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Survivalists' Guide for the New Millennium: Chapter 6

Author: Matthew Webb and Courtney Schmidt


brought to you by The World Mind Society, and Matthew Webb

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Health and well being are part of the natural birthright of the
human being. With all of its organs intact, the right diet, exercise and
mental focus, a human body can overcome any disease. 
Even so, the effects of living in this artificial
“civilization” has become so stressful and toxic, that after many years we
experience depression, bi-polar disorder, cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer’s,
“senility” and more.  Hundreds of millions of dollars of our tax money each year
goes to researching “cures” for these primarily man-made diseases. 
But is it really in the interest of a profit-oriented medical
establishment to solve public health problems? 
The sooner various diseases are remedied, the sooner the outrageous
profits made by the medical industry will vaporize, and this they know
well.  The government is of no
help in solving the health dilemma, because it is heavily influenced, (in
other words financed) by the pharmaceutical companies, medical insurance
agencies and organizations such as the AMA, (American Medical
Association).  At the
direction of the AMA and FDA, thousands of damaging chemicals are
researched and produced, (also at taxpayers’ expense in many cases) and
given to the ignorant public year after year. 
One of the biggest scandals of the modern age is the “doping
up” of the public, so as to alleviate the symptoms of disease rather than
to cure it.  Prescription
medicines and harmful food additives keep people walking around in a daze,
and this state of affairs is encouraged by the government in the form of
subsidies and legislation that protects the companies who make them. 
The fact that such chemicals are extremely damaging to the vitality
of the body and the clarity of the mind is well known, and their harmful
influences are treated as “unavoidable side effects.” 
The fact is, such “side effects” are
avoidable, and there is no question that they should be avoided. What is
not so well known is the motive behind the mass production of toxins,
which are fed to the people in a way not unlike the introduction of
hormones in cattle feed.  Every
product from cough medicine, to pain relievers, to a simple loaf of bread,
have an incredible array of ingredients which resemble the contents of a
junior chemistry set. Propaganda it has been realized, is not the only
effective tool that can be used for the suppression of free thought or
revolutionary action.  Chemical
additives and prescriptions are also used to “calm the savage beast”
that lingers in an otherwise outraged public, reminiscent in many ways of
the futuristic world portrayed in Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradberry. 
Thus, people without clarity or control of their own bodies, cannot
adequately question the incompetence of the government and the corporate
world which owns it.  Most people in fact, not only don’t have the will to act,
but have lost the vital energy necessary to effect real change in
themselves because of a lifestyle out of touch with their natural needs. 
Many of the institutions of our age have a vested interest in
keeping them that way.

We can envision an enlightened society where the government and
medical establishment would be doing what they could to improve the health
of our body, mind and spirit.   This
is obviously not the case on our planet today. 
As a matter of fact what we witness is just the opposite; deadly
toxins are freely available, while those substances such as vitamins and
herbs are greeted with utmost scrutiny. Cancerous cigarette sticks are
legal and yet known to be thoroughly addictive and destructive. Meanwhile,
sacred Cannabis Sativa is illegal even though it has been shown to be a
wonder-herb in more ways than one.  Alcohol
is still commonly sold even though it is one of the most damaging drugs
freely available in the market place, and this is because of the huge
profits that are associated with its sale. If there was a real
concern for the public welfare, these truly harmful substances would be
exclusively banned, and without exception. 
We must conclude that the whole so called “drug war” is not
about morality or real concern for our youth, but the enhancement of other
political agendas, (money and power).  It
is being used as an excuse to suppress civil liberties while behind the
scenes, no one makes more money off of drugs than does the government and
its pharmaceutical backers.  The
drug war is really about “eliminating the competition”, or in other
words, suppressing those substances such as marijuana which are directly
competitive to the profits generated by prescription and legalized drugs. 
Like every other issue of our culture, drug legislation is
motivated by the Almighty dollar, not a real concern for the public

