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Transforming World Mind Inertia (GM7)

Author: Matthew Webb

brought to you by The World Mind Society, and Matthew Webb

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entire world society is ultimately governed by the components of consciousness,
not governments, corporations or institutions. 
Regardless of the apparent creativity of the architectural sciences,
engineering or the ideologies we create,  the
true creator is consciousness itself. All of the forms of social convention are
merely its bi-products.

given human mind possesses energy and awareness, whose qualities are determined
in large part by the intent it employs.  The
nature of each human intent constantly contributes, via the unified field, to
the quality and nature of the intent employed by our collective. 
In order for the nations of the world to create improved social
conditions,  the individual members
who comprise them must change the above three components of consciousness. 
This necessitates meditation, which is a process of inner realization. 
It also necessitates the re-alignment of personal intent in accord with
the Intent found in Nature, (the “will of God”). 
Natural, Divine Intent is based upon such qualities as love, clarity,
positivity and spiritual progressiveness.  It
is these qualities, (primarily) which facilitate evolution.

more complete definition of that phenomena of nature known as group mind, is at
this point very useful.  A group
mind is that merger of Energy, Awareness and Intent of component individuals
into an expanded whole, through a mutual resonance of focus, whose combined
strength is geometrically greater than the sum of its parts. 
The group mind that comprises the collective intelligence of Earth,
creates a sum that far exceeds any one species or individual.  With this knowingness the Earthmind, (Gaia) has coordinated
the planetary condition, according to the designs of evolutionary progress for
eons, rendering balance in all places.  The
human group mind is currently generating an opposite effect. 
Fear and pain afflict the Worldmind, as a presence that is felt by all
life and sentience planet-wide.

of plant and animal species is a partial destruction of 
Earthmind intelligence, of which these life forms are a part. 
Each species represents a niche in the spectrum of feelings states, (vibrational
rates and intents) that naturally radiate from living things. 
In destroying a given species, also destroyed are the subtle emanations
which it produced. Each life form acts as a psychic balancing agent for the
planetary collective as a whole.  The
great forests do more than purify air, water and soil, they also purify the
mindstate of the planetary consciousness.  They
absorb and transform negative thoughtforms, as well as destructive emotions, 
into those of a higher vibration.  The
positivity found in natural areas gives love a chance to flourish, even in an
environment predominated by fear.  Anyone
who has ever spent an extended period in forested areas knows this to be true.

The cellular group minds of the human body, have
enormous potential as a singular unit.  Each cell contributes to the group mind of tissues. 
The cellular consciousness of tissues, generates the advanced
intelligence seen in organs.  The organs of the body then compose the incredible capacities
of our physiology.  In like fashion,
individual human beings generate communities, nations, and the body of the
Worldmind as a whole.  It does not
matter that each person of the world is not physically connected, our collective
still functions as an individual organism,  rendering effects which go far beyond that of any one
individual.  Humanity does not yet
realize the nature or extent of these effects. 
If our collective was to focus itself on progressive, positive
intentions, the benefits for each of us would be monumental. 
The same principle has been demonstrated by patients, who use positivity
to heal their cellular collective, (body) of supposedly terminal illnesses. The
opportunity exists for society to do the same on a global level. The human group
mind as a whole however, continues to compound the negative effects of wrong
intent.  The intents found within
materialism are not of natural origins or of spiritual value.

power of human consciousness has considerable impact on both the physical and
non-physical levels of existence.  It
is the non-physical or psychic levels of existence, 
which cause the physical to act and change as it does. 
Thus the inner states of mind which we hold, are just as relevant to
world events as are physical actions themselves.

Recognizing the influence of consciousness on both
personal and collective levels, is the first step in changing world conditions. 
By intentionally combining together the power and influence of our
consciousness as individuals, we will discover how to change the world according
to love and clarity.  Our collective
state of consciousness can be completely transformed, if a sufficient level of
intent, (and number of minds) employ simple positivity. 
By combining together our feelings of love, clarity and progressive
intention, humanity will assume its rightful place as stewards of planetary
consciousness.  Humanity will in
fact become the very instrument through which Divine Will is manifest, bringing
in an age of true fulfillment for all life on Earth. 
These goals are the genuine purposes of God, and of those fragments of
God which are the true and noble human identity,   known as souls.

