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Survivalists' Guide for the New Millennium: Chapter 7

Author: Matthew Webb and Courtney Schmidt


brought to you by The World Mind Society, and Matthew Webb

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The fall of human society has not
occurred overnight.  It has
taken many centuries, many millennia in fact, for the Divine potentials
and inherent genius of the human being to degrade into the modern
condition. We are still Divine and still inherently genius by nature, but those two words are central to this fact. 
Because we deny nature to the point of global pollution and the
destruction of our own bodies, our spirituality and intelligence dwindle
proportionally.  We may regain
both of these qualities in full, by simply observing and living in accord
with natural laws.

In observing the modern condition, a
great many people have drawn the false conclusion that the human is a
chaotic or “sinful” animal, one that is naturally prone to wrong doing
by virtue of a flawed inner design.  This
is perhaps easy to assume given our state of interaction with one another. 
The point that is missed in this belief is that the chaos of the
modern human being is the result of a wrong mental focus upon unnatural
aims, not the fault of nature itself. 
We lack the discipline of right focus and the realization of better
and higher ways, which were at least partially known by our own ancestors. 

Because we assume that the neighbors
cannot be trusted, that the passer-by is probably a thief or murderer and
that humans are evil beings, society has created a very complex legal
system.  That system is supposedly the only barrier to total chaos and
a breakdown of “civilization.”  Without
harsh, externally created penalties and a massive law enforcement budget
to impose them, it is assumed that our own lack of internal discipline
will end in an immediate collapse of civil order. 
Chaos would definitely ensue if law enforcement did not exist, but
as a reaction
to the severe suppression imposed by that system for so
many decades.  For this reason
large fines and terms of imprisonment for even minor offenses continue to
increase, while new prisons are being rapidly built to contain all the
“criminals.”  Everyone
talks of crime being on the rise, without ever stopping to wonder what the
essential cause of it is.  There
are many theories about economic, family or educational factors
contributing to rising crime rates, yet regardless of established theories
no one has yet pinpointed the cause of civil unrest. 
The cause of our ills is our own self-imposed stress more than any other
  Even normally
docile animals will peck or scratch each other apart when placed in
overcrowded, unnatural conditions, especially when they are forced into
activities which are contrary to natural designs. 
In a zoo, even a tiger or elephant often loses its spiritedness or
the will to live.  Although we
are intelligent animals by nature, our ability to absorb stress is still
limited, and is made even less so by our social zoo and its bizarre

Because we have missed the point about
so called anti-social behavior, our legal and law enforcement efforts can
only struggle to cope with the symptoms of collective stress. 
The effects of wrong living and an inappropriate materialistic
focus are upon us, and only getting worse. 
These effects simply will not go away until we change our
individual and collective focus.  Any
inquiries to the contrary are just worthless smoke in the wind.          

We can see that humanity struggles
immensely under the pressure of its own ill-directed deliberations. 
The modern court and parent is on the average, no closer in clearly
defining what is appropriate social behavior, nor how this behavior may be
achieved, then they ever were.  We
hear much talk of morality but regardless of the rules and regulations set
forth by government and church, people still act with increasing malice
and chaos.  This fact is not
due to any internal human flaw, it is the result of poor judgement. 
Why do we have poor judgement you may ask?  Poor judgement in the modern human is not created by an
in-born neurological or spiritual deficit. 
It exists because of an essential dishonesty on the part of
society.  From society we
learn to adopt this dishonesty and confusion ourselves. 
Society is not acknowledging reality. 
We are too busy acting out a set of tragic lies that are extremely
destructive to anyone who believes in them. 
For how can a person be clear about their own perceptions and about
their own minds, when they entertain inherently contradictory ideas? 
How can a person remain sane, when the falsehoods of the media and
of the cult of materialism tells them that life is about money? 
Life is not about money, the “things” it can buy or the
superficial status it supposedly grants. 
Life has its own purposes, principles and laws, which are far
greater in scope than trivialities like investment portfolios, “a new
and improved look” and “on approved credit” schemes.

