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Dealing With World Mind Effects Through Greater Self Mastery (GM5)

Author: Matthew Webb

brought to you by The World Mind Society, and Matthew Webb

Any or all of this material may be used by any interested person or organization, for the purpose of spiritual and/or intellectual enlightenment. We ask that you mention the source of this material in your publication(s), (the World Mind Society, and Matthew Webb) so as to promote the mission of this organization.

At one time or another, we have all experienced occasions where other people in the same room began to have a heated argument. The psychic dissonance created at that time, produced in us symptoms of shakiness, nervousness, a scattered thought pattern or other such symptoms. Comparing the feeling of an argument with that of a calm environment, reveals some stark experiential differences. We can feel the “tension in the air” as it is commonly referred to, just as it is easy to sense the enjoyment of a theater crowd. The realist must conclude from such common experiences as this, that not only does everyone have person to person sensitivity, but also a psychic rapport with group consciousness or group mind states. This natural psychic ability is shared by the animal kingdom, and is used by social creatures to sense which member of a group is hostile, dominant or friendly. In human pre-history, sensitivity to the tribal or community “atmosphere” or “space”, was very arguably a valuable survival device for the individual. Any person equipped with great psychic sensitivity, would be the first to have foreknowledge of the mood and intention of their associates, tribe and even enemies. Those who lacked such sensitivity, would likely be caught off guard by unperceived danger. They would lack the necessary synchronization with others, making such a person less effective as hunters, organizers, communicators, leaders, friends and caretakers. It is logical then, that the capacity for psychic sensitivity to group mind states has played a major role in natural selection, and therefore in human evolution as well. Though todays’ world is far more complex than the hunter-gather scenario, the need for empathic response is no less pronounced than in human pre-history. Success in relationships, business negotiations, sales, customer service and co-worker relations, are all greatly enhanced by our efforts to stay in tune with the feelings and intentions of others. The salesman or even parent with no psychic sensitivity, is like a radio whose antenna has been broken off.

As stated previously, not only do individuals and local groups have profound influence on the state of our body/minds, so too does the state of the World Mind consciousness. Most people do not take notice of this effect, just as those who live next to highways or railroad tracks become after a time, insensitive to an over-stimulation of the senses. In the modern age and within the psychic realm, every one of us lives, “next to the railroad tracks” so to speak, when it comes to psychic tension, pain and fear. There exists what might be referred to as a constant “background feeling”, comparable to any loud and constant background noise, that causes the teeth to grit and the muscles to stay tensed. Because we are so conditioned by the presence of this constant background feeling of pain and fear, it seems normal to our body/minds.

It is truly amazing what the human organism can accustom itself to, and thereafter call “normal”. Once we’ve become accustomed to something, even if it is totally unpleasant by nature, it is eventually considered acceptable or even “comfortable”, if one may use that word with some poetic license. Eventually we begin to actually identify with mental patterns based upon pain and fear, or any other mode that is constantly emphasized. That which is identified with becomes a lifestyle, or mode of living. When any mode of living becomes the “politically correct method” of society, people then start to become addicted to those modes out of habit, (even though they are based upon pain, fear and false assumptions) as is the case today. It is not uncommon for people to take insult in fact, upon any suggestion that the current way of life is sorely lacking, or that there might be a far better way to live. In the deepest analysis, the modern crisis involves everyones’ strongly held and secret suspicion that we’ve been somehow cheated, and that life is not supposed to be this way. We’re so embarrassed about society in fact, that any critique of its inadequacies is like a slap in the face, regardless of how true that critique may be. But publicly we are afraid to admit that the society we’ve touted and taught our children to praise, is really the expressed symptom of mass mental disorder. The human species is going insane, and its as simple as that. This disorder is based upon pain and fear, and until we eliminate these there is no hope for social reform.

The “background fear” we feel, that has no apparent source or logical cause whatsoever, is in fact the fear of the world registered by the body. The pain we experience when walking down the street, one that seems to wash over the body like an oncoming wave, originates from our global collective. Of course, we create our own pain and fear as well, but the point here is that states of consciousness can exist in the form of fields of charged subatomic particles, and anyone within that field, (be it the size of a room or an entire planet) will be affected to some degree by that prevailing state of consciousness. This natural law makes fields of consciousness and their effects comparable to weather conditions. There is a psychic storm now raging on Earth, and woe be to the ignorant passer-by. There are so many people in fear and pain around the world today, that these states of consciousness are growing like the explosion of a bomb. They are mutually reinforcing. A psychic domino-like effect is happening right now across the globe, as you read this page.

There have always been some individuals and organizations that hold the intent to remain positive and progressive, and who are holding back this threatening tide of despair. But these few are part of a dwindling minority, and can only accomplish so much without organization and advanced occult knowledge. This is why the current human condition is so grave. The real threat to human survival is not nuclear war, biological agents or the disagreements of the heads of nations. The real threat to our survival is the continued degradation of world consciousness from love and clarity, to fear and pain. The social conditions we see today are not therefore the cause of poverty, crime or domestic violence. They are in fact the symptom of the prevailing fields of fear and pain worldwide.

