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The Perpetual Raising: Part 5

Author: Matthew Webb

brought to you by The World Mind Society, and Matthew Webb

Any or all of this material may be used by any interested person or organization, for the purpose of spiritual and/or intellectual enlightenment. We ask that you mention the source of this material in your publication(s), (the World Mind Society, and Matthew Webb) so as to promote the mission of this organization.

(Part 5 of 5) 

The description of the seven specialists for group
mind formation continues… 


The psychic specialist known as the Motivator,
represents and embodies the will to evolve. 
Their contribution to group mind effort is a strengthening of the
drive to spiritually advance, especially through a feeling of strength
in the area of the stomach, (third chakra). 
Due to this progressive quality, (of Perpetual Raising) they are
said to use Right Intent, and
in carrying out this Intent are engaged in Right
. The Motivator recognizes that there are no finite, ultimate
accomplishments in personal evolution. They also recognize that there
are no limitations set upon our collective
spiritual progress
, (other than those we impose ourselves) for the
same reason. The seekers of truth may in fact progress upon the path of
Realization without boundary or limit. Thus the Motivator uses the
Intent of “constant, upward spiritual travel” to greater and greater
levels of consciousness, without end. 
This individual endeavors to be the very embodiment of the
Intent of Perpetual Raising, which the Master uses
according to the
Evolutionary Plan.

There is a strong relationship between motivation or will, to the
functioning of the third chakra).  The
third chakra of the stomach region tends to be most specialized in its
function as the basic will of the
entire body
, more than any other area. Note that every part of the
body exhibits will or Intent, but likewise has its own specialized
function.  The following
exercise reveals the truth of the above statements;


When using the Chakra Meditation or simply daily awareness, 
focus exclusively upon the third chakra region, (a roughly
spherical area extending above and below the navel, the size of a large
grapefruit).  Let your
awareness rest upon this area for several minutes.  Take a deep breath and hold it. 
While holding this breath, rythmically but gently contract and
relax the muscles of the stomach area. 
Exhale and relax, while still focusing upon the third chakra.  Notice the changes of feeling/awareness in this area, and how
these often spread throughout the body. 
Repeat this procedure as desired. For additional results,
a feeling of
greater strength
in the stomach area while conducting this
exercise.  Experienced
meditators may also add the drawing in of chi, (energy) into the third
chakra at the same time, (as in the Chi Gaining Meditation) for even
greater results.  Draw chi into the third chakra especially during in-breaths.
Visualize/Intend that energy to be stored, as a rotating ball of ever
increasing light and feeling of strength, in the stomach. Such
visualizations will tend to maintain the vitality gained by this
exercise most efficiently.  Performing
these measures daily will act to increase your psychic power, spiritual
and general will, and health.  It
will also tend to decrease your vulnerability to negative psychic
influences, such as incoming fear or chaos.



the spiritual good of the group mind, the Motivator may visualize a
circular ring of light around each participants’ feet. 
In the minds’ eye, see this bright, shining ring quickly rise
from the area of the feet to about a foot above the head of each
meditator, (including the self).  See
this ring rising again and again in such a manner, about once per every
three seconds.  Each time it
rises repeat the words, RISE UP! in the mind.  With
every additional repetition of RISE
use the Intent that all participants receive every progressive
spiritual benefit.  In other
words, Intend that their
consciousness be expanded, through greater love, clarity, Divine/Natural
connection, energy and/or vibrational levels. 
FEEL the group space ascending and Perpetually Raising in greater
consciousness, especially in the
area of the third chakra region. 
experienced practitioner may also wish to additionally employ the Intent
of, (gaining) strength or personal power/will. 
Intend a greater and greater feeling of strength in the area of
the stomach, for all participants. 
Feel capable and powerful in this area, and project this feeling
to others.  Notice the effect of this Intent upon the group

all of the seven Intentions/positions for the expansion of
consciousness, this procedure may be used for ones’ self, the group,
or the world as a sum total.  In
the case of a meditation group whose members are in different locations,
(even around the world) simply Intend
that the above benefits reach them wherever they may be. Know that
Intent does not have any physical boundaries in its effect. 
It is not hindered by distance or the separation of bodies.