The irony behind the immense struggle
of the modern world to invent the most effective laws or enforcement
agencies, is that highly effective
natural laws already exist
.  These
laws or principles don’t need to be reinvented, improved upon or
legislated.  Natural laws are
also spiritual laws, and have existed well before humanity was even a
glimmer in the cosmic eye. They will continue to exist long after our
modern “civilization” is forgotten dust.  We need not trouble ourselves to any great depth with the
puny concepts of human laws, or the artificial ideas of living that abound
in the market place.  These
are small and insignificant compared to the essence, content and result of
natural laws.  For this reason
each of us must free ourselves from the false and incredibly destructive
idea that human- made laws are the highest code we can live by. 
They are not.  Human
laws are limited by the scope of current human consciousness.  In a spiritually primitive age such as this, the legal system
is still a barbaric attempt at social order through suppression, coercion
and intimidation.  Its
reasoning is based on the primary theme that brute force is the only
acceptable way to deal with the public, and that fear is the only emotion
worth cultivating as a “preventive measure”. 
The fear of punishment does not prevent crime or social disorder;
it only creates further hysteria and more sophisticated criminals. 
As a matter of fact, fear is itself primarily responsible for
ignorance and unnaturalness at all levels of society. 
Because we fear our whole orientation is the insecure accumulation
of unneeded goods.  Fearful
animals do exactly the same thing; they stockpile their food reserves
beyond normal limits, and add extra fat to their bodies to ward off the
feeling of impending crisis.  In
our fear we lock away huge portions of the population in prisons, very
much like a psychotic mind locks away certain dark thoughts in the
subconscious so it wont have to deal with their implications. 
In our fear we have advanced security systems, a huge and
aggressive military “to protect our national interests” and a
multi-billion dollar paramilitary “law enforcement” system. 
We seek to subdue the peoples of other nations, our bodies, our own
citizens and nature in general, out of the suspicion that any of these may
rebel at any time. Our system seeks domination and control just as a bully
does, and when we look inside the head of a bully we find the most fearful
person of all.  Our fear can only go away when we again value what is real
and what is natural.  Only
then can love and clarity again rise to become the standards for modern
living in a sane world.

The ever-pressing need of the public is
to regain its own dignity and autonomy. 
Even a brief review of history demonstrates that this has been our
need throughout the centuries.  The
past shows us the patterns of oppression and ignorance that have reduced
whole populations to the level of the barbaric. 
Those who have been oppressed have often risen up in revolt,
freeing themselves from the yoke of some overload or corrupt government,
only to find that their own leaders had become equally corrupt. 
Today the public is again oppressed and fascinated with the absurd,
(television programming) yet unlike many of the peoples of history, often
does not realize it is being manipulated or oppressed. 
The crude attempts of ancient tyrants to control the masses by
brute force, has become the subtle modern artform of propaganda and
conditioning through “education”. Today, people are made to love their
servitude and to shout political slogans not their own. 
This they do because of a hypnotically planted wish to serve the
orders given by televised programming.

history has seen many social and political revolutions, there have been
only a few truly revolutionary advances in human culture. 
Revolution is after all, only half of the equation that results in
freedom.  The other half is
the complete adherence to the natural, spiritual Order that already
exists.  Revolution tends to
break down existing systems of thought and politics, but does not
necessarily replace them effectively with superior methods. 
It is not enough to merely destroy corruption; it must be
immediately replaced with a more enlightened focus that serves the needs
of the people today. 
Anarchy must become spiritual progress. Only in this way can revolution
also become evolution.  We cannot evolve unless we question everything including our
own government, man made laws, and social assumptions.  We must be willing to follow our own perceptions of truth
regardless of common opinion, and know that there are higher laws than
those created by society.  Higher
laws are natural laws, such as those of God and Nature. 
It is important to know that just because someone in a suit and tie
makes up a law, [and then hires a badge to “enforce” it (force it)]
does not mean that law is valid, correct, logical or appropriate. 
The intelligent person knows that human-made laws are often
foolish, as are the agencies that apparently enjoy force-feeding them to
us.  Our revolution must be a
matter of personal clarity, based upon our own experience of the higher
order found in the cosmos.  Then
we will not only have questioned “Why?” and found society lacking, but
will have replaced that system with the real standards of nature.