The Worldmind has its cycles and fluctuations, just
as does the Earthmind.  These
regular and recurring shifts of consciousness are marked by higher and lower
vibrational rates, as well as changes in world awareness and intent. 
All life on this planet experiences these as greater and lesser levels of
world positivity, clarity, manifest intelligence, physical and mental well
being, etc.  Periods of war and
peace, political and social changes, movements of various kinds, the spontaneous
crystallization of the same ideas and inventions worldwide, are primarily
founded upon shifts occurring in the collective planetary fields. 
World psychic conditions and their many varied effects, also commonly
shift, (usually in lesser ways) during the course of a given day, week, month
and year.  These render influences
upon the nervous systems of all cellular bodies, of both plants and animals. 
The additional variables of the lunar cycle, solar cycle, of planetary
and stellar influences, also render impact on all life through exactly the same
principles.  The natural laws of
resonance, dissonance, harmonics and unified field influence, all have their
part to play in these universal phenomena.

A group mind is a two-way circuit of causes and
effects.  The members which compose
it, such as the organs of the human body, or individual trees comprising a
forest,  are linked together by both
physical and energetic mediums.  A
group mind thus forms a composite of the mindstates of each comprising member,
be it a cell, a life form within a forest, or a forest within the Earthmind. The
same is true of individual persons, groups, communities, regions and nations
within the World Mind.  Each member
affects the group consciousness of which it is a part, with its qualities of
mind and/or feeling, and is in turn effected by the mutual state of that group
mind, endlessly.  In many ways a
group mind is the averaged condition of the component intents, awareness and
energies of its members, much like the mixture of varying colors creates a
composite shade.  Given this fact,
we have no real choice but to work for the upliftment of all of humanity,
because we are an inseparable part of the World Mind.

In part, the Worldmind exists as it does as a result
of the influence of past wars and strife.  Current unrest compounds past effects.  Stored fear and anger continue in the body of our collective, 
just as the trauma of past events of an individual life, may be stored in
one’s physiology.  Traumas from
war and social strife have been passed down through the generations of our kind,
and become cumulative.  At present
our collective is heavily burdened by the stresses of fear, anger and confusion,
poisoning the environment just as do the chemicals of wrong living, which are
also their symptom.  All creatures
of this world, both plant and animal, experience this human generated fear,
anger and confusion wherever they may be on the globe to some degree. 
No single place on the planet is completely immune to these chaotic
psychic influences;  not the deep
forests, ocean rifts, high mountains or polar ice caps. 
As the human collective suffers, so too do the non-human collectives, for
all are connected.

The cumulative force of many centuries of fear and
pain, created through unnatural intent, has gained a considerable degree of
inertia behind it.  To break this
inertia, those who employ knowledge of consciousness must find within
themselves, the perseverance of positivity and spiritual intent that is the
benefit of All in Love.  Humanity
must individually and collectively maintain this focus, and the vibrationally
high feeling-states associated with it, to reverse the psychic damage that has
been done.  The thoughtforms of the past, and the low vibrations of past
ages may be thus transformed.  The
more this is done, the easier it will become for those who do not yet have a
knowledge of consciousness, to generate their own positivity and spiritual
motivation.  Just as the current
Worldmind state makes it a very simple thing to feel pain and fear, so too can a
spiritually motivated Worldmind, create a global condition wherein love, clarity
and inspiration are the everyday norm.

intent we possess on a personal level, is the creative source from which we may
manifest any specific thing.  We can
literally intend any desired quality into place within ourselves according to
this principle.  In the same way, we
may intend external change at any given moment.  
As a result of a shift in personal intent, a corresponding shift is made
in the fields that surround and penetrate us, (which will be noticed by the
inwardly observant).  Regardless of
the specific intent employed, this principle is essentially the same. 
There is however one major condition to this fact, which is that the
universe in general, already has established intentions, that set the tone for
the employment of any individual intent.  These
Universal Intentions might also be referred to as, "the Will of God"
or the prevailing "Intent At Large". 
Science is beginning to describe these "Prevailing Intents" in
terms of “Natural Laws”, for indeed this is one approach to their
comprehension in specific detail.  The
consciousness we possess is governed by Natural Laws, such as those described by
unified field physics.  Thus we must
consciously observe these Laws, so as to act with the greatest effectiveness. To
intend only that which is of benefit to our planet as a whole, is therefore our
wisest course of action.  In the
next GM issue, we will further explore the details of how intent can be used to
raise the consciousness of others, and how they in turn can raise us.