The psychic specialist known as the Purifier, engages in the
practice of raising the personal, group, and/or world vibration. 
The term “vibration”, when used in this context, refers to
the “level” or “pitch” of feeling within. 
If one were to place all of the named emotions on a scale of
ascending vibration, fear and depression would be at the bottom, and
so-called “peak” experiences and spiritual love would be at the top,
or highest vibration. These can be accurately visualized as an ascending
spectrum of frequencies displayed on a graph, just like the radio
frequencies of a given broadcasting band, (as with AM and FM).

it may be accurately said that there are levels or degrees of love which
exist and can be experienced.  The
more intense, deep and sweet the feeling of love is, the higher is its
level or vibration.  Thus
the Purifier uses their Intent to raise the personal or collective
vibrational level, by progressively moving their consciousness into
higher and higher states of love/positivity. 
The Purifier is so named because love and positivity do indeed
purify ones’ state of being at all levels. 
Body, Mind and soul, as well as interpersonal relations, are all
“purified” or in other words made more spiritually inclined, in the
presence of love.  As love
and positive feelings of all kinds increase, there will almost
invariably arise a paralleling state of being, exhibited by the person
or group so affected.


There are of course, many methods and focuses which can raise
ones’ vibrational level.  Among
these are,

with God and the essence of spiritual teachings.

ones’ self with Nature, especially in such settings as the deep woods,
and for extended periods.

commitment to altruistic humanitarian works, spiritual ministry, and
spontaneously aiding those who need it. 
Doing this promotes a betterment of personal karma, and is often
felt as an increase in love.

a contemplation of our spiritual purpose, as conscious beings of depth
and goodness.

exploration of our deepest love for what would be an ideal “soul
mate”, and transferring this love to all people/the planet in general.

yourself in a state of spiritual love, like that known to be held by
such Masters as Christ.  Notice
in the minds’ eye how you would look, act, feel and interact with

a recall of past experiences of love. 
Use these as a foundation for building this remembered
love-state, to higher and higher levels.

This last technique is the one which will be
emphasized herein, because our own past experiences are often the ones
we can most directly relate to, and work with. 


Find a relaxing, quiet place, and recall the times in which you
felt the strongest love.  Remember every detail of this experience, especially in
terms of how it felt everywhere in the body
The body has memory, and every state of consciousness you have
ever been in is recorded within the cells. 
These memories often surface on their own, but they can also be
summoned up by the mind.  Remain
focused on this memory of love until you can feel it again as
strongly as possible. Take plenty of time and care to recall these
feelings in detail, especially in the beginning stages of this practice.
Recall the past events which surrounded your most intense sensations of
love, preferably those of a strong spiritual experience.  Past
or current loving relations will be more than sufficient, however. Then,
as soon as you have recalled this peak love state of the past or
present, just let go of the imagery, memories and specific circumstances
surrounding it, and remain within the feeling(s) evoked. 
It is this feeling of love which needs to be emphasized, and past
memories are only the road that leads to them. 
So for the sake of this spiritual exercise, don’t let yourself
be snared in memory, and focus purely upon the sensations of love in the

you have accomplished this love state recall, 
keep in mind that there are levels of love. 
Picture a scale of ascending love states,
(frequencies/vibrations) if necessary, to visualize this fact. 
Then, Intend into place
a state of love that is just slightly more intense, deep and profound
than your current love state, (rely on the four steps for the
manifestation of Intent if necessary). Just imagine in terms of feeling,
what a slightly higher level of love would feel like and move, (Intend)
yourself into it. Remain focused on your goal until it is felt within.
Once you feel a slightly elevated degree of love and/or positivity, take
another small step upwards in vibration, to an even higher level of
love. Continue doing this for as long as you wish, and see just how
“high” you can get.  Practice
this exercise every day for at least 10 minutes, and see how it becomes
easier and easier.  After
some experience in this, love states can simply be “Intended into
place”, just as readily as one might move the physical body from one
place to another. We need only Intend love to blossom within, in order to find its benefits in our
lives  Practice is all that
is required to greatly improve the results of a “vibrational raising
focus” such as this. 

Purifier is associated with the forth chakra or the heart region,
because it is this chakra which specializes in the creation of love.
Most people prefer to increase their feeling of love/vibration, while
focused upon this area of the body in particular, with a lesser emphasis
placed upon the rest of the body as a whole. 
Never the less, it is extremely useful to feel love body-wide, as
previously explained.