natural laws must replace human-made laws as the primary mode of modern
society.  Three such laws or
principles of nature have thus far been mentioned as 1)
simplicity, 2) practicality
, and 3)
.  Six
additional natural laws should also be described as follows: 4)
Truth (or truthful living)
, 5)
, 6)
progressiveness, 7) honesty, 8) logic
and 9)
spiritual intent
.  The
value of the first three above is self-evident. 
The mind that values simplicity is simply not distracted by the
superficial and unnecessarily complex modes of modern living. 
The practical person focuses primarily upon “that which works”
or in other words that which produces the very best results via the best
means.  Those who value
efficiency do not waste their energy needlessly. 
Instead they apply themselves to those actions and methods which
render results with a minimum of effort. 
We can observe that nature operates in large part by virtue of
these principles or laws in a very effective manner. 
When applying them within the context of our daily affairs, life
becomes equally effective and a majority of the ills that befall the
modern person are then automatically avoided. 
When an individual approaches living in a way that is
simultaneously simple, practical and efficient, their perceptions change. 
For them society begins to take on the appearance of the
ridiculous, functioning as it does on behalf of egocentric goals. 
In other words, through right and natural living we begin to
accurately perceive the state of the world. 
At the same time the revolutionary also begins to more clearly
perceive themselves as a soul, as a being with much higher purposes than
those of the material world alone, setting the stage for the comprehension
and action upon the other six laws described below. Each of these strongly
deserves detailed emphasis;


What is TRUTH, and how can we live
truthfully until we know what it is? 
Some people talk about “having your own truth” or that the
Truth changes with time and culture. 
This attitude is reflected in the question, “If a tree falls in
the forest and no one is around to hear it, then does it really make a
sound?”  It does not take a
genius to realize that as an inevitable result of physical action, audible
waves are produced in the atmosphere. 
When any tree falls it always makes a sound due to its impact with
the Earth.  The implication
hidden in the question is that reality somehow hinges upon human
perception.  The fact is we
may perceive different aspects of Truth while in different states of
consciousness, but this does not alter universal laws. 
Sound is sound regardless of whether or not it is heard. 
The laws of nature do not bend themselves to serve human whims and
it is folly to assume they will.  For
this reason humanity must realize that life is conditional, and that we
may not do whatever we please without suffering very real consequences for
our actions.

The conditions of life are set forth by
natural laws.  Each of us must
recognize these or find that disease, discomfort, confusion and disaster
undermine our efforts. Life and existence are based on certain constants
that are always and universally true.  Natural
laws are true for everyone just as natural living, by the same token, is
the truest and best lifestyle.  If
Truth were relative to the personal views of every human being, there
would be so much contradiction and chaos on this planet, (given the modern
mindset) that existence itself would be impossible.  Fortunately Nature/God does not change Itself just for our
convenience or amusement.  Truth
exists regardless of whether or not we “hear it fall in the forest”
and it will continue to do so long after we have either evolved to another
form, or created some unique form of self-destruction.

Truthful living involves recognizing
natural laws and patterning one’s life after them. 
To recognize Truth we must find what is common to all religions,
all governments, all people, and in fact all life. 
Truth is universal and consistent. 
If a statement does not apply to all people at all times, then it
is not THE TRUTH and is therefore not worthy of our highest
prioritization.  To determine
the nature of TRUTH then, simply ask if a presented idea, system or
conclusion is universally applicable. 
If it is always consistent in all cases then adopt it. If it is not
universal then don’t live your life by it. 
It is very evident that the assumptions and conclusions of modern
society, based primarily upon money and false images, represents that
which is not TRUE.  Reject society and you will not be led astray. 
On the other hand, nature functions through universal laws that are
always effective.  Follow
nature and you can’t go wrong; the ways of the natural are tried, tested
and proven correct.  Our very
existence and capability is testimony to this fact.  Make truthful living your surest guide to real personal
success, with Truth itself as the guiding light for each day that passes.