Prevailing psychic conditions effect us profoundly every moment. They influence us to make different decisions, take different actions and use different methods. When we would ordinarily be in a good mood and have a likable disposition, World Mind influence crushes these impulses like a flower underneath a heavy military boot. The person in terror obviously goes about life differently that the person in love, and so our need is to create those states of consciousness in ourselves and society, which will implicitly result in peace and progressive living. When it was said that, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”, a great truth was uttered and for occult reasons, not psychological or social ones. The meditator must realize then, that the World Mind influence upon their daily state of consciousness, is a factor they must take into serious account. All efforts for the raising of personal consciousness, must bear in mind the very destructive influences of our species’ collective materialistic focus.

It is necessary then with the above in mind, that all persons realize not only the perilous nature of todays’ social conditions, but their direct psychic cause. Meditation and the daily awareness of bodywide feelings, help to offset World Mind effects, so that positivity has a better chance to flourish. There are other occult measures which can also be taken, which greatly empowers the practitioner to determine for themselves what state of consciousness they wish to remain within. Presumably they will choose such states as love, clarity and general positivity, and these can be cultivated by employing the following techniques;

  1. By directly intending these states into place.
  2. Through the use of thoughtforms.
  3. Through exercise and right diet.

1. (Step 1) Any state of consciousness can simply be “intended into place”, at any time. This statement is always potentially true, but it will in all likelihood take some practice to master. So in the mean time, it is recommended that the reader first meditate for 15-60 minutes, through the usual whole-body feeling focus, (see GM series #2 for details). After meditation remain quietly focused on feeling, and then recall the times in which you felt the strongest love. Recall every detail of this experience, especially how it felt everywhere in the body. The body has memory, and every state of consciousness you have ever been in is recorded within the cells. These memories often surface on their own, but they can also be summoned up by the mind. Remain focused on this memory of love until you can feel it again as strongly as possible.

(Step 2) Focus now only on the feeling of love that has been remembered, and not all the past, surrounding details which originally evoked it. The important thing here is the state of consciousness, not nostalgia, for obvious reasons. Maintain this state of love for as long as you can, as an exercise in altering your consciousness at will. If this love state drops away, begins to fade or is not of the intensity you prefer, then by all means repeat the above 2 steps as often as desired, until results are obtained. As in meditation, have patience with this practice and persevere. Your rewards will be great if you do. After the practitioner gains some experience in recalling past love states and summoning them into the present, they will reach a point where the recalling of past experiences will no longer be necessary to evoke love. When this happens they will be able to simply summon a greater degree of love in their body/mind at will. To put this another way, the practitioner eventually gains the ability to simply INTEND INTO PLACE the desired, “degree and flavor” of love states. When this is done on a frequent basis, the practitioners’ state of consciousness is expanded, (as an implicit bi-product of all love states). Such an accomplishment is a significant step in the gaining if greater personal mastery.

2) We all make use of the natural capacity to visualize, and this happens in sleep, day- dreaming, in work and play. The carpenter visualizes a finished product before beginning to work with physical materials. But the occultist visualizes a finished product before beginning to work with energetic materials. A carpenter builds with hammer and saw, and the occultist builds with feeling and thoughtforms. A thoughtform is a visualized, intended result, (a thought that is given the power to act through a visualized image and intention). To create a thoughtform is to create a psychic tool, which can be used according to the wishes of the mind that created it. Try constructing this thoughtform:

Visualize yourself surrounded by a glowing sphere of any color or colors you choose. See this sphere as very energetic and powerful, (try throwing in a few incoming lightning bolts to increase its energy level). After establishing this visualization in the mind, firmly repeat over and over again that, “this sphere is a surrounding shield of love of positivity” or simply “I am surrounded and empowered by love and positivity”. Feel this to be true as you hold this thoughtform in place, in the minds’ eye. Intend that love and positivity are literally exploding through and around the body and mind. Patiently try this exercise with persistence. If possible take off any shoes or socks, and stand on grassy or wet ground while conducting this activity. Feel any changes within, during and after the employment of this throughform, and conduct it at least 2-3 times a week for 5-30 minutes at a time.

3) A regular diet of live, energy-packed, chi-rich foods help energize the body. Eat something “live” like greens and fruits every day, and this will increase your psychic power. Exercise will do this also, especially aerobic exercise of longer duration, (20-60 minutes at a time).

By following the above recommendations, the practitioner can in a short time, increase their psychic powers and expand their consciousness. In so doing an implicit degree of greater protection from World Mind influence will be gained. As we gain greater self mastery, we gain the ability to further increase it at an accelerating rate.

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