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The Perpetual Raising: Part 2

Author: Matthew Webb

brought to you by The World Mind Society, and Matthew Webb

Any or all of this material may be used by any interested person or organization, for the purpose of spiritual and/or intellectual enlightenment. We ask that you mention the source of this material in your publication(s), (the World Mind Society, and Matthew Webb) so as to promote the mission of this organization.

(Part 2 of 5)

cubic inch of the body constantly radiates our internal state of being
to the environment.  In return, each one also unceasingly receives psychic inputs,
(feelings, thoughts, Intentions, the general state of consciousness of
others, etc.) from around the world.  This is an automatic process that continues among most modern
persons on an unconscious level. But when this natural phenomena becomes
a conscious process, and even an Intentional one, it is then that we
begin to realize the immense scope of good we can do for the world, in
the quietude of meditation/prayer.  Such facts lend profound meaning to the ancient saying, “The
Master does nothing and yet, leaves nothing undone

When love for
instance is focused and radiated body-wide, 
each of the Intent elements, (cubic inches) of the body are
immediately transformed and reoriented to some degree. 
In like fashion, the surrounding energy, awareness and Intent in
the environment is also transformed and reoriented.  To hold a loving state within, is to manifest love in those
with whom we have contact, and also in the very atmosphere we breathe.
Love, like all other states of consciousness, is automatically radiated
outward from us to some extent, whenever it resides within. 
But when we actually Intend
love and other useful states, to be manifest
in the environment to a greater and greater degree, it is then that we
are fulfilling the Plan of the spiritual Masters of all time. 

We cannot avoid
the fact that our inner states of being impact all other bodies and
minds upon the globe continuously. This is why it is necessary for every
person to realize that, since they constantly render effects on the
world with their own inner state, it is most appropriate to hold only
those inner states of being we wish to have manifest in society. 
One might call this “the golden rule of psychic effect”. We
make a daily contribution to world affairs at the most profound levels
of existence, without ever stepping foot outside the front door. 
When we become aware of this fact of natural law and how it
operates, a choice must then be made. 
Every person must choose how they will influence the world and
everyone in it, according to what inner state of consciousness they
cultivate on a daily basis.  Self and world
consciousness can be effectively raised, through the spiritual use of
such psychic knowledge.

 Our bodies
are the spiritual conduits for our souls, to the physical plane. 
For this reason we are all “channels” to the spirit world. 
It is therefore very desirable to cultivate a physical body that
has a unified spiritual Intention, in each cell and cell group. 
Such a body is one that is spiritually powerful, which can render
far-reaching, enlightening effects for the world and everyone in it. 
Our bodies are our “spiritual antennas”. 
They radiate the soulic and Divine signal of evolutionary,
consciousness-raising Intent.

two or more persons employ a spiritual focus together, especially via
the Intent of good will and the creation of mutual benefits, a
progressive group mind is thus formed between them. This is analogous to
two cells becoming one organism, for the duration of a meditation or
prayer.  When more people
join in to raise the mutual state of consciousness, (in greater love,
clarity, energy etc.) they become analogous to a multi-cellular being of
greater and greater capability, as each new person joins the collective
Intention. Individuals are then taking advantage of the group mind
principle of nature, just as our own bodies do. 

Group minds based
upon spiritual Intent, render progressive influences on the
consciousness of each participant. Like any other body of organized
individuals, each participant may draw upon the greater ability and
strength of the collective.  Each
meditator thus joined in fact, automatically receives great psychic
benefits in the form of expanded love, clarity, energy and Divine
connection.  The projected
love of many individuals becomes not only additive, but exponentially
greater in mutual benefit.  As
meditators Intend spiritual
for one another, they establish a reciprocating field of
energy, (area of effect) which surrounds the group like an aura. 
As group consciousness rises, the benefits for each participant
become more and more profound.  Likewise, the higher the consciousness of each participant,
the more spiritual benefit will be rendered for the group of which they
have become a part. 

