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Mutual Psychic Augmentation (GM8)

Author: Matthew Webb

brought to you by The World Mind Society, and Matthew Webb

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science of physics is delving ever nearer to Cause in nature, and away from a
fascination with the mechanics of effect.  In
a technical way, wisdom is thus being approached by the Western mind. 
Scientific statements are becoming more like those of the mystics and
writers of ancient scriptural texts,  than
those of dry, mechanical process.  This
fact is one hint that our race is readying itself for greater things, 
to go beyond linear conceptual models of self and universe. 
It is ready to break free of the boundaries of artificial concepts and
the unnatural mind, into the essential fact of unity. 
This same knowledge is made evident through introspection, and the
instrumentality of the sophisticated human nervous system. 
Every experienced meditator experiences unity at some point in their

experimentation and analysis, Western physics is now learning what was, (and is)
considered commonplace knowledge within the ancient practices of the East. 
It may be said that the left or "rational brain" of the Western
World Mind, is now becoming more capable of merging with the right or
"holistic brain" of the Eastern World Mind. 
As these two "hemispheres of the collective brain" of humanity
merge, a new wisdom arises from the old world order. Western technique clarifies
Eastern concepts, making them more accessible in a diversity of ways.  Eastern introspection unifies Western concepts, making them
coherent.  It provides the needed
framework of overall Cause, to the Western collection of rigorously studied
effects.  The successful merger of
the best of these two elements in human thought, will inevitably result in
higher self realization worldwide.  This
is where a greater balance in all world paradigms can be achieved.

underlying Cause that is consciousness in all of nature, also underlies the
human being.  The universal
macrocosm is governed by the same essence of Energy, Awareness and Intent, as is
the human microcosm.  This primary,
natural fact of human existence is discovered by the spiritual seeker,
regardless of the prevailing culture or time. 
The consciousness within, the "Inherent Buddha Nature", or the
"Christ Consciousness" underlying the superficial layer of
personality, is
none other than the soul
. Just as the terms "God" and
"Consciousness" are synonymous at the level of the macrocosm, so too
are "soul" and "consciousness" at the level of the human
microcosm.  Gaining an attunement to
this true self is a primary focus in the practices of meditation, contemplation,
physical and mental purification.  This Self is the one which possesses wisdom and connection to
Wisdom.  When we transcend all
cultures, all times and inhibiting conceptual barriers, it is then that the
seeker of Truth is rewarded with none other than a complete return to soul. 
The soul, (consciousness) is "That
which Watches and Moves
"  behind
all thoughts, feelings and actions in the life of a human being.

This Watcher and Mover within, survives physical
death with calm self assurance, just as the physical body shrugs off a change of
clothes.  This traveler of lifetimes
calls no one life its own.  Each is
seen as yet another passing phase in a long process of discovery. 
Without particular attachment, it views each physical existence as simply
a single set of experiences,  just
as the personality/ego may view the passing of a given calendar week as having
only limited importance.  Only the
highlights of memory are retained by our minds with regard to the events of a
given week, month or year.  The vast
majority of perceptions in our daily lives therefore do not last, for they are
not useful memories.  Most are
subsequently dismissed.  So it is
for the soul, while it oversees the events of 
a given life.  Each incarnation taken by the soul, (and there have been a
great many) is but a single link of physical experience in a very long chain of
experiences.  Only the soul
possesses the oversight, (in most cases) to recall the highlights of the entire
chain.  This is the expanded
perspective of an immortal, who picks and chooses the best of each life like a
collector of sacred objects.