The ability to prioritize successfully
depends upon knowledge of the relative importance of things as nature
defines them.  In society we
hear this word used in the context of the business or moneymaking world. 
As a principle of natural law, prioritization is the emphasis
placed upon certain evolutionary goals and their accomplishment. 
These goals have nothing to do with financial status. Their entire
focus is the development and support of life of which we are a part. 
When we prioritize as nature does, we adopt the goals of all living
systems as our own foremost focus.  To
value life and its improvement is to value natural priorities. 
On a personal basis this means we view as important our own
physical and mental health, the quality of the world environment,
evolutionary international and domestic relations and spiritual
advancement.  To survive as a species we absolutely must change our values, which is another way of saying that we must
shift our priorities.  To find
real growth and satisfaction as individuals, we need a change of lifestyle
to reflect what is of true value to us. 
This is why natural living is the only lasting solution to the
modern condition.


The term “progress” has an entirely
different meaning in the context of nature than it does in society. 
Modern humanity uses the word “progress” to refer to greater
technological understanding and methods. 
It apparently does not matter that this so-called “progress”
comes at any cost, including the wholesale loss of life, health, happiness
and sanity.  It refers simply
to the fact that the corporate owners of the world are now made more
capable of enslaving the masses, and indulging a bottomless greed through
industrialized means.  In
nature the law of progressiveness includes that which enriches the
diversification, intelligence and ability of living systems to grow and
become more than they were.  In
short, it refers to that which is evolutionary in both a physical and
spiritual sense.  To be truly progressive we must adopt nature and its laws as
the basic template for social organization. 
To accomplish this, our views regarding what it is to be human will
have to become far more flexible, emphasizing values that enhance the
further evolution of our species rather than the advance of technology
alone. Homo Sapiens is a design that is far from perfect and it is still
being developed to this day.  Evolution
has not stopped! This means we must ever strive for better methods of
co-existence and for the realization of the noblest potentials of the
human being, using nature as the primary reference point for the
advancement of our kind.  Only
in nature will we find the best solutions for all the questions of life
and society.  Our DNA and the natural laws which are responsible for
developing it, is a vast reservoir of wisdom whose source is an
intelligent, conscious universe.  A
wise approach to the management of society is to employ that wisdom which
already exists in nature, and in ways that are simple, practical and
efficient.  A progressive society is one that seeks the highest benefit
for each of its members, recognizing that our collective chain is only so
strong as its weakest link.  Such
a society does not train its citizens to become functional machine parts,
but seeks instead their enlightenment and their spiritual and mental
fulfillment as intelligent beings.  The
wise recognize the fact that the contribution of the progressive citizen
is a far more beneficial one, advancing the state of society in profound
and beautiful ways. Such individuals are able to tap the vast reservoir of
wisdom that is latent in each of us, because it is they who strengthen
their personal connections with nature. 
In progressiveness the natural person actively takes their own
physical health as a serious matter, improving it through a fine-tuned
awareness of the body’s needs and of the principles of good health. 
The progressive person seeks to improve their level of functional
intelligence and spiritual wisdom through self-knowledge. 
They allow no vital error in their thought process to go
unchallenged, nor do they cling to false ideas like a security blanket. 
Such a mind sees change as vital, natural and necessary. 
Change then becomes an adventure into higher forms of the evolving
self, rather than something to be desperately avoided, as is the case in
today’s mindset.