Participation in
a spiritually progressive group mind, the meditator will note, by no
means implies any loss of individual autonomy. 
It is instead an enhancement of every individual in the most
profound sense.  The best
qualities of all participants are manifest through each and every
meditator. This Intentionally created group mind, represents a psychic
reciprocation that can boost the participants indefinately, causing a
“spiritual pooling of resources” and a mutuality of love, clarity,
and vitality.  A
spiritually-based group mind also creates a very potent “spiritual
broadcasting” to the world at large. 
Groups may take advantage of these principles of natural law, to
psychically broadcast their spiritual consciousness around the globe. 
These facts make such activities as global peace, and “World
Light” meditations, more effective than is generally realized.  
Such groups may employ their group mind force to Intentionally
raise the state of world consciousness without potential limit, as
briefly described hereafter…

 The cells,
tissues and organs of the body possess consciousness, and these transmit
psychic impulses into the unified field that surrounds us. 
They do this most effectively through the Energy centers of the
body, known in ancient Vedic texts as the chakras. 
The chakras are our major input/output portals, or doorways to
our psychic environment, and to other people within that environment. 
A chakras’ effects extend multi-dimensionally from the physical
plane, all the way to the spiritual plane of the soul, (and beyond). 
Through these energy centers we feel the emotions of others,
receive their thoughts and quite often know their Intentions.  Anyone who has ever attended a sporting event, music concert,
motivated prayer group, seen a riot, or enthusiastic theater/movie
event, has experienced blatant examples of this truth. 
Sensations in the form of major surges of emotional energy, from
any similarly-focused crowd of people, is a sure example of dynamic
group mind action. The chakras of the body/mind/soul we each possess,
allow such events to occur most easily.  
The opportunity exists for each of us to Intentionally use that
enormous psychic potential of group mind action, for the greatest
benefit of every living being on our planet.

chakra is a major spiritual pathway for the manifestation of our Intent,
awareness and energy.  They
connect us to the people we are familiar with most intensely, and to a
lesser extent the rest of the world. 
Never the less, our World Mind connections are quite strong, and
it is through the chakras that we constantly experience something
analogous to a “background feeling” on a psychic basis. 
This background feeling is the radiated product of the combined
Intentions and emotional states, of all people on this planet. 
Because we are all One, we are all continuously effecting each
other.  For this reason we
must recognize the global nature of human society at the most
fundamental level of life, (consciousness).  In truth, our essential Unity necessitates that we treat all
human beings as brothers and sisters in God/Nature.  They are a part of our very selves, as fellow cells in the
body of God.  Our love for
humanity is by necessity, very much a love for an extension of ourselves
and vice versa.

chakras are generally acknowledged to be seven in number, and these are
centered along the spine.  A
chakra is the sum total product of the Intent elements, (each cubic inch
of cell tissue) which compose that region of the body. 
The fourth or heart chakra for instance, is contributed to by
each Intent element within the hands, wrists, arms, shoulders and chest. 
The first or root chakra at the base of the spine, is contributed
to by each cubic inch of the feet, ankles, calves thighs, hips and
sexual organs.  The third
chakra of the stomach area is composed of that region of the spine, the
stomach, the diaphragm, (partially) and the intestines, (partially). All
of the other chakras are similarly composed, as indicated by the
following table;






base of spine,
feet, legs, reproductive organs, hips

 replication of pattern, basic Energy, primary drive


kidneys, liver, lower back

efficiency of basic life processes, specialization, assimilation


stomach, lower to
middle spine

will effectiveness, basic social instinct


middle to upper spine

unification of
system, love, life in a social context, refined action


throat, neck,
vocal cords

symbolic understanding, encoded memory beyond DNA


frontal and
occipital lobes of the brain, pineal gland

understanding, clarity


crown of head

wisdom, soul
connection, holistic comprehension, spiritual motivation



It is important to maintain a broad focus throughout the body,
when in meditation and/or prayer. Each of the small feeling/Intent
elements of every chakra region, has bearing upon our overall state of
consciousness.  The more
cell groups in the body we liberate through spiritual Intentions, the
more our physical form will become the ideal instrument for our souls,
and for effective daily living. The same is true at the next order of
magnitude, at the human social level. 
The more individual people who are liberated through the
application of spiritual Intentions, the more the World Mind will be the
ideal instrument for God, in daily social interactions.

