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Meditation, Felling and Group Mind (GM3)

Author: Matthew Webb

brought to you by The World Mind Society, and Matthew Webb

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main reason why the modern person usually assumes they have little to no psychic
sensitivity, is because they are not in touch with their feelings.  The second most prevalent reason for this attitude, is due to
our training in the modern paradigm.  In
the school system we are taught not to trust our own perceptions, ideas or
feelings, and to replace these with those of the status quo.  In the workplace we are expected to put any personal feelings
or ideals aside, for the purpose of placating the boss and to receive a
paycheck.  Basically, the artificial
values of materialism have replaced our natural human intuitiveness, sensitivity
and psychic dynamism.  In order to
regain our natural psychic ability, clarity and wisdom, it is necessary for us
to return to nature and to introspection, (self knowledge) whenever possible. 
For this reason among others, the diligent practice of meditation is
strongly advisable for every individual.

As a supplement to meditation, take daily notice of
the most subtle feelings throughout the body as often as possible. 
Remain constantly aware of all bodywide emotional states no matter where
they are located, or how uncomfortable they may be.  Do not avoid any feelings of pain, fear or depression. 
Instead, go into them and explore their subtleties as you would an
unknown landscape.  Don’t
under-emphasize the value of positivity, clarity and love and when these arise
within, delve into their subtleties also.  Investigate and fully embrace all feelings throughout the
body constantly, (as they arise) as an exercise in gaining self knowledge, and
ultimately self mastery.  In Western
culture we find that feelings are discredited as less important than material
goals.  One of the first and most
important ways of getting back in touch with nature and natural law, (wisdom) is
to never stray far from the feeling-level of life. 
In this way the individual also takes a major step toward self mastery,
psychic sensitivity and occult knowledge.

After a time of constantly monitoring your inner
feelings, and observing them in detail as would a scientist or another other
trained observer, see how they shift when someone enters the room and begins to
interact with you.  The shifts of
feelings created within by another, (or by groups of people) are a direct
demonstration of psychic interaction.  Notice
where in the body the effects are felt, and analyze carefully whether or
not they are of a positive, neutral or negative quality, (or a mixture of the
three).  Regardless of any words spoken, feelings, (psychic
impressions) never lie.  They reveal
to the sensitive, self knowledgeable person the underlying reality of any
interaction.  The feelings we
receive from others should never be underestimated or ignored, because they are
the most constantly accurate means for determining the intent and state of mind
of every person we encounter.  Just
as you remain aware of your own inner feelings, stay in touch with those
received from others.  Make every
effort to do this even during conversation or other activity. 
Such activity is not truly difficult, since it is common-place for the
modern person to split their focus into separate parts, (as in the case of tasks
performed at work) so as to keep track of different things simultaneously. 
This splitting of attention can easily accommodate psychic sensitivity
during the usual daily routine as well.  Remaining
aware of subtle shifts of feeling in this way, greatly increases psychic
ability, self knowledge and occult wisdom. 
Just as any muscle is strengthened through exercise, so too is psychic
ability. Over time this ability will increase in both subtlety and 
accuracy, as an individual becomes aware of which thoughts and feelings
are of their own creation, and which are not.

The Practice
of Meditation

Combined with moment to moment awareness, (of inner
feelings and their shifts) the practice  of
meditation further accelerates the sharpening of psychic sensitivity and self
mastery.  Meditation should be
viewed not as some esoteric, bizarre or burdensome practice, but as a valuable
tool for improving all aspects of life.  Every
contractor, builder or homeowner knows the value of having the right tools to
accomplish any given task.  Meditation
is very simply the best and most profound tool for accomplishing success in
life.  It is the ultimate compass
for continual self correction and self improvement. 
By spending anywhere from 15-60 minutes meditating before arising from
bed every morning, and a similar period before sleep every day, the quality of
life is noticeably improved in a very short time.  There are a great many techniques of meditation originating
from a variety of groups and traditions.  All
of these offer some benefit to a variable degree.  Some make use of a mantra, (repeated phrase or word) others
use specific mental focuses, breathing awareness, physical postures, and the
like.  Many specific techniques will
appeal only to specific persons. The following method takes advantage of the
principle of simplicity, which is itself a natural law. 
Experiment with this practice, and give it a full opportunity to reveal
its many benefits.