What is most suspect about the modern concept of “drugs” is
their definition.  On one hand
we constantly hear the slogan, “Just say ‘no’ to drugs”, and on
the other hand our kitchen and bathroom cabinets are lined with them. 
Prescription and over the counter drug sales compose a
multi-billion dollar a year industry, making someone, somewhere, quite
wealthy to say the least.  There
seems to be a very fine line indeed, between what we are expected to say
“no” to,  and what we are
expected to toss down the throat by the handful. 
Even our foods are laden with drug-like chemicals whose properties
are at best of questionable value.  The
sheer stress and ill effects created by these substances, have a major
impact on the body that is cumulative. 
One is forced to wonder if all the drugs in our food serve any real
function in terms of nutrition, or if they are there for reasons that
reflect dark motives on the part of the food industry, which is itself
controlled by government agencies.  Even
in a simple can of beans, we see listed on the ingredient label, barely
pronounceable chemicals that serve no apparent, practical function. 
Why do simple beans need 12-15 letter additives such as “disodium
EDTA.”  Why should something as simple as dehydrated potatoes require
“sodium bisulfite”, “monoglycerides”, “calcium phosphate” and
“BHT?”  Well-known candy
bars whose main ingredients are simply milk chocolate and peanuts, have
listed in their ingredients such cryptic contents as, ”PGPR” and “TBHQ.”
On a popular pre-packaged rice and beans dish is listed, “disodium
inosinate”, “disodium guanylate”, “ferric orthophosphate”,
“sodium phosphate for color retention” and perhaps even more
mysteriously,  “artificial
flavor.”  Does anyone really
know what BHT, PGPR or polysorbate 80 are? 
By virtue of their content, about 90% of the foods in grocery
stores are essentially unconsumable and truly quite poisonous. Yet without
knowing what it is they are eating, the average person never the less
happily consumes their BHT and disodium EDTA without a second thought. 
Our society has been so conditioned
to consume
by television ads, newspapers, magazines, etc., that
every day, literally millions of people voluntarily
go to grocery stores in search of these poisonous products by name, but
without a care in the world for what they contain. 
What people do upon finding these products, (believe us it’s
true) is actually pay money for poisons to "enjoy.”  It seems monstrous and preposterous, but that is the norm for
the everyday citizen.  No one
ever questions this because if they do, they’ll be considered an
extremist or a “health nut.”  Try
making a habit of reading ingredient labels on all foods before buying
them, unless of course it makes no difference to you what you put in your
body.  Once you begin to
realize the extent of the bizarre and unnecessary chemicals that are being
added to our foods, you can then avoid being drugged by corporate America.

this modern age simplicity just doesn’t seem to satisfy, or at least
this is the official dogma.  Even
in the case of something as basic as ground up grains of wheat, the food
industry cannot seem to let well enough alone. 
The simple grain of wheat is split up into various parts, with the
bran and the inner portions going their separate ways for purposes known
only to the junk food manufacturers. As soon as a grain of wheat is
destroyed and defiled, it then goes through an “enriching” process
whereby “vitamins”, (chemicals) are added. 
To “enrich” foods, modern society takes simple substances such
as wheat, rice, common fruits and vegetables, and bleaches out their
natural vitamin and mineral content through elaborate chemical processes.
It then proceeds to fortify them with vitamins and minerals made in a lab,
as though these could ever adequately replace the subtle balance and
vitality contained in the products of nature.  “What is the purpose of this exercise in futility?” the
intelligent person is prompted to ask. 
What insanity compels us to remove from the perfectly adequate
natural design, the essential properties and contents of food? 
Has the public ever actually requested
to have its food stripped bare and then “enriched?” 
By what official criteria are such crimes against the public
welfare said to be justified?  Perhaps the FDA, (Food and Drug Administration) should be
re-named the DDA, (Drug and Drug Administration). 

