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The Perpetual Raising: Part 3

Author: Matthew Webb

brought to you by The World Mind Society, and Matthew Webb

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(Part 3 of 5)

body is an instrument through which we interact with the physical plane,
as souls or conscious

beings.  As we refine this
instrument through meditation, and ideally with pure foods and
sufficient exercise, the body becomes, “a spiritual temple” for
Divine expression as well.  Our
physical form is a repository of our life experiences, and it is these
experiences which bring about the needed lessons for soulic growth. 
An excellent approach to spiritual growth is to Intentionally
treat the body and this current life, as an opportunity for adventure
into higher consciousness.  By
cultivating greater inner awareness, we actively participate in our own
evolutionary process, as well as the true progress of our species. 
A spiritually progressive focus upon the body is an ideal route
for achieving these Cosmic ends.  The
feelings within the cells indicate an enormous amount of important
information to us.  These
can be acted upon and changed at will. 
Thus, we can change our state of consciousness at will, and rise
toward higher and higher levels of enlightenment, through this
apparently simple medium of the physical form. 
Through the feelings in the body we can become aware of the
Intents which underlie them, and the universe in general. 
It is this Intent Itself which is primarily responsible for
everything which transpires in the self and the world..

meditator eventually succeeds in converting the Intent elements in the
body to progressively higher degrees of clarity, love and energy. 
In so doing their overall level of consciousness continues to
expand.  By using the Intent
of Perpetual Raising throughout the body, (through a body-wide awareness
focus) we may accelerate this process greatly. As the meditator uses
this body-wide Intent of perpetual raising, towards higher and higher
levels of consciousness, they eventually come to a major spiritual
threshold.  This is a level
where, both the body and the world are directly
, (Seen) in a state of Unity.  In this state the universality of consciousness is REALIZED. 
Another way of saying this is that the body and the planet as a
whole, are perceived as group minds. 
From this realization of “unity consciousness”, another fact
becomes apparent.  We See
that there exists an interface between the self and the World. 
This interface is psychic in nature, and functions as a two way,
mutual feedback-loop from the environment to the individual, and from
the individual to the environment. 
To observe and to objectively know this interface is to REALIZE
the natural principle of Karma, and its continuous functioning. 
Thus we come to know the deep meaning of cause and effect. 
We learn that the human being is both causing world and personal
events, and is in turn effected by these in profound ways. 
When we employ the Intent of perpetual raising, (of
consciousness) both within the body/soul and externally in the World
Mind, we are then involved in CREATING
, for the welfare of all beings. 
This is also known as “improving ones’ karma”. When we
Intentionally radiate progressive states of consciousness to the world,
we become analogous to “spiritual transmitters” of love and clarity. 
The following table makes this more clear, through an analogy of
the human nervous system to radio propagation;





The spine/nervous system/chakras       

Frequency of broadcast

Feeling/type of emotion

Frequency tuner (to various stations)

The specific focus of Awareness

Electricity powering the broadcast


Content of broadcast (music, information,
entertainment, etc.)


Governing purpose of broadcast

Type of Intent

Various broadcasting bands (AM/FM/VHF/UHF 

Mindstates, different levels of Consciousness

Many stations broadcasting on a variety of
frequencies and bands

Individuals and groups of individuals of different
Intentions, radiating their internal states to the surrounding

 The employment of the Intent of perpetual raising, also
eventually results in a second major threshold. 
Upon reaching this threshold, the practitioner realizes that, the
purpose of all life is the raising of consciousness
This is the purpose for which we have been cultivated, by the
Earth Mind, (Gaia/local presence of God). 
The long biological process of eons has been called evolution by
science, but unlike traditional views, it is clearly NOT a purely
mechanical or chance process.  Evolution
is a purposeful process that is still unfolding. Evolution is guided
even now, as it always has been, by the presence of Universal
Consciousness.  Physical
systems are merely the reflections of spiritual/natural Law. 
It is the spiritual which causes the material, NOT the material
which causes the spiritual. The processes of nature demonstrate
intelligent design, of which we are a part. When we become attuned to
this design, (to natural laws) we may then participate actively in the
process of our own evolution, so long as we hold a spiritual focus.

The purpose of life is the raising of consciousness,
of which we are composed. This Universal Aim is not of our own making,
but is a reflection of the Intent of that which is known as God. 
It is the Intent of God to Manifest Itself in the highest
possible forms, into the matrix of atoms, everywhere upon the physical
plane.  God does this so as to express Itself there, and improve Its
own nature even further.  Thus,
we are manifestations of the Intent of God, to evolve Itself through the
agency of matter.  Our own
motivation to grow, expand and evolve, is a reflection of the Divine
Intent to do the very same thing.   We are an outgrowth of the Evolution of God.
To employ the Intent of perpetual raising, is therefore to act
in accordance with the purposes of natural law. 
To put this another way, it is to act in accord with the will of
God to evolve.  When we
recognize this Truth, we then become the agents of Divine Intention, and
also catalysts for the furtherance of human evolution. 
The acceleration of human consciousness, results also in the
furtherance of the evolution of the Earth Mind/Noosphere, or planetary
consciousness in general.

Specialization of Intent Within a group Mind

group of meditators may make maximum use of their mutual force, by
applying to Natural/Divine law as much as possible. 
They will therefore wish to make use of the
Intent of Perpetual Raising
, both within the group and individually,
so as to accommodate universal designs. 
In so doing they form a collective which acts to support natural
law and Divine Intentions, and can therefore raise their level of
consciousness unimpeded.  In
this way, meditators may not only make the best use of consciousness,
but may actually become catalysts for the evolutionary process. 
This may be accomplished with a minimum of individual effort,
through the specialization of
within a group. The principle of specialization is a law of
nature, and it allows for maximum efficiency among cooperating
individuals.  In the spiritually oriented group mind setting,
specialization implies what might be called “spiritual efficiency”,  or “a well employed expenditure of spiritual energy”. 
Our own bodies display this natural law of specialization very

 Thus, specialists within a group mind of meditators may each
employ a singular focus, for the purpose of the expansion of
consciousness.  This they
can do for the sake of the collective and everyone within it. 
The recommended minimum
number of meditators which should compose such a group, is seven. 
Each may specialize in their Intentions, (by employing one of the six focuses
for the expansion of group consciousness) as follows;

provide greater personal and group Energy.

provide greater personal and group expansion,
(of spiritual Intent) to the fields at large, (manifestation).

provide greater personal and group Right
by employing the Intent of perpetual raising.