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The Perpetual Raising: Part 1

Author: Matthew Webb

brought to you by The World Mind Society, and Matthew Webb

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(Part 1 of 

The well-read student of spiritual literature
will note, that standing behind all of the worlds’ scriptures and Holy
books, there have been individuals of great insight.  To these few
specific Seers, Authors, Visionaries, Healers and Philosophers, the rest
of humanity owes the ultimate debt of gratitude.  It is They who
have pioneered powerful spiritual paths, so that the rest of our species
can gain valuable insight into the nature of reality, of truth, God, and
the purpose of life.  The truly great teachers of all time, have
taught the lessons of spirituality and the value of right living. 
By many they have been referred to as “Masters”. 

A Master is a spiritual seeker who has reached a very notable
degree of self realization.  By
virtue of this, they have also reached a notable degree of God
realization.  A Master has
plumbed the depths of consciousness, and found that humanity is One at
the most fundamental level of existence. 
Each of us is a part of that which is called God. 
All of the Masters throughout the ages, (such as Christ, Buddha,
Lao Tse) have taught that it is within the power of every individual, to
become as self realized as they, and to SEE as they SEE. 
We too may know God just as we can know our own selves. 
It is within our power to understand the purpose of life, and the
greater potentials of the human spirit. 
To do this, we need only apply ourselves to the same universal
principles which underlie all Teachings, Religions and Philosophies.  We too may perform “miracles”, upon realizing that all
the resources for happiness, personal power, strength, love and clarity,
lie within. 

only true obstacle to our spiritual/evolutionary progress has always
been human-made ideas, which usually fall far short of the values and
precepts of Cosmic/Natural Law.  When
we go beyond specific cultures, nationalities, ideologies, political and
social systems, it is then that our true purpose and essence as
conscious beings is revealed.  We
are not of nations but of God.  Our
true self is not composed of thought or social imagery, it is made of
consciousness.  In
consciousness we know our fellow human beings as a part of ourselves.  We are all One because we are all composed of the same
universal consciousness, (God/unified field).

identified ourselves with consciousness, we understand that humanity
does not merely reflect Divine influence. 
We are in fact, each a fragment of God. 
Our true place and right focus is therefore within God and
Nature, so as to live and prosper through Spiritual/Natural Laws. 
Our true purpose is to carry out the designs of Nature and Divine
Order, so as to build a truly progressive world society, and a truly
profound inner self.  We are
conduits for Divine expression, or in other words, Universal
Consciousness. That which organizes the universe also organizes our
cellular structures, inter-galactic events, and our very existence as
human beings.  To
understand consciousness is to understand that organizing influence
To attain greater and greater mastery of consciousness, (to
expand it) is our very purpose, as cells within the body of God. 
These are some of the major tenets, teachings and purposes of the
Masters throughout the ages.

Let us seek the very highest aspirations, and the most noble of
human potentials.  It is the
mark of the genius and the revolutionary, to not settle for anything
less than profound self realization. 
Let us all seek to be Masters and to embrace Cosmic Purpose. To
do this, we must Intend greater Mastery, and by the same token, gain
greater Mastery of Intent.

The fact that the Intent of the Master is “perpetual raising”, 
is hereby explained;

1)  “Perpetual
raising” is the Intent that a Master uses, 
in order to retain the basic status/state of Mastery. 
It is the Intent of total, ongoing, spiritual progressiveness
moment to moment, of every day.  It
is the focus upon the building of love and clarity without end. 
Perpetual raising is therefore the unceasing focus upon the
expansion of consciousness, both within the self, and throughout the

Master knows that it is through Intent that all things are manifest. 
Every thought we have and every emotion we generate, begins to
create in the surrounding environment a reflection of that inner
creation.  To think and feel
is to create far more than changes in ones’ neurochemistry, it is
within and without.  Every
thought, emotion, image and belief we maintain, is founded upon an
underlying Intent.  Every
Intent we employ is responsible for inner and outer manifestations.
Intent is That in God and the soul which, CAUSES SHIFTS TO BE MADE IN
These unified field shifts then lend themselves to similar
manifestations on the physical plane.

