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The Crystallization of Truth

Author: Matthew Webb

brought to you by The World Mind Society, and Matthew Webb

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exists One Indivisible Truth,
around which all other concepts and systems revolve. 
Around this central Sun of Reality, every philosophy, religion
and social ideal orbits without fail. 
The search for this essential essence has been a primary focus
for countless seekers, since before the beginning of civilization.  Without finding It, we wander in life like an amnesiac who
has taken a severe blow to the head. Such a blow is usually dealt by the
social misconceptions of the present age. 
Spiritual amnesia results in a certain,  “tuning
out” of the soul by the confused mind, upon entering society and its
beliefs.  [Notable among
these misconceptions are the false ideals of materialism and social
economic status.] We must remember who
we really are,
by valuing Truth above all other considerations.

 To pursue truth is to seek the "bottom line" of
existence.  It is to search
for those fundamental nuggets of underlying knowledge, which are
themselves irreducible. The universality
of these, "nuggets of basic knowledge", is the very quality
that defines what a principle
is and does.  A principle is
a Law of Nature, one that is ever constant and unchanging, regardless of
viewpoint.  As the basis of
all systems of living ever devised, the principles of Truth 
underlie the most revered texts of philosophy and religion
worldwide. A strong source of confusion for the student of Truth, has
always been the apparent contradictions found, when comparing the
doctrines of one religion to another. The best way to obtain a realistic
view of divergent spiritual writings, is to realize that all of these
texts have been derived/inspired by the same fundamental laws of nature. 
Thus the practitioner is advantaged by a study of all world
religions and philosophies, when keeping in mind that they are each only
approaches to Truth and God, and that there are innumerable
approaches to the same underlying Reality of existence. With diverse
perspectives on the same universal principles, the progressive seeker
will draw from a large variety of practices, to fully benefit their own.  Better still, the student of truth may apply, to
those principles themselves,  without
the need of any specific system
thereby transcending all practices and
rituals, for the sake of an “uncolored” understanding. 
In this they may obtain an undistracted application of Natural
and Spiritual Law, that is free of the burdens of dogma.

The embodiment of Truth, it has been said, "Is its own
reward".  In fact, the
more Truth is personally realized and embodied, the greater are its
benefits regardless of apparent sacrifice. 
For is it truly a sacrifice to spend quiet time each day to
discover Reality, in order to find inner peace, clarity and meaning in
life?  Is it truly a
sacrifice to apply the lessons learned in introspection, to create love,
wisdom and benefit, even if this implies a change of lifestyle? 
These are the questions we must each ask of ourselves, and as a
race.  In so doing we may
take that course of living which genuinely suits our
true nature as souls
.  For
in reality we all desire the states of love and bliss, clarity and
personal empowerment, which only a focus on the spiritual,
(God/Consciousness) will provide.  The
inherent nobility of the human spirit, is a reflection of the nobility
of Cosmic Order, as a matter of natural fact. 
Also a fact however, is the impoverished state of modern society. 
The choice between these, between the world we wish to bring
about and the "norm" which currently exists, 
is one of lifestyle, personal focus and of course, what Intent
we employ.  The option of
materialism is that of immediate gratification, though ultimate
destruction.  The path of
self realization is perhaps of slower immediate result, but also of
accumulated strength, wisdom, and
the survival of our race as a whole
These choices will be the measure of our fitness as an
intelligent species to represent Natural Law.  
Let us each consider them well.

It has often been thought that with knowledge of spiritual
practice comes enlightenment.  This is not necessarily, nor even usually the case. 
Knowledge is only a tool which can be used to fulfill any
goal, be it constructive, destructive, or trivial. 
Many of the modern uses of technology which are quite arguably
disastrous, are a testimony to this fact. 
Our ever increasing knowledge of the sciences is no guarantee of
their wise application.  We
are learning that to possess a tool, no matter how sophisticated it is,
does not necessarily mean that one also possesses the enlightenment to
use it beneficially.  The
same is often true of spiritual knowledge as well. 
Although any religious institution, (for instance) may teach one
thing to its adherents, its actions worldwide may be quite the opposite.
It has often happened that the teachings of the Masters of all ages,
have been quoted for purposes unworthy of their original Intention. 
Such teachings have been used as a justification for war, for the
creation of institutional dogma and political gain. 
They have often not been used for the enlightenment of the
people, but to sustain a social power base for those few who seek
political control.