the grand tradition of Western society, what we hear most about in the
media concerning our eating habits, is how they are making us look, not
how they are benefiting or harming us. 
We hear much talk about calories and weight gain, but very little
about eating natural foods that supply more energy and health to the body. 
The “fat free” and “low calorie” advertising line is just
another scam created by junk food manufacturers and the FDA. 
The truly important issues of diet and health are always left
basically unaddressed.  The
health agencies of our age don’t want us to be healthy, because health
is not profitable, whereas disease is a virtual gold mine for this
unscrupulous industry. It does not require a great deal of clarity to
realize, that health propaganda is designed so that people won’t care
about what they eating, just as
long as they look presentable. 
This is yet another example of the materialist attitude toward
life.  Our primary concern is one of appearance
, not for any reality that may lurk behind it. 
What this says about the public view of their own health, is that
so long as one can put up a good show to the world, it doesn’t matter
that cancer or disease is taking over all the vital organs. 
So instead of eating a healthy diet and exercising, we would rather
count calories, take pills and undergo surgery. 
Our culture readily trades all reality for shallow illusion. Many
people go through life eating junk food and still "looking
good", at least with the help of a few cosmetics here and there. 
But over time the unquestioning citizens’ organs have been
removed or replaced, their entire anatomy has become a setting for
chemical warfare and their brain reduced to pudding, so that they no
longer even remember what real health feels like. If any healthy creature
were to eat "junk food" they would get sick. 
There’s very little left in these products but artificial,
cancerous ingredients and lots of sugar, all of which are designed to
stimulate, not feed. 

all else, sugar and caffeine are the most used drugs in this country, (and
those countries with American influence). The junk food industry is built
on how many different forms of sugar and contaminants that they can entice
down the throats of never-questioning, ever-trusting citizens. 
The excuse “I might as well enjoy life”, or “You only live
once”, is given in reply to any criticisms of a materialistic lifestyle.
This is especially true of the Western diet and is one of the most absurd
rationalizations ever invented.  It
does however, support the purposes of the junk food industry quite well. 
Never mind the fact that much of the population has induced its own
hypoglycemic or diabetic state.  Lets
not really examine the fact that the majority of the life savings of
families everywhere, goes to medical expenses that are completely
unnecessary, and which are caused primarily by our persistent indulgence
in self destructive habits.  Don’t think about the fact that the side effects of modern
“medicines” are often far worse than the original affliction. 
The public does not wish to be bothered by such considerations, and
is instead focused on “really enjoying life”, “because you only live
once”.  Perhaps it never
occurred to most people that a drugged stupor and a diseased body were not
all that enjoyable.  When we
consider all of society’s moment to moment distractions and indulgences,
is it no wonder it has this same attitude toward diet. There is after all,
no reason to believe that the rationalizations seen everywhere else in
this world should not also extend themselves to eating habits. What is
perhaps most bizarre about the public attitude is their willingness to
defend the garbage they consume to the point of hostility, even while it
is clearly killing them.  But the masses hold on for dear life to their poisons and
their lifestyle, much like an amateur thief defends a convincingly drawn,
though useless treasure map.  Today
the public buys food products because they like the colors or shape of the
package, not because of what it contains. Remember that you don’t have
to be just another number or statistic on the AMA’s index of modern
ills, you can be something much higher. 
This doesn’t take a college degree or special training; it
requires only the observance of natural law and good old common sense. 

Over a vast period of time our bodies have developed into
sophisticated biological structures. 
At no point in this planets’ natural history have living
creatures been so taxed and burdened, than in the last 100 years. 
Our physical systems are simply not designed to assimilate or
withstand the toxins of the modern age, particularly given the fact that
they are intentionally placed within our food sources. When the body
can’t digest or assimilate a substance, it has no choice but to either
eliminate that chemical or store it in the body. 
The liver and other cleansing systems of the body can only filter
out a limited quantity of poisons.  Many
substances placed in our food have large molecular structures that are
very hard for living cells to deal with. The wisdom of the body, like the
wisdom of nature, rejects the products of modern civilization…and so
should we.