All the best commonly noted qualities of humanity
come either directly from the soul, or are channeled through it as a spiritual
conduit from the Universal Intelligence, that is the Soul, (consciousness) of
the Cosmos.  These may express
themselves in the form of the arts, in music, dance, painting, sculpture,
writing, film and other potentially enlightening mediums. 
Also of soulic origin are those tendencies of benevolent intention seen
occurring spontaneously, (for the most part) among our race. 
Basic human benevolence and its associated good will, stems from the
recognition had by the true self of the brotherhood and sisterhood of all people
as equals.  From the soul springs
the compassion to aid those in pain, to alleviate the cause of suffering, to
replace ignorance with realization and to love one another in peace, as the
keepers of the common welfare.  It
is within acts of good will that render aid to all or any, without the
expectation of material or social compensation, that qualify themselves to be
called spiritual ministry.  The
origin of these is usually the
true self

Spiritual practice lends itself to more strongly
manifested, "qualities of the soul" which our current social structure
so deeply thirsts for.  For such
qualities society is said to strive, but they are all too often overshadowed by
unnatural values.  Of kindness,
love, compassion, good will and charity we may collectively speak, but words
only do these remain, until more among our kind achieve an at-onement with the
true self.  The prerequisite in the
accomplishment of a steady soul-mind connection is strong desire, 
based upon a love for Truth and its use day to day. 
Our aim in this practice must be firm, with resolve as spiritual
practitioners ultimately unshakable, regardless of current world conditions.
Much psychic and cultural inertia exists behind the destructive trends of
millennia past. Today these trends are witnessed in wrong social focus, in
egotism and materialism.  These
three are destroying our world faster than any other cause. 
They can be offset through the right use of intent, and the natural focus
of awareness upon the themes of natural law. 
One such law is that we are inescapably connected at all times via the
psychic realm, not just locally, but as a world-wide organism. 
We are a body of minds and souls
within God, whose purpose like the
rest of nature, is to facilitate the expansion of consciousness.  To
accomplish this purpose of natural law, our need as individuals is to expand our
own consciousness.  Our need as
groups and communities is to likewise help to expand each others’
consciousness.  Ultimately our need as a World Mind, is to transform the
current intention and focus of the human collective.

The intent to gain self realization and greater
enlightenment often finds its expression in meditation. 
After a variable period of time, the practitioner will find their
meditations are causing a desire to find others with an intent similar to their
own.  Or they will seek to encourage
that intent in others, who do not yet understand its value. 
In each case this is a very natural desire, one that has as much to do
with natural law as it does the soul. 
When we seek others out who have genuine spiritual intention, it is to
find what may be called, “a communion of souls”. 
There is a knowledge deep within each of us which indicates in very clear
terms, that belonging to a group of like minds and souls represents a very real
source of fulfillment.  It also
indicates an intuitive certainty, (even a soulic memory) of the need to “be as
one” with others in love and knowingness. 
The reason for this strong impulse is simple.  It exists in each of us because the unity of consciousness is
a Prime Law of nature and all things within it. 
Unity is the Divine constant whereby the universe functions as a single,
inseparable unit.  Living,
biological forms represent a body of
separated only by space, but not by time, Intent, Awareness or
Energy.  Ultimately we must obey
this Cosmic law of the unified field, and either make the best use of it through
love and clarity, or find destruction through a mutuality of fear.  We must embrace love and clarity on a social basis, no matter
what the circumstances or prevailing consensus of society.

two or more meditators meet to expand consciousness together, much higher
potentials are immediately experienced. This is especially true when we use the
unshakable intent to spiritually benefit others. 
To hold a “pure” intention toward another especially while in joint
meditation, means to seek the highest welfare for them just as you would for
yourself.  This can initially be
accomplished simply by, “intending to see them as a soul” rather than as a
personality.  See them as a spirit
who has ultimately spiritual objectives, even when they themselves may not yet
recognize this on the level of the personality.

two or more meditators simultaneously project progressive intent upon each
other, the mutual effects created can be very powerful. 
Such effects are a reflection of many factors, not the least of which is
the purity of intent each one is using in mutual meditation. 
When meditators meet for the purpose of creating the greatest psychic
benefits together, remember that it is very useful to see them as souls in
bodies, and to use the greatest purity of intention that one is capable of. 
Two or more practitioners are said to be engaged in "Mutual Psychic
Augmentation", (MPA) when using intent in this way. 
To accomplish MPA with another, the following procedure is recommended;

with the person or persons involved, before establishing the psychic rapport of
MPA with them.  The Chakra
meditation, (see GM series #3) is a useful format, as this prepares the
body/mind of each practitioner for psychic action. After meditation, follow the four
steps for the manifestation of intent,
(see GM series #6) to psychically
aid the other persons present.