It is not knowledge itself then, of Truth, soul or God, which
necessarily results in right living. 
It is the motivation to apply universal fact, on
its own basis and merit
, which is primarily responsible for
spiritual gain.  In this sense it is perhaps better to have less knowledge of
spiritual principles, while possessing a
pure Intent
that seeks with an earnest, unbiased focus. 
This state of living causes far less damage than having deep
knowledge, and using it for material ends only. Such a use of Truth
however, can only be temporary.  God
and Nature ultimately support only those uses of Truth which are in
accord with natural and spiritual laws. 
All other focuses must eventually find their demise in self
destruction. Truth is indeed its own reward, but is best applied on its
own universal terms, and never in accord with the limitations of ego,
personality, dogma or material gain. 
Truth may be recognized for its universality, and so too may
sincere spiritual practitioners in their universal application of it.
Those who advocate the reservation of Truth for a select few, or for
purposes not beneficial to all equally, are those who slander the words
of the Masters for their personal gain. 
The selfish ideals advocated by such persons will ultimately

The word "spiritual" 
refers to that which is of, or pertaining to, spirit. 
“Spirit” is another word for soul in the personal sense. 
In general it is a word which denotes the presence or essence of
God, That Intelligence which pervades Nature, or the Consciousness at
large in the universe.  To
live in Truth we must apply to that which is of Spirit, of soul and God,
for the best benefit of all humanity. 
To do this it is essential that the right personal and collective
focus be used.  This needs
to be done with all progressiveness
and Naturalness of Intent
in daily affairs.  With the use of Natural Intentions, (according to the highest
welfare for all) in place, a Great New Era for the world will be ushered

 With the right Intent in motion, Awareness is then focused
properly upon the true self and Natural Law. 
In so doing a basic principle of Consciousness is put to best
use, which is; that which is focused upon is that which is done,
(manifest).  What we focus
on is what we create and enhance moment to moment. 
Awareness, directed by Intent, forms the patterns for personal
and world events.  Therefore,
what we do with our focus, (Awareness) and its underlying motives,
(Intent) is truly all important.  We
can and do have significant impact, not only within our own personal
lives as conscious beings but also upon world events, without ever
stepping foot outside the front door. 
With this knowledge of Consciousness, (Truth) we begin to gain
greater insight into the ancient  saying;
"The Master does nothing, and yet leaves nothing undone". 
We are as the embodied concentration of the same essence which
flows throughout the universe.  This
means we create just as the universe does, (and not just within
physical, material existence) with every thought and emotion.

The seeking out of Truth, is a process which finds real solutions
for both personal and planetary questions. 
Recognize it by its universality. 
When asking, "What is Truth, and what is not of
Truth?", regarding any given question, see if the conclusion gained
is a universal one. 
If the answer applies as a principle to all times, places, people
and circumstance, then it is indeed the ever-prevailing Truth. 
If the conclusion had is specific to time and place, or exclusive
of certain people, then know this conclusion to not be of the Truth. 