main storage center for toxins in the body is the colon. 
If waste products don’t get eliminated from the intestines in a
timely manner, they get re-absorbed into other parts of the body, (such as
other organs) for storage. The natural process of food assimilation occurs
primarily in the small intestine, where 
nutrients are drawn into the villi. 
The villi lead into the bloodstream where vital nutrients are
circulated throughout the body.  If
this material is artificial in content, or if it has been fermenting in
the intestines for an extended period, then these hazardous materials get
recycled throughout the body. This creates a very toxic environment in our
cellular systems.  All
diseases start in the colon.  When
there's a toxic condition in the body that is getting worse day by day,
this puts only more stress on all bodily systems. 
The organs then become so stressed that they are not able to
fulfill their regular functions. This fact creates even more stress on the
body, and so on.  Over years
of time the organs begin shutting down due to high internal toxicity or
“disease” in a vicious cycle.  The
average human, (ages 8-80) contains at least 5-30lbs of old food, rotting
and fermenting in their intestines.  Yes,
that’s right, the old “beer belly” is more often than not, simply
the accumulation of undigested materials. 
Of course most people will wish to deny this, but logic and
hospital studies show otherwise. Most
diseases start in the colon
, which is something the AMA somehow fails
to mention.  Keeping the colon
clean, holding nothing in the large or small intestine except your last
meal, is well worth the effort.  In
about 95% of all cases of ill health, simply cleaning the colon is all one
basically needs.  This
cleansing ends up costing less money, time and hardship, especially
compared to medical bills that are involved with the surgical removal of
diseased, (toxic) organs.  Why would the medical establishment simply ignore this
obvious, life saving, (and money saving) fact? The reason for this, as with
every other facet of society, is the continued worship of the dollar as
Almighty God.  Without
disease, where would the glorious empire of the corporate world be? 
From where would the profits continue to come, were it not for
inflated payments, pills, (for every conceivable condition) and the
ongoing saga of the "incurable"? It is a fact that just 70 years
ago most degenerative conditions affected people as they approached their
60’s, and were called “old age illnesses”.  Now
people commonly display those same illnesses 20-30 years sooner, as they
approach their 40’s! 

Over 90% of the world’s population have parasites. 
It is normal for mammals to encounter them, but it is not normal to
be infested to the point of becoming a breeding laboratory, as is the case
inside the modern human being.  Parasites
such as intestinal worms are extremely easy to pick up, in conditions
ranging from public toilet seats, to food you eat. 
Even common flies do more than just land on food to eat or lay
eggs.  Flies are not only a
transporter of bacteria they also carry parasites. 
They can deposit full-grown worms upon food within the span of
a few seconds.  These are not
maggots; they are parasitical worms carried within the body of the insect.
Adding parasites to 5-30lbs of undigested food in the body, creates an
instant-breeding laboratory for internal pests. 
Parasites put a lot of strain and stress upon the body, resulting
in many diseases.  Parasites
can go throughout any organ, creating communities even in the brain. They
can even consume large areas of the body such as the nervous system, vital
tissues and various organs.  Most
people have a form of biological warfare going on within them and don’t
even realize it, or they sadly think, “these things just happen when you
get older.” These things do not “just
” when we get older, they are the result of wrong living, and
can be avoided or cured through a natural lifestyle.

society is thoroughly committed to curing only the symptom and not the
cause.  Does that seem logical
or wise?  If you have a
splinter in your foot you’re not going to just take an aspirin so the
splinter will go away.  You’re
going to take the splinter out.  If
the AMA maintained this sane, logical and direct approach to health, there
would be no enormous health care expenses. Most of these man-made diseases
we see today would also not exist.  Instead
of paying thousands of dollars to remove diseased organs, our need is to
go to the cause of illness first and eliminate that. 
The first and foremost area of the body to address and cleanse is
the intestine, since most problems start there. 
Enemas and colonics are a quick, efficient way to get many pounds
of putrefying material out of you.  Enemas,
(which you can use yourself) normally can only reach the descending colon. 
Colonics can access most of the large intestine, removing toxins in
a very effective way.  You
will not only be dumbfounded by the results, but will feel much better.