To meditate on a
given region of the body, and to Intend
the improvement of that area, (via any or all of the six elements of
consciousness expansion above) increases the effectiveness of that
chakras’ abilities, as a psychic input/output portal to the world. 
To “purify” a chakra is to make each of its member Intent
elements, (cubic inches of tissue) act as a fully cooperating, unified
whole.  The statement,
“fully cooperating cell groups” in this context, implies that all of
the Intent elements within a chakra are completely aligned in purpose,
and are therefore of like vibration,
clarity, expansion, right alignment
, and/or energy-gaining/sending
potential.  When they are so
aligned, the psychic power of the chakra is dramatically increased,
especially when the practitioner Intends
a body-wide alignment of the Intent elements within, for the purpose of
spiritual gain.  The best
indication of a chakra being unified and purified, is when all of the
subtle feelings in that region of the body are uniformly the same, (in a
state of love or joy for instance). 
Ideally, it is extremely useful to unify and purify all of the
feelings/Intent elements body-wide. 
It is recommended that the beginning meditator focus upon one
area of the body at a time, to accomplish a transformation of the Intent
within each cellular region.  A
meditative focus upon one body region/chakra at a time, is often easier
for the beginning practitioner. These things may be initiated in
meditation, by using the following “Chakra Meditation”.


The Chakra Meditation   

           Sit or
lie comfortably, and immediately begin focusing on the feelings
throughout the body.  Those
new to this practice may begin by focusing upon a very small area of the
body, such as the tip of the right index finger. 
Be carefully aware of every subtle detail of feeling in this
area. Allow awareness to spread to the entire finger, then the hand,
arm, both arms, chest, torso, head, legs and feet, (not necessarily in
that order). Do not avoid any pain, fear or other unpleasantness found
anywhere in the body. [Such feelings are usually the result of
Intentions which inhibit personal growth, and these can be
“reprogrammed”. Fear can be replaced by love, confusion by clarity,
and pain by vibrant energy/positivity.]

As thoughts inevitably run though the mind, simply relax, and
return again and again to a feeling-awareness focus, even if this means
doing so a hundred times every minute.  Chronic, rampant, seemingly unstoppable thoughts in the mind,
are a symptom of stored stress in ones’ being. 
As the practice of meditation proceeds, stress is released, and
the tendency of thoughts to intrude upon this process will gradually
diminish.  Be patient and
don’t let the simplicity of this method of meditation deceive you. 
Let your awareness travel freely from one area of the body to the
next, as it will be inclined to do. Feel
every subtle inner detail
. Areas of particular stress or activity
will attract your awareness, and hold it for longer periods than the
rest of the body.  Allow
this to happen, as it is a function of natural self-healing processes
and energy body activity.  Don’t
be concerned or irritated by intruding thoughts, just continue to return
to a feeling/awareness-oriented focus within the body, in a relaxed

One particularly notable value of the above meditational
practice, is that is can be done any time during the day, at work, at
home or in conjunction with any other activity.  It can be done for as little as 5-30 seconds at a time, (as
daily inner awareness) and it will still render cumulative benefits,
though these are usually more pronounced when the eyes are closed, and
the body still. It is recommended that the Chakra Meditation, (or others
like it) be performed daily just before going to sleep at night, and
before arising in the morning, for 20-30 minutes at a time. 
Daily inner awareness and meditation compliment each others’
effectiveness, acting to improve health, reduce stress, increase psychic
sensitivity, clarity and the capacity for love, manifest intelligence
and wisdom.

As the meditator
becomes increasingly aware of their own inner state of being through
meditation, they are also enabled to take greater notice of their
psychic environment.  The
“mood” or “atmosphere” of the workplace is made clearly
perceptable to them. The underlying motives and feelings of persons as
well as groups, become more and more obvious. Even more importantly, the
meditator gains greater awareness of their own patterns of feeling and
thought, as well as the Intentions which underlie them. 
That which is known can be easily addressed, whereas that which
is unknown is difficult to change.  Self knowledge implies the capacity for self change. 
The self-aware individual discovers that the task of building a
more evolved self, is often easier than expected. 
They are thus enabled to build a more evolved world with others
in the process.