inquiry is of the deepest kind. It involves successive personal
realizations whose effectiveness spring not so much from answers gained,
but from the right questions asked. 
When we find that the answers to the questions of life seem
lacking, it is not because Truth is itself inadequate. 
It is because the questions posed are insufficient. 
We must then seek out the right questions, (those which are truly
pertinent to obtaining wisdom) before the process of finding real
answers to life may begin.  To
do this,  always seek out
the "bottom line"
of any inquiry.  Ask
for the solutions to the most
of life's questions.  From
the answers gained to these inquiries, we find all those of lesser scope
answered implicitly.  To ask
“bottom-line questions” is to determine the entire range of their
possible application.  For
instance, rather than asking what the cause of a given fear is, inquire
as to the root of all fear itself. 
Rather than asking what will solve a given social problem ask, what
causes all social conflict to start with
Rather than asking why a given thought or feeling has crossed the
mind, inquire as to the source of all thoughts and emotions. 
Ascertain the cause of physical disease or mental
imbalance, rather than how to address given symptoms of disorder. 
Because Truth is fundamental, inquiry into its nature should also
be fundamental.  With this
in mind, the bottom line of any question may be found by a focus on
causes, rather than effects.  Seek
out that which is of source, and not just of symptom

Much of the inability of modern science and government today, to
find real solutions to social
ills, is that the institutions of our time are asking questions about
the symptoms of social imbalance, rather than the causes. 
From such inquiry there can only be devised pseudo-solutions
which are short term in nature.  Ultimately, to only address symptoms of imbalance is to reap
results which end in major crisis. 
This fact is evidenced in modern approaches to mainstream
medicine, social reform, politics, psychology, environmental
purification, agriculture, international relations and countless other
areas of inquiry.  Only through the bottom line answers to our modern questions
will we find Truth, and therefore lasting solutions.  Because of the currently misguided attempts of government and
other institutions to provide only temporary solutions to modern ills,
it is the people themselves who, based on their own judgment and careful
inquiry, must redirect the course of society. 
It is up to the people to
empower themselves through their own realization of the Truth
, so
that humanity may once again find its balance in natural wisdom. 
In seeking out the bottom line of the modern condition, we will
bring new light upon the issues of our time, illuminating all doubt with
newfound clarity. 

The study of consciousness is the "ultimate bottom
line" of all inquiry, into the Truth of both self and existence.
From the Cause that is the
consciousness we inherently possess, all the effects witnessed in our lives are made reality. It is therefore up
to us to create the kind of society that is worth living in, through a
greater mastery of consciouness.

is the primary and first cause of all action, and for this reason we may
learn the most from its study.  As
a subject it becomes even more important when we consider the fact that we
are Consciousness
at the basis of our being. 
This is why effective social reform as well as wise personal
practice, always starts with self realization.  
No other consideration is thus more relevant, than the
"keeping of one’s own house in order", through a mastery of
Consciousness.  Without doing so, the capability for right action is lost. 
It matters not if we live under the direct guidance of the most
evolved teachers, governments or institutions; it is our own inner state
of being which is the most relevant consideration in all aspects of
living.  Our inner state
must remain one of love and clarity for us to See clearly into the
nature of reality.  In this
way we are enabled to shine the inner light on the outer world, thereby
transforming it as well.  

above implies that the making of right decisions, can only be based on a
perspective  which encompasses all
religious and philosophical points of view. 
Only Truth itself provides that opportunity. 
In applying Truth with respect to its principles, or in other words with respect to Natural Laws, we may actually take responsibility for ourselves and
the world in general, (in the context of their real importance). 
Even when we gain inspiration from scriptural studies,
meditation, spiritual events or an enlightened speaker, that inspiration
cannot last indefinitely without the inner Intent of personal Mastery,
found through an embrace of Truth. 
A study of Consciousness enables this, for in the right use of
Energy, the appropriate focus of Awareness, and the right employment of
Intent, the very ability to render benefit to self and others is
enhanced.  In the expansion
of personal Consciousness, the practitioner realizes even more fully the
need for spiritual practices, for themselves and the world. It is then
that the practitioner also begins to understand the need for spiritual
ministry.  In the lending of
aid to others, using an Intent of best benefit to all people worldwide, we gain a reinforcement of our
own process of Consciousness expansion. To teach the Truth of the soul,
is in turn to be taught by the student, the process of teaching, and
Natural Law.  This
is the Truth our souls know; Our purpose is to  expand  consciousness,
 individually and worldwide.

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