The extreme conditions of unnaturalness we live in today, which
support parasites and disease, are fostered by the artificial values of
our society.  To realize this
truth is the first step toward a significant, personal change of health.
After achieving this first step, one must prioritize the expenditure of
their life energies in such a way, that reflects a greater understanding
of natural, internal processes.  For
instance, most people spend more time and money in the care of their outer
appearance than in the promotion of their own health. 
Rather than applying that extra coat of wax to the car, or having
another session at the beauty salon, try going for a jog instead. 
Take time to research and buy wholesome foods that your cells
require.  The body should be
seen as your own holy temple, not a septic tank. 
Find out what the real cause of the back pain, headache or
heartburn is, and instead of taking pills to relieve symptoms, (which
results in taking more pills to relieve the side effects of the first
pills) stop doing the activity that is causing these problems to start with. 
Such advice may seem more than obvious, but most people evidently
need to hear it. Sure, it may take a little effort and energy to change
old habits, especially at first, but understanding and aiding the
functions of the body should be one of the first priorities in life. 
Gaining an understanding and appreciation of ones’ own body is
definitely a large part of what it means to live in accord with nature and
natural law.  There is so much
that can be achieved by the human body.  To really get the most out of life we need to cultivate our
good health on a daily basis. The AMA of course, wants you to believe that
health isn’t the individual’s responsibility anymore. 
All of that is left up to the doctors and pharmaceutical companies.
The responsibility of the individual supposedly ends by acting out the
role of the busy little worker ant, who never doubts or asks questions.

The body has simple needs which are water, nutrients and rest. 
With these basic elements in place the body has a nearly limitless
potential.  Drinkable water is
fast running out in this wasteful world. 
If our ancestors had been told that in the not so distant future
people would actually be paying for drinkable water, they would probably
regard the idea as sheer nonsense.  Not only do we pay for water, but also the toxic by-products
of its processing. Bottled water often contains such chemicals as wood
alcohol, which is the result of the cleaning process used to sanitize the
machines of distillation or filtration. As for actual nutrients, these are
hidden away amongst artificial chemicals in our food products, almost as
an afterthought or an inconvenience to mass production. 
For the body to gain nutrients from a food that is saturated with
chemicals, it has to work extremely hard. 
“What then is fit to eat or drink in this modern age?” one
might be compelled to ask.  When
in doubt of what products to eat, remember this rule; the
less refined the substance the better
Eat the most fresh and live foods whenever possible, which of
course implies the need to cook for yourself and grow your own food
whenever practical.  Unfortunately
this is not always convenient, (because most people are too busy
worshipping money) but the body will be forever grateful, as will the mind
when it clears. Eat simply when your body needs fuel, (and not just for
the sake of taste) and don’t overeat just for the pleasure of eating. 
In all cases take into the body that which provides the maximum
sense of well being and energy, and reject all cravings for stimulation
that is a symptom of addiction.  The third essential need of the body is rest. 
Long periods of sleep deprivation can cause results such as
insanity, depression, energy loss, premature aging, etc. 
Rest is just as essential as water and nutrients. 
The body must have time to relax, rejuvenate and cleanse
internally.  In this
technological age people compare their body’s function to that of a
machine, taking the view that, “if it’s broke then patch it together
well enough to get it through another day”. 
The body will function under such a philosophy only for a short
time.  Our bodies are natural
and the products of nature,
not money-making machines.

