would be no need for these separate terms. As a species we must realign society with the processes and purposes of the Earth Mind, in order to realistically expect to survive the new millennium.

As personal awareness evolves, the ability to sense, (feel, perceive and know) the surrounding state of environmental consciousness also grows. When a certain point is reached in the practitioners’ self knowledge and degree of clarity, the ability to sense the World Mind, (or Earth Mind) becomes a fairly simple thing. The experienced meditator need only intend to feel the World Mind, and then focus awareness upon it, while monitoring the subtle feelings registered in the body/mind. In so doing the practitioner will note that the current World Mind is indeed permeated by fear, pain and anger, as well as a longing desire to change that state of consciousness, to one of love, trust, peace and mutual cooperation. Those who have a great deal of experiential knowledge of consciousness realize, that only a profound shift of world intent and awareness can truly remedy modern ills. Institutional, governmental and corporate actions can only act to aggravate the current World Mind condition, no matter how well designed the social programs they implement are, so long as the state of consciousness with which they are managed remains lacking. The experienced meditator knows this, because of their own personal experience in the shifting of consciousness and its resulting implications. Group meditational experience validates the truth that many individuals may shift their consciousness in tandem, for even more pronounced results. Such local experiences show us that this can be done on a much larger scale, even on a global level.

World peace meditations, vigils and demonstrations are a reflection on the part of the organizers and participants, of either the conscious or subconscious knowledge of group mind power. When thousands of people are simultaneously focused on changing global consciousness, this intent does result in beneficial effects for all humanity. Love can be projected to others by intending this psychic action to occur, and there are certain techniques that can be used which will amplify such intention. One of these of particular significance is the employment of thoughtforms, (visualizations that are energized by feeling and sent in motion by intent) which is a subject which will be addressed in upcoming monographs. Through the coordinated employment of occult principles, love and clarity can replace the currently fear-dominated psychic condition that currently occupies the World Mind, and which poisons all other efforts for reform. We can see a basic example of mutually projected, positive feelings and intent, in the case of two people being in love. Their felt, mutual affection and respect is psychically transmitted back and forth between each person, in a reciprocating manner. In this way a two-person group mind is formed, based upon the intent of love and mutual benefit. It does not ultimately matter if each person understands the principles involved as explained above. Natural laws function regardless of our knowledge of them, which is exactly what makes them natural, by definition. When we gain knowledge and commit ourselves to their wise employment however, our natural, occult powers of consciousness are greatly amplified, especially when they are used in accordance with natural law. Healthy family units function in the same general way, in that many people are projecting love, respect and consideration back and forth to one another. In so doing, each person contributes to the creation of a mutual state of consciousness, that is as enjoyable as it is mutually beneficial. Prayer and meditation groups take advantage of this ever-present opportunity to create mutual benefit, by holding positive intentions while in proximity to one another. The same can be potentially accomplished on a World Mind scale. The objective of a planetary transformation of consciousness, is one of the most worthy and spiritual intentions that one can employ. In order to accomplish any World Mind transformation however, we must first remember that the first priority of personal intent and awareness needs to be the maintenance of ones’ own state of consciousness. In order to project love, we must first be in a state of love. In order to “broadcast” clarity, this state of consciousness must first be cultivated within. This principle is also true of giving and teaching. In order to give we must first have, and in order to teach we must first know. Both having and knowing can be gained through the regular practice of meditation.