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casual attitude, public faith, nervous disorders, self destruction

Survivalists' Guide for the New Millennium: Chapter 1

Author: Matthew Webb and Courtney Schmidt


brought to you by The World Mind Society, and Matthew Webb

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face it, the pace and direction of worldly changes have run far ahead of
the current human capacity to change with them. 
Modern society has become a force with its own momentum; a great
machine of mass production and misconception which even now is barely
under our control. 
We’re overwhelmed with inputs from all directions, and
overloaded by so many tasks and considerations that nervous disorders
are considered common place. 
After century upon century of indulging in bad habits, we are
addicted to a cycle of destruction and consumption, (of each other and
the Earth) that only compounds the problems of the past rather than
improving them. 
It has become the unspoken consensus that time is fast running
out for civilization as we know it. 
We’ve all felt the warning tremors running through nature and
international relations alike. They are telling us we’re on the brink
of self-destruction, yet we go on pretending with a casual attitude that
everything is under control.  It
is not.  The condition of
our bodies and minds proves otherwise. 
The state of the family, community and international relations
also proves otherwise.

aftermath of the social quake we are about to experience, will topple
everything we take for granted about modern living. 
It will shake the foundations of our livelihood and our concepts
of what is truly appropriate human activity, until everything
that has been built upon flimsy lies falls into pathetic ruin. 
Economics has become a study in the levels of public faith in
advertising, more than the quality and stability of marketable
commodities.  The stock
market has become a confidence game, built upon computer generated
numbers rather than the inventories of warehouses. 
The plastic cards upon which our lives have been built, are fast
becoming far less valuable than a handful of seeds for the garden and
clean drinking water.  Consumerism
is a game which has almost run its course. 
It started small as a mindless little religious scheme, and will
likewise end small when the public finally gets fed up with its
pretenses.  But the end to
consumerism and materialism is not likely to be a quiet passing. 
It is likely to fall with a series of noisy crashes as world
resources are depleted and life becomes unbearable.  Many will feel a
shock akin to betrayal, as though something has been stripped away that
is theirs by inheritance. Already the masses are feeling cheated because
the satisfaction that supposedly comes from society’s idea of
“success”, just doesn’t satisfy after all. 
Most of the faces of our retired elderly are not glowing with the
satisfaction of a life well lived, but rather, the bitterness typical of
having been thoroughly betrayed.  So
called “success” which they devoted their entire adult lives to,
never did give them any real satisfaction, and now that fact is secretly
embarrassing.  It’s
embarrassing because after decades of dedication to what turns out to be
a false ideal, it becomes obvious how easily we’ve been duped.  Our
society is a failure
, and this fact is a demonstration of the
reality that natural laws cannot be forever ignored. 
Mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology are sciences which
apply to the human species, to the same extent as they apply to all other
creatures and natural phenomena.  This is true regardless of the cultivated niceties and naïve suppositions
of domesticated Homo Sapiens.

As a culture it is we who
have betrayed our own livelihood, by seeking to serve only the purposes
of greed and artificiality.  When
the accumulation of money and property is considered a game of
egotistical one-upmanship, it becomes the practice of mutual
destruction. There will be no hiding place from the cold reality we have
created, no sanctuary behind fancy cars, impressive clothes and titles,
expensive homes or any other so-called “luxury accommodations” built
by private empires of money.  Inspiring speeches delivered to elite patrons over
$1000-a-plate dinners, will not stave off the coming tide of change.  A string of letters after one’s name does not prevent
cancer or mental illness, nor will it rescue the honored recipient of
book learning from the harsh future to come. 
Material greed is devouring itself, leaving nothing for our
children’s welfare except an inheritance of grief. 
No longer will our focus be whom to impress or what social ladder
to climb.  Our concerns will
by necessity, be focused upon the practicalities of day to day survival
in a world gone completely mad.

There is a belief peculiar
to the history of Western civilization, 
that is reflected in the modern attitude. 
It is believed that we are always more “civilized” than ever
before.  It is believed that “progress” continues on as it always
has, and that this very day and moment in fact, represents the pinnacle
of human achievement.  At
the same time it is popular to assume that the modern state of affairs
will forever remain equal to, or greater than, the present day. 
Yet, change is the only thing we can expect to be constant, and
it does not take a genius to realize this is so. 
Our survival as a culture is most certainly doomed to failure,
and whether or not we survive as a species will be a matter of how many
of us wake up to take sane action. 
For the great mass of humanity who is unwilling to change, (in
all apparent likelihood) the chances for survival are indeed extremely
slim. The new millennium is a transition phase from the old world notion
of human superiority over nature and natural law, to the realization
that we must serve the purposes of nature or die. We have indeed
“progressed” in terms of technological advancement, but we have by
no means advanced the human condition. Our knowledge has become vast,
yet we have not cultivated the wisdom to use it in life-affirmative
ways.  For this reason
civilization is not civil or progressive at all, it is an abysmal
failure.  We have failed our
children and we have failed the purposes of life.

a healthy Earth can support only a limited number of people. 
Yet we no longer live on a healthy Earth, and this fact is
primarily the work of our own hands. The great empires of the ancient
world, the Greeks, Romans, Sumerians, Egyptians, Mayans, the Celts and a
host of others we shall never have real knowledge of, have passed away
like smoke in the wind.  Even
the mightiest of nations have toppled into the dust, though at the time
it no doubt seemed to those peoples that their way of life, their
civilization, might last forever.  Modern
society cannot afford to make the same mistake. 
Clearly we must not assume that our lives will be the same even
one year from now, let alone ten or one hundred. 
But unlike past millennia, our lack of foresight at this
particular moment in history will inevitably cause far greater
destruction for the world and its peoples than in times past. 
A lack of clarity into the laws of nature, into our true purpose
as spiritual beings which we seem bent on collectively ignoring, will
have results that are not only inconvenient but quite deadly. 
How else can the realist conclude, other than to say that the
Final Days are upon us?  The
bitter fruit of past millennia, planted by the misdeeds of many
generations is ours to harvest.  The
world forests have been cut down, the seas depleted and made toxic, and
the land filled with radioactivity and industrial wastes. 
World conditions imply that we can no longer ignore our own
mistakes, although the media would like us to think otherwise. 
Supposedly the public must not be put into too much of a panic or
else chaos would reign.  Actually
chaos is already reigning, but under another name…politics. 
And as realists know, the word “politics” has become just
another word for expediently made profit at the cost of lives.

Like a criminal who is finally caught in the act, this culture
must “atone for its sins” so to speak, for having broken every
natural law.  Human kind is
a repeat offender.  What is
it that we have done so wrong you may ask? 
The only difficulty in answering that question is where to stop. 
Lets start with global deforestation, the systematic consumption
and waste of natural resources to the point of exhaustion, and the
over-pollution of the environment to a degree that is ridiculous.  The air is becoming unbreatheable, the water undrinkable and
the Earth so toxic and stripped of its natural state that all it can do
is erode away.  Whole
regions of the world are drifting away by means of stream and river,
leaving deep gullies and deserts where there was once rain forest. 
We have brought about the extinction of plants and animals by the
tens of thousands of species.  We
bear witness to the mass extermination of one ethnic group by another,
and perpetual battles fought over territory and “holy lands” as a
matter of habit.  Why are they a matter of habit? 
Because they’ve been going on for so many decades that the
fighting is hardly considere

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