Unnatural stresses upon the body warp the senses, especially the
sense of taste.  When a body
is not healthy and the mind is in a state of confusion, it is little
wonder that we crave a stimulating “bag of cheese things” over a fresh
apple. In a kind of quiet desperation we seek stimulation at any cost, to
avoid the pain and drain of the modern world. 
The paradigm of “health food just tastes bad” is based upon
ignorance, a toxic body and the habitual choosing of waste material over
good food. The body will begin to crave even the worst foods when it is
repeatedly conditioned by them.  A
healthy being naturally and logically consumes only those foods that bring
vitality and strength.  The
common idea that “health food tastes bad” is the result of propaganda,
whose motivation is greed at the expense of public well being. 
Remember that the responsibility for your own health is in your own
hands, and not some “professional”. 
When you start gaining true health, (which improves brain
you will also begin to seriously self reflect. 
You will begin to ask logical questions about your lifestyle and
your role in society.  God
forbid you might rebel.  If
90% of the worker ants did wake up out of their stupor the system would
collapse, and the inflated, lazy kings on top of their corporate thrones
would be forced to change their ways. 
However this is exactly what the AMA, USDA, and corporate-elected
government officials are directly opposed to. 
In their eyes the public is just a reservoir of profit-making
potential.  We are viewed as
something to be manipulated, even if this means going against natural law
itself.  This state of
affairs is the result of dollar worship above all other values.

Achieving good health for the mind and body can be a tedious task
in this modern age, but it is a cause well worth our invested energy. 
Wouldn’t you rather be strong in body and mind, than be crippled
and at the mercy of an uncaring, corrupt and ignorant doctor? 
To achieve good health amidst an uncaring and diseased world, one
must follow a natural regimen.  Such
a regimen is not costly but cost effective, endorsed only by Mother Nature
herself, requiring no surgical procedures or chemotherapy. 
It comes in four parts, with each deserving specific attention in
order to retain good health throughout life. 
These four parts are; 1)
Good Diet, 2) Exercise, 3) Cleansing
and 4)

1) Good Diet  A wholesome diet includes fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and a
wide variety of naturally grown products, (preferably ones which are
organic).  Simple, unprocessed
foods have the greatest value to the body, which our physiology has evolved
to assimilate.  Practice
reading all ingredient labels, avoiding those ingredients which are
unfamiliar or which are known to be either harmful or highly questionable.
Take the time to cook for yourself from scratch, using the simplest
ingredients possible, such as fresh vegetables, fruits, pasta, natural
bread and whole grains, seafood and free-roaming, healthy animal meat, (if
you must eat meat). When using canned and packaged foods, eat only those
that have simple and natural ingredients. 
Exercise a balanced philosophy toward eating that makes use of
variety, rather than overindulging in any one particular type of food.
There are a limitless variety of meals that can be made through
combinations of the above groups.

The land upon which we depend is not as rich with
nutrients as it used to be.  Modern
farming methods involve chemical fertilizers, fungicides and pesticides,
and the results of these are erosion, nutrient depleted soil and polluted
foods.  Is it any wonder that
our land is not as fertile as it used to be? 
Because of these practices it is often not enough to simply eat
what would ordinarily be wholesome foods to get all the nutrients your
body needs, unless of course you are able to grow your own.  The only possible exception to this is to eat organic foods,
but these are almost always overpriced and often not as naturally grown as
their producers claim. For most people it is desirable to take vitamin,
mineral and herbal supplements.  A
multivitamin is a good combination of vital nutrients when it is made as
naturally as possible.  When
looking for the right vitamins and herbs, seek out those bottles that read

count fat grams and calories.  Just
ask your body what it needs to provide it with the greatest level of
health and eat that.  Observe
your reactions to any food after a meal, or in other words, listen
carefully to what your body is telling you
. That’s all. Healthy
eating is fairly simple.