Purifier may also extend states of higher and higher love/positivity, to
the group of meditators to which they belong. 
Any of the above methods may be used. 
One may for instance, visualize all those participating in the
group as being surrounded by a glowing aura of radiant love, much like
that of Christ or other Masters.  Love
may also be directly expanded or extended to all other participants, even if
they are not in your current location. 
Like all other states of consciousness, love travels from person
to person without heed of boundaries of any kind. 
Feel the strongest love possible in the heart, (and the whole
body if you are able to, at that moment) and FEEL/visualize this state
of consciousness being directly transferred to all other meditators.  Intend that this love benefit them in all ways, and that it
adds to their spiritual efforts, both within and without.  It is useful to send love to them as you would a lifelong
companion or family member.  You
can also use the following visualization, among others;

the group surrounded by a glowing sphere of any color or colors you
choose.  See this sphere as
very energetic and psychically powerful, (try throwing in a few incoming
lightning bolts to increase its energy level). 
After establishing this visualization in the mind, firmly repeat
over and over again such words as, “sphere of love be manifest!” or,
“We are surrounded and empowered by love”, or simply, “One
love”. Feel this to be true as you hold this thoughtform in place, in
the minds’ eye.  Intend
that love and positivity are literally exploding through and around, the
bodies and minds of all involved.  FEEL
love for the group as strongly as you can. 



The psychic specialist known as the Channeler,
engages in the practice of establishing greater rapport, or, psychic
right alignment, with sources of high spiritual inspiration. In general,
the three most common sources for this psychic connection to sources of
high consciousness are, 1) to God/Universal Consciousness, 2) to ones’
own soul and, 3) to those beings known as Masters or other high
entities.  The Channeler performs this activity so as to establish
within themselves, a group or the world in general, the qualities of
love, clarity, higher energy levels, right Intent/action and greater
expansion, which the above sources possess. 
These qualities are also possessed by Nature and the Earth Mind
in general.  Long or intense
excursions in the woods or other remote areas, should also be considered
the gaining of “right alignment”, because of their consciousness
expanding effects.

The Channeler is so named because their activity and Intent
reflects the channeling of high spiritual forces, for the good of all
concerned..  During this
activity, they become a literal conduit for consciousness expanding
influences.  This activity is associated with the fifth or throat chakra,
although any chakra can be used for establishing Divine connection,
since the Presence of Universal Consciousness is in all places at all
times, including every part of the human body. 
Many people may actually prefer to “Channel” through the
seventh, (at the crown of the head) or fourth, (heart) chakras, for
great effectiveness.

chakras are often associated with the seven ascending colors of the
rainbow, in the following order; red, orange, yellow, green, blue,
indigo, and violet.  This is because they are in fact an ascending spectrum of
vibrational rates, (frequencies) with the lowest being at the base of
the spine, (red) and the highest at the crown of the head, (violet). 
This fact implies that the human body is actually a multi-frequency transceiver,
within this psychic World Mind in which we live. We constantly
“broadcast” and “receive” psychic inputs, from a large spectrum
of frequencies or feeling states.  Because
the crown or seventh chakra is of the highest vibration in the body, it
can most easily receive those sources of expanded consciousness, which
are themselves of a high vibration. 
This is made possible due to the natural law of resonance. In other
words, the seventh chakra is most resonant with God/the soul, as is the
fourth chakra, (when tuned to spiritual love) due to its specialization
in love-states.  The
Channeler is also associated with the fifth or throat chakra above
because this is where the “word of God”, the Masters, and the soul
are often transmitted to others.  For
this reason the Channeler is a “speaker of God”. This
is why spiritual ministry has every relationship with right alignment.


“Channel” God effectively, one may simply pray with an earnest
Intention and a receptive mind.  Many
people will prefer this well established method. 
The practitioner will note that when many people are in prayer
simultaneously, the felt presence of Divine influence will often sharply
increase, due to the effects of the group mind focus upon gaining
Inspiration.  Those whose
spirituality centers around prayer, may wish to choose the specialty of
the Channeler, within an Intentionally formed group mind. 
Through prayer a person may bring very high qualities of expanded
consciousness to a group, which will be most valuable for everyone
involved.  When we say, “I
will pray for you” this usually means that we are “channeling God”
on others’ behalf, while visualizing Divine benefit for them.  This is exactly what is needed in the group meditational
setting as well.

For those practitioners who want to use a meditational approach
for right alignment, the following is recommended.           


To begin the practice of this meditation, it is
recommended that a three step process be used, (initially). 
These steps are known as; 1) preparation, 2) breathing focus and
3)  the meditation itself. 
To accomplish step one,  simply
find for yourself a quiet place that will not be disturbed. 
Sit comfortably with both feet on the floor, a straight though
relaxed spine, and eyes closed.

 Step two consists of a breathing exercise in which deep
relaxed breaths are taken in for a given duration, as follows;

A)  Breathe
in deeply and slowly for a period of about five seconds, until the lungs
are completely filled.

B)  Hold
this breath for approximately five seconds more.

C) Exhale slowly taking five seconds to do so, until
the lungs are completely emptied,

D)  After
exhalation, wait another five second period before inhaling once again.

E)  Repeat
steps A, B and C  ten times,
or until you feel calmed and refreshed.


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