 Those familiar with Intent know that it is wise to Intend
into place
, only those qualities and conditions of living which
are most beneficial.  One
such Intent is that of perpetual raising. 
Perpetual raising implies the continual self-elevation of ones’
level of consciousness, as a first priority in life. With this Intent in
place as our first priority, we make best use of every single
circumstance and opportunity in life, for the progressive expansion of
consciousness. Perpetual raising is the Intent through which the
consciousness of the spiritual practitioner is maintained as a dynamic
This Intent must be conducted/maintained bodywide.

Master knows that Intent is a bodywide phenomena.  Every cubic inch of body tissue acts as an individual
transceiver of psychic information. 
This information or knowledge is sent and received from our
bodies and minds in the form of feelings, thoughtforms, common thoughts,
images and ideals.  That
which we believe in and focus upon therefore, is that which is done,
(accomplished/manifest). Like “spiritual radios” our bodies are in
fact a collection of transceivers, and as such, have continuous contact
with the psychic fields of Energy at large in the environment. 
This implies we have continuous psychic contact with all people
on this planet, (the World Mind) at all times. 
Their joys and sorrows are ours to share. 
Their thoughts and beliefs directly influence our own, and vice

cubic inch of the body is constantly sending and receiving energy,
awareness and Intent, (the components of consciousness). 
Intent is the most causal, (manifesting-changing) factor for
consciousness, and therefore all of the universe. 
This is true because consciousness underlies all manifested
things, and Intent is its guiding factor. The Intent housed in every
cubic inch of our physical and spiritual bodies, as well as the Intent
housed in the fields at large, (unified field/God) guides all of our
experiences.  It may be said
then, that Intent is the instrument through which God manifests the
Evolutionary Plan. Intent is of a personal, group, planetary and
universal, (Divine) nature.  It
determines how our awareness and energy function at every level of our
being.  Only the mastery of
Intent is the ultimate personal mastery.

3)  Consciousness
is “fluid” in nature.  It
has a  strong tendency to
flow together to unite minds, combine feelings, jointly form thoughts,
and cause group mind action.  The
body is a group mind, and an excellent example of these universal
principles.. Our bodies are a collection of cell groups. Each cell
possesses its own consciousness, and therefore its own Energy, Awareness
and Intent.  This energy, awareness and Intent of many individuals working
together in cooperation and specialization, creates an extremely strong
collective force.  Thus the
consciousness of individual cells form cellular group minds, or tissues. 
Tissues comprise larger group minds, or organs. 
All of the organs of the body compose the overall group mind of
the human physical form.  At
each of these levels of group mind organization, the degree, power and
abilities exhibited by our cells become geometrically increased, due to
the group mind principle. 
This principle of natural law and consciousness states that; the
resulting force generated from the combining of like minds, (or cells,
atoms, life forms, etc.) is geometrically greater than the sum of its
.  In other
words, minds/cells which are focused together upon a common theme,
create a mutual force which is not merely additive, but vastly more
powerful than any one individual or group of individuals. 
This accounts for the fact that the human body is a truly
incredible and diverse instrument. 
It is the cooperation and specialization of many individuals, to
make a sophisticated whole.  There is much to be learned about Cosmic principles and their
application, from our own bodies.

          The basic
natural and spiritual law of the universe, is that all things are
composed of consciousness, and founded upon it. 
That which we call our soul, as well as the atoms, molecules and
cells of our physical bodies, are therefore founded upon and sustained
by, the same basic substance, (Intent, awareness and energy combined). 
Each of the smaller group minds, (every cubic inch of tissue)
corresponds to specific portions of the spiritual body, or soul.

        A mastery of Intent
bodywide, is a significant mastery of ones’ state of consciousness. 
A greater mastery of ones’ state of consciousness bodywide, is
a greater mastery of the Soul/Body interface. 
Through a refined body-wide awareness, the soul makes optimum use
of the body as its instrument on the physical plane. Since the terms
“soul” and “consciousness” are basically synonymous, a greater
mastery of consciousness implies a greater body-mind-soul rapport, or
unity.  It also implies that
we are capable of great rapport and unity with our fellow human beings,
who are also “souls in bodies”, (beings of consciousness).  

