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The Perpetual Raising: Part 4

Author: Matthew Webb

brought to you by The World Mind Society, and Matthew Webb

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(Part 4 of 5) 

are in the midst of a new age…a turning point in human consciousness. 
Spiritual realization is taking the place of materialism, as the
most cherished goal in life.  We
can see that competition is only a tiny fraction as productive as
cooperation, especially when keeping in mind the interconnectedness of
our world.  Instead of
competition or ideological battle, people are understanding that what is
fundamentally important to themselves, is of fundamental importance to
the rest of humanity as well.  We
all value love, health, clear understanding, the fruits of peace, and
the bliss of Divine inspiration.  These
basic spiritual needs, and the essential values of life upon which they
are based, provide a cornerstone for the building of a new paradigm.
Group effort in the accomplishment of any goal, has the potential to
create monumental achievements.  Together we may act for the common good with a hundred times
the benefit, and only one tenth of the effort. The fact that we are all
composed of consciousness, governed by the same natural and spiritual
laws, provides our common bond. In our mutual, fundamental need for
peace, spiritual upliftment and greater evolution as a species, we also
find common cause. Together we may achieve unlimited realization of this
cause, by combining our mutual love, clarity, energy and Divine
inspiration. The group mind principle of nature is thus ours to employ,
for the true advancement of
the human condition.  We
need only to realize this fact and recognize our mutual goals.

discussed previously a group mind has an exponential potential, one that
is far greater than the mere addition of separate individuals, in loose
association.  When we
Intentionally form a group mind which is based upon progressive
spiritual purpose, it is then that we knock at the door of Cosmic
opportunity.  Upon
specializing our Intent for the good of the group, even greater social
potentials arise, as advocated by spiritual traditions around the world. 
The  Masters of all
time have advocated relatively few precepts for human evolution. 
They have all at some time advocated self awareness, (clarity) an
alignment of ones’ self with God, (right alignment) the cultivation of
love, (higher vibration) living in accord with natural/Divine laws,
(right Intent/action), the right use of ones’ energy, and the
extension of spiritual states to others in ministry/Darshan,  (expansion). They have all in one way or another, spoken of
the Oneness of all people in God and with each other, and that we are
connected at a very fundamental level of existence. 
It is at this level where such Masters are said to have worked
miracles, and coordinated large numbers of people in spiritual focus,
(field coordination).  Thus,
all seven of the recommended Intentions for the expansion of
consciousness, are herein inspired by the teachings of the Masters,
(such as Christ, Buddha, and Lao Tse).. 
These seven focuses are those held by a Master at all times. 
When we form groups of spiritually motivated individuals, we can as a group, do the spiritual work that a Master does. 
Seven is therefore the recommended minimum number of
participants, in the formation of the most potent of group minds. 
Seven members are not absolutely necessary, but this minimum
number is the most ideal.  Consider for a moment what even two people in love can do for
each other and the world, and then exponentially multiply this effect by
a factor of seven or more.

are asked to give some more thought at this point, as to which of the
seven positions of group mind specialization you would like to initially
focus upon.  Remember that
we are all working toward greater global enlightenment. 
Ask yourself how you can best contribute to this planetary goal,
through any or all of the seven focuses employed by the Masters. 
By developing one or more of these qualities/Intentions within,
we not only expand our own consciousness, but are also made more capable
of cooperatively aiding the human condition.

 To assist you in making this decision, review the
following table. It summarizes the seven specialists, their general
recommended function within a group mind, and the chakra(s) of the body
which tend to correspond with them;







First and second                    

base of spine, feet, legs, reproductive organs,
hips, intestines, kidneys, lower back

mover/capacitor (the creator of greater empowerment, Provider of
sheer force)


Any or all of the chakras

Any area of the body

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