“Chakra” meditation

Sit or lie comfortably, and immediately begin
focusing on the feelings throughout the body. 
Those new to this practice may begin by focusing upon a very small area
of the body, such as the tip of the right index finger. 
Be aware of every subtle detail of feeling in this area. Allow awareness
to spread to the entire finger, then the hand, arm, both arms, chest, torso,
head, legs and feet, (not necessarily in that order). Do not avoid any pain,
fear or other unpleasantness found anywhere in the body. 
As thoughts inevitably run though the mind, simply relax, and return
again and again to a feeling focus, even if this means doing so a hundred times
every minute.  Chronic, rampant,
seemingly unstoppable thoughts in the mind, are a symptom of stored stress in
ones’ being.  As the practice of
meditation proceeds stress is released, and the tendency of thoughts to intrude
upon the process of meditation will gradually diminish. 
Be patient and don’t let the simplicity of this method of meditation
deceive you.  Let your awareness
travel freely from one area of the body to the next, as it will be inclined to
do.  Areas of particular stress or
activity will attract your awareness and hold it for longer periods than the
rest of the body.  Allow this to
happen, as it is a function of natural self-healing processes and energy body
activity.  Don’t be concerned or
irritated by intruding thoughts, just continue to return to a feeling-oriented
focus.  One particularly notable
value of the above meditational practice, is that is can be done any time during
the day, at work, at home or in conjunction with any other activity. 
It can be done for as little as 5-30 seconds at a time and still render
cumulative benefits, though it is often more effective when the eyes are closed
and the body still.  Notice how it
is very similar to the practice of remaining aware of inner feelings throughout
the day, with the only significant difference being one of depth and intensity
of experience.  Daily inner
awareness and meditation compliment each others’ effectiveness, acting to
improve health, reduce stress, increase psychic sensitivity, clarity and the
capacity for love, manifest intelligence and wisdom.

As the individual becomes increasingly aware of their
own inner state of being, they are also enabled to take greater notice of their
psychic environment.  The “mood”
or “atmosphere” of the workplace, and the underlying motives and feelings of
persons and groups, becomes more and more obvious. 
And most importantly, the meditator gains greater awareness of their own
patterns of feeling and thought.  That
which is known can be easily addressed, whereas that which is unknown is
difficult to change.  The self-aware individual discovers, that the task of
building a more evolved self far easier than expected, and are thus enabled to
build a more evolved world in the process.

A person in touch with their own feelings is also in
touch with the feelings they receive from others. 
Make a practice of noticing not only the shifts of feeling within upon
the approach of another person, but upon encountering whole
groups of people
.  When entering
a room occupied by others, notice their
group mind state
by observing inner shifts of feeling while in their
presence.  Try to remain an
impartial observer while conducting such experiments, so as not to “cloud”
your psychic impressions.  You will
find that with practice, a group mind state is as easy to sense and accurately
evaluate, (as to its positivity, negativity, neutrality or intent for instance)
as is the mind state of a given individual. 
Refining this ability is an extremely valuable personal asset for many
occult reasons, and these will be explained in subsequent monographs. 
As personal, psychic sensitivity grows via meditation and daily
feeling-awareness, the ability to correctly read the thoughts and even
intentions of others grows accordingly.  Ultimately,
the practitioner will be able to “tune into” the World Mind, or  group
mind state of  humanity,
planet-wide.  When this state of
refined sensitivity is reached, the meditatior is then ready for the employment
of advanced occult techniques, for the benefit of both self and humanity.