first of these steps is taken by “tuning in” to the current state of mind of
the group or person.  Simply feel
the mutual space with the same attitude as you would have toward meditation. 
Use a receptive, feeling-mode of awareness, and when thoughts of any kind
intrude, just go back to a feeling focus. This first step in the manifestation
of intent is known as, being aware of the current state of the mutual

two involves being familiar with that which is to be intended toward others,
which in this case is love.  This is
step two or, having familiarity with that which is to be intended.  The nature of the joint, meditational intent to be used,
should always be pre-established by mutual agreement.

participant maintains their awareness upon the feeling of the group, or in other
words, the “group space”.  While
maintaining this awareness, feel love for everyone present just as you would for
a dear friend or family member.  Hold
as much love as you can for the group, and keep raising the intensity of this
feeling as the meditation proceeds, to the limits of your current ability. Doing
this constitutes step three for the manifestation of intent, known as, the
desired state, (love) is held steady in the body/mind
In this occult action, the state of love or greater positivity is
summoned up, not only for the self but for all those involved. 
The meditator should not only feel the desired state in themselves, they
should picture this state as being already existent in the others present. Use
such visualized thoughtforms as light streaming between and connecting the
fourth chakras, (hearts) of all present if so desired. Visualize also, how the
other practitioners would look in a state of greater love/positivity. 
Imagine how it would feel to be around them in such a state. As the
desired state of greater love/positivity is held in the mind of each
practitioner, this intent begins to be increasingly felt. 
It begins to expand dynamically,
and compound mutually

the desired result of greater love, (higher vibration) is “held in place” or
in other words, intended
into place
, (step 4) in all those present. 
Greater states of love progressively take the place of previous states of
mind in each practitioner, being viewed as the “new standing reality” of
each individual.  Meditators should
remain in the resulting MPA enhanced state for at least 10-15 minutes, to let
the effects of this meditation "soak in" fully, in the body and mind.

The recommended time taken for the above version of
MPA is approximately 30 minutes total. This may be slightly reduced, or greatly
lengthened according to preference.  A
greater duration of MPA will tend to have more progressive psychic effects,
experienced mutually.  Mutual
focuses such as this, will sometimes approach "peak experiences" that
have lasting impact upon the body/mind.  Be
prepared for this and do not let it distract you from your focus of creating
mutual benefit!

When consciousness is employed in the above fashion,
certain specific effects are created.  As two or more practitioners engage in MPA, streams of
consciousness flow between them, creating a geometrically greater field of
mutual energy and feeling as the meditation proceeds.  This field envelopes each practitioner as well as the space
around them, and it manifests according to the intent and experience level of
the participants.  Its presence and
effects will be readily noticeable even to inexperienced meditators, often
becoming what might be called "a high, bodywide sensation of oneness",
as though there were no separation between self and others, (when in fact there
is not, in the unified field).  Sensations of oneness, familiarity, and feelings of mutual
appreciation are all indicators of successful MPA.

Such experiences prove that states of love, (and
clarity) can be transmitted to
others, as can any state imaginable. As group meditation proceeds, an “area of
effect”, (which renders potentially powerful, psychic influences on anyone and
anything within it) of charged particles arises, which increases in intensity in
successive stages, or thresholds. Both love and clarity can in this way be
exchanged, mutually expanded and exchanged again, on higher and higher plateaus
of consciousness. [Practitioners will note that lesser degrees of this phenomena
occur while in meditation with others, even though the joint focus is not MPA.]
Experienced practitioners may generate extremely powerful areas
of effect
together, rendering positive psychic results on a widespread
environmental basis.   In this
way groups of meditators raise not only each others’ consciousness, but also
the consciousness of the entire planet to some degree.