2) Exercise  Exercise is needed for the growth and maintenance of the body,
especially at the cellular level. You can eat a wholesome diet, but if
you’re not exercising regularly you’ve only got one foot in the door
of health.  Most people have
no energy to work out because they spend all day in toxic environments
making money.  This day to day
hardship on the body makes it lazy and confused. 
Working out enlivens the body, giving it more energy than before.  Instead of the habitual cup of coffee in the morning, go on a
quick run and then compare for yourself the overall effects of these two
options.  To exercise for the
sake of feeling your blood flowing is the right beginning attitude, rather
than one of, “how long do I have to keep this up” or, “I wonder how
many fat grams/calories I’ve worked off by now”. 

maintain a youthful and vital body, it must get anaerobic and aerobic
exercise on a regular basis.  Anaerobic
activities are those which do not involve a greatly accelerated breathing
or heart rate, and yet are balancing and strengthening, such as
stretching, weight lifting, tai chi and yoga. 
Aerobic activities oxygenate the blood and include rapid walking,
running, jogging, martial arts (sparring), soccer, etc. Aerobic exercise
strengthens all of the internal organs especially the heart and lungs, and
helps to cleanse the body of toxins. It shouldn’t be a chore for your
body to engage in these activities. If exercise is a great trial for you
it means there’s something terribly wrong with your state of health. 
In most cases it will feel lethargic simply because of long-term
neglect.  The body should
automatically be active when it feels the need to. 
Healthy animals, without being persuaded, run or play when they
feel the natural desire to do so.  That’s
how it is with a natural human body also.

the body, or cleansing, is an overlooked aspect of health in this
pill-popping society.  Cleansing
gets to the source of health problems by preventing disease before it
starts.  The pollutants of the modern world contained in the air we
breathe, the water we drink and in the environments of occupation and
home, are compounded further still by artificial additives in food and
so-called medicines.  Prevention
is by far the best and most rational approach to disease and yet we do not
seem to acknowledge this fact.  Such
a rational approach is not contained in official AMA doctrines or in
public practices.  When most
people get a headache, backache or cold, the first thing they do is to
reach for some “medicine” which does nothing but suppress symptoms,
rather than making an effort to remain healthy to start with. Prevention
of illness must be addressed, to maintain ones’ optimum strength
and clarity of mind.  The
colon must get cleaned out, then the blood and the systems it supplies,
(especially the nerves), a well all the organs. 
The removal of toxins from the body is particularly necessary to
maintain a clear mental state, one that is not so easily swayed by
well-crafted, though illogical propaganda/advertising. There are a number
of ways to cleanse and among these are;  colonics and enemas, herbs, fasting and juicing, as well as
aerobic exercise.  Colonics
and enemas are a fast, efficient way to get toxins out of the body, but
shouldn’t be done on a regular basis, (once every quarter year or so is
best).  Herbs can be taken
regularly to help clean and heal the body. 
There are many herbs to research and explore, and notable among
these are garlic, ginseng, ginger, cayenne, alfalfa, dandelion, ginko biloba, pau
d’arco, yellow dock, golden seal, echinacea and cascara sagrada
. An
excellent herb for the removal of parasites from the body is black
.  Another great material for scrubbing the colon, stimulating
elimination and removing intestinal parasites is psyllium hulls.  You can
buy them as a fine powder in bulk quantities in health stores, or under
the name “fiber laxative” in most other locations. 
An additional fail-proof method for cleansing is the practice of
fasting.  Fasting is the
ancient method for the purification of mind and body. 
When one fasts and only intakes water or juice, it gives the organs
a time to rest, to focus on internal repairs and not be solely preoccupied
by digestion.  Of all the
physical processes, digestion takes up the most energy in a body. 
Fasting produces rapid results though is not recommended for a very
toxic body, because the results tend to be extreme, discouraging the
participant from more cleansing efforts. 
When the body is not involved in the digestive process it has time
to heal and rid itself of waste.  In
fasting it is common to experience symptoms like headaches, stomachaches,
body pains and even fever, which are in this context considered a very
good sign.  These “fasting
symptoms” indicate that the body is reorienting and healing itself. If
the body is very toxic these symptoms might be too severe for most
individuals to deal with, and yet they indicate all the more need for the
practice.  Fasting should be
performed in a relaxing, supportive environment and self-monitored to keep
track of how the body feels about the process. 
Your own experience should tell you when to continue with the fast
and when enough is enough.  Again,
avoid extremes.