By applying the
Chakra Meditation daily, (or others like it) we become increasingly
aware of the subtle feelings/Intents in the body, as they exist in each
cubic inch of our physiology.  This
practice then allows the meditator to begin to transform the Intentions
held in the body as a residue of past experiences, to ones that are
progressively more evolved.  Long
held fear anywhere in the body, such as in the stomach, (third chakra)
or the heart, (fourth chakra) can be transformed to love. 
Confusion and a scattered focus in the region of the forehead,
(sixth chakra) can be turned into greater and greater clarity. 
A lack of energy in the hips/lower spine, (first chakra) can be
made into a state of high vitality. All of these changes of cellular
memory and Intent can be transformed in such a manner. 
The meditator may do this by Intending
changes to come about, by employing the following four steps;



(for rendering internal change)

1)  Be aware of
your current state of body/mind, (this is accomplished through

2)  Gain familiarity with
that which is to be Intended
, (such as a higher love and
clarity) and the Intent to be acted upon is crystallized.

3)  The desired state is
held steady in the mind
, (for at least 5 minutes). Visualize and
feel this state as if it already exists, until the body/mind shifts into

desired state is “held in place”
the body, (or a given chakra).  This
new state is maintained by treating it as the new reality of the self on
a permanent basis.

applications of the above four-step process render cumulative results. 
Be persistent!

By employing such techniques as the Chakra
Meditation,  we are made
aware of the fact that the body is a collection of cellular group minds. 
Each of these possesses Intent, Awareness and Energy. Every cell
group in the body therefore has a state of consciousness which it holds. 
It may also be accurately said, that every Intent element or
cubic inch of our tissue holds a certain “state of mind”, composed
of fear, clarity, pleasure, pain, love, confusion or bliss, or some
combination thereof.  During meditation we are given the opportunity to become
aware of these Intent elements and their subtle details.  The meditator will notice that every subtle feeling in the
body is an indicator of a corresponding Intent underlying it. They will
also notice that the chakras are the most intense feeling/awareness
centers of the body, and that each chakra is composed of smaller regions
of feeling/awareness areas.   The
reason this is important information for the meditator to gain, is that
all of these Intent elements can be transformed at will, once they are
known through meditation.  This
is a part of what it means to “gain self knowledge”. 
The feelings in the body and their corresponding Intentions, are
a reflection of our overall mental and spiritual focus. 
These are stored in the body as a form of cellular memory and
ongoing activity. 

we meditate then, we become aware of many subtle feelings and Intentions
that are housed in our tissues.  In
order to expand our consciousness, it is very useful to transform these
stored Intentions/memories to ones that are spiritually progressive. 
Of particular importance is the
seeking out of all fear
housed in the cells, through meditation. 
So instead of avoiding fear and its unpleasantness, seek it out
as a hunter stalks their prey. Once it is found anywhere in the body,
fear can be transformed into love or clarity by using the “four steps
in the manifestation of Intent” above.  If fear is found in the fourth chakra, (heart) for instance,
step one of  “Being
aware of your current state of body/mind” in this area is
accomplished.  Step two of,
“Gain familiarity with that which is to be Intended” is
accomplished when we focus on the love we want to experience there. 
Step three, “The desired state is held steady in the mind
is achieved when we stay focused on the love that is replacing the fear
within.  Feel fear be
dissolved by love by gradual degrees, until it is completely replaced on
a permanent basis.  Then
treat this inner change as your new permanent reality. 
In doing this you have accomplished step four above, or, “The
desired state is “held in place” throughout the body, (or a
given chakra).  This is a
brief example of employing Intent for internal change. 

area of the body may in this way be transformed, and its underlying
Intent changed.  This will
aid in the improvement of health, mental clarity and the raising of
overall consciousness.  The
more areas of the body we convert from fear to love, the more our
consciousness will soar.  The same is true of the World Mind in which we live, because
we are analogous to cells within the body of humanity/the Earth.

spiritual practitioner may rightly consider these inner transformations,
as a preparation for greater Mastery. 
They prepare us for the creation of the needed outer
transformations, in the World Mind of humanity.

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