         In meditation we
find that we are not thought, but the creator of thought. 
We are not emotion itself or images themselves, but the creators
of both feelings and images. We are That
which Watches and Intends
behind all of lifes’ circumstances. 
When it is understood that the body, mind and soul all operate by
virtue of this Watcher/Manifestor, (consciousness) it is then that life
gains a profound unity and comprehensiveness. 
As souls, (consciousness) we must cultivate strong minds and
bodies, so that these may serve as the ideal spiritual instruments. 
To do this we must purify our Intentions. 
Because the body has Intent and also memory, it is necessary to
purify the Intentions lodged within the physical tissues. 
This can be done by cultivating the following Intentions
body-wide, (as well as within the mind);

A) The Intent of self knowingness, or
awareness of awareness.  This
is known as  increasing ones
degree of Clarity.

B) The Intent of the perpetual raising of
consciousness, (and in each Intent-element or cubic inch of the body) as
a  coordinated whole
This is known as the employment of Right
, and is accomplished as Right

C) The Intent of creating progressively
greater Love and high feelings.  This
is known as the increasing of ones’ Vibration.

D) The Intent of the enlargement or
magnification of spiritual benefit for all beings.  This is known as Expansion,
or “expanding the psychic area of effect”.

E)  The
Intent of psychic attunement with Nature, ones’ own soul and God.  This is known as gaining “Right

F)  The
Intent to maintain higher levels of vital force, necessary for greater
spiritual, mental and physical work. 
This is known as the gaining of greater “Energy
or “Chi”.

The above six focuses, (Clarity, Right Intent/Right Action, Vibration, Expansion, Right
Alignment and Energy
) are an ideal combination of Intentions. 
They greatly aid in the expansion of consciousness. 
When used one at a time they have potency, but when used in
tandem they are unstoppably progressive, in terms of spiritual
advancement.  They may be
employed by individual persons successfully, or by groups of meditators/prayer circles for particularly potent,
spiritual results.

entire body is a matrix of Intent, Awareness and Energy. 
This matrix corresponds and interacts with the matrix of Intent,
Awareness and Energy in the environment, (surrounding psychic
fields/unified field).  Therefore
the inner, (personal) and outer, (environmental) states of consciousness
have a direct relationship with each other, of cause and effect. 
When we increase our state of love within for instance, (raise
our Vibration) love starts to be reflected back from the environment in
which we live. When we increase our level of Energy at will, the environment tends to feed us even more vitality. 
As Clarity is improved, so too do our relations become more clarified
and lucid.  When Right Alignment or greater connection with God/Nature is
established, the manifestations of the Divine begin appearing in daily
life.  When we Expand all of these Intentions/states of consciousness to others,
(and the world in general) they become increasing manifest there, and
return to us a hundred-fold. 
By “broadcasting” progressive, spiritual Intentions
individually and in groups, we cause an effect of great benefit for
humanity.  This may also be
referred to as “improving ones’ karma”, by manifesting direct
psychic effects in the world.  Through
the use of our Intent, we can bring about great changes in the
collective consciousness of humanity, as well as within our own being.

is thus very useful to
cultivate or Intend all of
these six elements of consciousness expansion, and throughout the
physical body.  Each
specific part of the human body corresponds, and is connected with, that
same part of the body in all other people. 
This fact is a result of the natural law of resonance. 
This is made evident by an awareness of the chakras, and how they
react to the Intentions of others. The feelings and Intentions in our
bodies reflect those of the world to a large degree, and vice versa. 
All of these daily, moment to moment phenomena which we all
constantly experience,  are
made possible through the unified field and other natural laws. 
Love, (higher vibration)
should therefore be increased within every cell and tissue, as should
greater clarity and energy. Divine/soulic connection, (right alignment) and spiritual good will, (right intent/action) can be intentionally increased within as well,
in the full knowledge that it is our spiritual responsibility to do so,
for our own sake and the sake of our planet. It is similarly useful to
Intentionally expand, (project)
all of these aspects/Intentions outward to all people, and the Earth in
general.  To do so is to
improve ones’ health, karma, state of being and effectiveness in every
area of life.  Through the
instrumentality of Intent and the Transceiver that is the physical body,
a new world may literally be “Intended
into place
” this very day.  When
we combine together our mutual Intentions in this regard, there is
literally no limit to what we can spiritually and socially accomplish.

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