there is another method not as intense as water fasting, but which never
the less has great benefits.  This
method is juicing.  Buy a
juicer, (Champion brand is good) and drink
fresh fruits and vegetables for days and even weeks. 
Don’t eat anything except this fresh juice for at least a day.
When on the road it is a fairly simple thing to get all kinds of local,
fresh, cheap fruits and vegetables.  If
you do this you’ll cleanse the body efficiently and effectively, lose
weight naturally and gain greater energy to do things like jogging or
biking. Juicing for even one day makes the mind and body feel much better,
while strengthening the practice of living out a beneficial discipline. 
Eating a wholesome diet and getting plenty of exercise is the
foundation for a healthy body, but cleansing is occasionally necessary for
maintaining health, especially in this toxic age. 

4) Meditation  Meditation can be used on many different levels and for
different purposes.  It is a
central key for de-stressing ones mind and body. 
Numerous studies have shown that during meditation, brainwaves
become very coherent, meaning they synchronize with one another in a
harmonic fashion.  The body
becomes more relaxed and immune responses are boosted. This practice can
also be used for efforts aimed at self-healing, as many people can attest.
To meditate before and after sleep is very beneficial. Releasing the mind
and body of the days’ stressful events, especially on a cellular level
which meditation is known to do, is worth more than any
symptom-suppressing pill, since the majority of our illnesses are
“psychosomatic” or in other words, mind-caused. Stress has become the
modern nemesis. Meditation is vital for well being in any lifestyle,
because it eliminates stress and increases personal clarity.  When one is meditative this creates silence in the mind. 
In this state irrelevant thoughts no longer distract the mind from
self-reflection and therefore personal clarity. 
When we have greater clarity we tend to do what is most effective
in all situations.  The
practice is not as difficult as most people assume; it is just unfamiliar
to the Western mind.  The
meditative state is a natural state. A lifestyle of self- reflection, which
is similar in nature to meditation, should ideally include all the
happenings of the day, (such as cooking your food, walking the dog, working
and having discussions with others).  Only
through the artificial focuses of society, has mankind lost this vital
state of well being, (see Chapter 7 for specific details on this

those really stressed and toxic bodies that need some strong redirection,
there’s a branch of healing practices known as alternative medicine. 
All the methods and medicines which have a natural foundation from
around the world, combine under this singular heading. 
This system is known as “alternative” because it is not based
on the usual Western attitude of addressing the symptom and not the cause. 
A natural approach to health is holistic, and goes well beyond the
bizarre practice of taking unnecessary and even harmful chemicals, as well
as the removal of organs, (as if the organs are the culprits of disorder). 
In a rational world, holistic medicine would comprise the
mainstream approach to health and the allopathic or “cut ‘em to
pieces” approach would be the dreaded alternative. 
Alternative medicine is based on the philosophy of curing the cause
of disorder by getting to the root of the problem. Homeopathy, acupuncture
and acupressure, massage, (including Rolfing) and certain meditational
practices are examples of systems that fall under this heading. 
Homeopathy deals with the natural principle of like cures like, stimulating the body to initiate its own healing
process.  Acupuncture and
acupressure deal with the meridian points and the energy that flows
throughout your body, (some of these points correspond with specific
organs) thereby addressing the whole person, rather than treating them as
a mechanism made up of separate parts. 
Practices of self-healing, which include meditation and
visualization, address the mind as well as the body, and are therefore
very useful as preventative measures. Pick the system(s) from which you
will gain the most benefit, (to augment your personal practices) and enjoy.

of the herbs, types of exercise and meditation you may use, always
remember that the health of your mind and body are your own
responsibility.  The cultivation of physical and mental strength is not the
ordeal that this society pictures it to be. 
Such practices are instead, a source for joy and personal power for
the intelligent person.  Health,
like life, is an opportunity to grow in ways that are rarely foreseen. 
When good health is achieved, it should be regarded as an
irreplaceable treasure.

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