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The True Nature of Intelligence

Author: Matthew Webb

brought to you by The World Mind Society, and Matthew Webb

Any or all of this material may be used by any interested person or organization, for the purpose of spiritual and/or intellectual enlightenment. We ask that you mention the source of this material in your publication(s), (the World Mind Society, and Matthew Webb) so as to promote the mission of this organization.

first step taken by the true intellectual toward personal enlightenment,
is to understand that there exists something worthwhile to learn. 
For them the learning process begins in the study of the opinions
of others, an activity they ultimately reject for the sake of first hand
perception.  Direct
perception lends itself first to the study of facts, as they are
self-perceived.  The
opinions of others, no matter how historically noteworthy they may be
considered, then pales in comparison to the depth of personal
experience.  Through the
faculties of direct experience we possess, the ability to gain knowledge
directly from observation begins to overshadow the academic process. 
Then as we learn from our own experiences about what is important
in life, the lesson of relevance is learned. 
Relevant fact is determined as, "that which relates to
reality and the real needs of existence". 
It is a study which readily replaces a fascination with trivia. 
The study of relevant fact through direct perception, then leads
one to embrace the subject of subjects, the epitome of the relevant and
therefore useful; Truth Itself.  As Truth Itself is ascertained it becomes inspiration, as the
most expedient fuel for the fire of spiritual advancement. 
When spiritual advancement occurs, it does so at the behest of a
3 step, universal process.

first of these is REALIZATION, wherein Truth Itself is perceived
unmistakably as fact(s) most profound. 

second stage occurs when the realized Truth is noted for its invariable
relation to the self within the grand scope and design of universal
purposes.  This stage is
known as INSPIRATION, which lends itself the most noble of causes, to a
life dedicated to spiritual ideals. 

third stage of spiritual advancement is the EMBODIEMENT of that which is
first directly perceived, or REALIZED. 

It is the intentional act of the self realized explorer of TRUTH,
to seek out facts of the highest
.  By the time
the EMBODIMENT of Truth becomes the daily practice of the seeker, it is
exactly then that the intellectual is graduated to the higher phase of
being that is the mystic, or spiritual practitioner. 
A fixation upon the products and process of mind, no matter how
subtle or finely tuned these may be,  becomes
a constant receptivity to TRUTH ITSELF, as a superior source of
understanding.  The intellect is like the sharpest blade, best used to cut
away that which is not desired.  Intellects'
utility for discernment does not adequately extend itself however to the
process of building a higher self, just as the sword does not make an
effective shovel, hammer or brick layer. 
There comes a time when the keenest mind must spend more focus in
the attentiveness of absorption, than to the products of thought and the
modes of intellectualism.  The
keen mind which fails to recognize this, is doomed to a self-indulgent
arrogance over the products of a trained focus. 
Training and method are only tools which facilitate specific
modes of action, and as such, are by definition limited. 
Formal education which cannot reach beyond itself thereby,
becomes self-deception and delusion.

It is to Truth itself we must constantly aspire, because it alone
is the repository for all potential action. 
Only from this unlimited reservoir can we draw sustenance without
fear of shortage or imbalance.  The
mind we must develop, yet part of that development rests in the
realization that intellect alone does not suffice. 
To apprehend Truth, direct perception must also be added, which
is a faculty also known as intuition. 
The root of the word "intuition" is "tuition"
or in other words a state of learning, with the prefix "in"
referring to that which is inward or within. 
Intuition therefore means to learn from within, or to put this
more exactly, it refers to the ability of the consciousness we possess,
to gain knowledge directly from the Universe rather than from books.

For intuition to function fully it must first be unobstructed by
thought, or the products of intellect. 
The mind must get out of the way of the higher faculties of the
self.  These higher
attributes are those possessed by that which transcends thought, mind
and ideas, with which we were born. 
In the East this is referred to as CONSCIOUSNESS, in the West as
SOUL.  The student of Truth,
taking a comprehensive view of both of these, must conclude that they
are synonymous terms.  Soul
is consciousness and consciousness is soul. 
Regardless of the name applied, Soul is this essential foundation
that is the truth of the self.  Meditation
reveals that this is so, for when thought ceases so too does any
identification of self that is defined by thought. 
The true intellectual then realizes that they are neither thought
nor any other product of mind, but instead the maker of thought,
feelings, images and societies.  This
"maker" is soul, or the eternal watcher behind a screen of
self-made thoughts.

When the truth of consciousness as self is realized, the
spiritual practitioner rises up from the ashes of intellectualism. 
Self as soul/consciousness becomes a conscious, intentional focus
for the practitioner.  Identification
of self as soul also gives way to the understanding that all other
people are souls, one which ultimately necessitates a personal stance
for the universal good of all humanity. 
We come to regard each other in this way as brothers and sisters
of like kind, and of the same essential need. 
That need is one of self-realization. 
Self as soul is implicitly infinite, especially as contrasted to
self as thought/intellect.   The
properties of the soul are vast just as nature is vast, and equally
deserving of detailed exploration and adventure. 
The universal recognition of this fact among the peoples of the
Earth would cause the construction of a new era. 
Such a realization inspires the practitioner to embody the
practice of spiritual ministry.  This
is in essence, nothing other than the dissemination of Truth to the
world, so as to improve its condition.

The realization of all people as souls, (not unlike the self)
lends itself also to the recognition that nature is similarly founded
upon consciousness.  The
essences or composition of the soul/consciousness is of three parts;
namely; INTENT, AWARENESS and ENERGY, in that order of causality. 
These three elements of consciousness are also found in the  manifestations of nature. 
They are found in all life, making all living forms the kindred
blood of a Creative Universe.  All
life possesses Intent, Awareness and Energy, just as do all souls.  Meditation allows direct perception of this fact, once it is
realized by the practitioner that these components are integral to their
own being.

That which is called God is also composed of Intent, Awareness
and Energy.  Thus, as souls
we are not merely the product of God, or the extensions of God. 
We are in fact the members of God, as component elements within a
greater whole.  Just as
neurons compose a brain, we as individual souls make up a greater
intelligence, a collective consciousness whose acts are far greater than
the mere sum of its parts.  We
are therefore not merely embedded in the greater presence of God, nor
outgrowths of an externally guiding force only. 
Instead we are the functioning elements of a collective that
stretches into the infinities of space and time. 
We are all of similar substance, belonging to a body without end
and which can never end.  The
meditator may also ascertain the above facts for themselves, just as
surely as they can isolate the true meaning of self between the
manifestations of one thought to the next. 

It must be concluded that since the true self is consciousness,
and that a true understanding of nature includes viewing it as a
collective consciousness, (God) that no other daily life focus is truly
worthy of our attention.  To
understand Truth fully we must live it out, since anything else is mere
speculation, and speculation the comparatively primitive product of
mind.  The living of such a
life is the only concrete demonstration of true intelligence. 
Truth is not altered by speculation, for if it were our own
musings would have annihilated us long ago. 
It alone stands untarnished in this primitive age of humanity. 
To Truth alone we must apply in order to shed the light of self
that is both SOUL and GOD

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