In nature the concepts of honesty or
dishonesty do not truly exist, for there is only a matter of fact approach
to reality.  Therefore honesty
is itself not a principle of natural law per se, but it is
a means to embrace truth with competence. 
Society, (in its current form) cannot competently deal with
reality, primarily because its own self-deceptions are getting in the way
of true progress.  We have
lost sight of what is genuinely valuable, of the natural priorities of
living through a fixation upon man-made images and false ideals. 
We cannot expect to perceive truth, Nature or God clearly while
entertaining the absurd desires pandered by the media, or the irrational
mode of constant talk without any concern for meaning. 
We live within a collective denial of reality and our own
self-imposed limitations.  Ours
is primarily a problem of egotism, of not wanting to admit error.  We go on fulfilling the same old roles of job, conversation
and politics regardless of a lingering doubt as to their value. 
We don’t want to admit that our government is fraudulent, that
our policy towards nature is a disaster and that we can no longer live
with each other or ourselves.  We
can’t admit that our addictions to various poisons found in food,
prescription or illegal drugs is killing us, or to certain lies commonly
told, ones which are causing our children to make the same if not worse
mistakes as previous generations. At some point there must come a breaking
point in this false scheme of things. 
The mistakes of wrong thinking passed down through the generations,
will finally end when people begin taking responsibility for “calling a
spade a spade” and acting accordingly. 
Our task today is to break all the illusions of centuries past
which still linger on in present day beliefs. 
Dishonesty about our own lives we cannot afford. The secreted
miseries of the modern age are not a rational mindset. 
An ostrich that sticks its head in the sand to “avoid danger”
is considered a stupid animal, and for very good reasons. 
Those reasons should be obvious to the reader and need not be
detailed here.  To live competent, natural lives we need honesty, perhaps
more than any other quality.  Without
it we cannot take even the first step toward change, which is the
recognition that there is a problem to start with. 
The honest life promotes simplicity and sanity simply because such
a mindset does not have to remember all the lies it has told, or to
calculate all the lies it must yet tell, in order to preserve its self
image.  It is better to concern oneself with genuineness rather than
the appearance of ability.


Although logic or “formal
reasoning” is a subject taught at universities and credited to certain
thinkers of centuries past, it cannot be said that only humanity is
capable of logical action.  Nature automatically operates through very logical means,
simply because the actions it takes are based solely on truth. 
Unlike human laws, natural laws are factually based and do not
depend upon opinion or interpretation of any kind. 
Logic may be referred to as a system of reasoning whereby known
facts are evaluated.  In this
evaluation the most truthful conclusion to any related question may be
generated.  As a system of reasoning it might therefore be referred to as
a direct means to access the truth of any question, including those asked
by modern society.  Today’s
“professionals” still cannot competently solve the deepest and most
relevant questions of our time, because their methods are not logical, nor
are they concerned for the most part with an exclusively factual approach
to the problems of society.  There
always enters a considerable degree of bias into today’s speculations,
based upon reputation and financial interests. The questions asked by the
public are weighted down by emotional attachments and special interests,
and are likewise without the appropriate concern for what
is real and what is not
.  Our
concepts are devoid of a factual basis and display a strong tendency
toward favoritism.  Thus, today’s inquiries are usually biased for personal or
cultural reasons, and so too are the conclusions reached by them. 
As a culture we do not speak of logic in everyday conversation,
because this word implies too many mental responsibilities. 
If we were to say that being logical is a very desirable thing,
then our own arguments and beliefs would also be subject to rational
debate.  A fearful mind
believes it cannot afford to do this, primarily because of the view that
thoughts and beliefs represent who
we are
, when in fact they do not. 
It is believed that if we open ourselves to logic our views become
subject to logical analysis, whereby our own self worth is laid bare to
attack.  Fear is therefore stifling progressiveness in the public
domain.  This is the fear that
those beliefs are dead wrong.  Such
a suspicion is in reality well founded. We can believe in any self-image
for instance, but this does not change the essential fact that our true
identity is one of soul, rather than learned behavior. 
Beliefs and opinions change with the wind, but we are not born with
these, (they are acquired through social influence) meaning also that they
can be unlearned.  To value
truth is also by necessity to value honesty and logic, for both of these
are a part of its structure.  A
logical society is one that is truthful and honest about its own
condition, because it is known that only through these can effective,
life-saving change be brought about. 
The individual who values this quality is for the same reason both
honest and truthful about their life condition. 
To value logic is to first see things on a factual basis, and then
to determine the most reasonable, life affirming means with which to
improve the daily condition.  To
ask if something is logical is to ask if it makes sense in a factual,
truthful way.  Modern society
is clearly not logical and neither is participation in it.


Second only to truth itself, spiritual
intent is a major key toward a successful life. 
In a natural context this term refers to
the will to act in accord with the highest welfare,
of not only the
self or even all persons, but all of life itself. 
This is the intent to do good works, and to cultivate what is of
greatest value to the individual and to the society at large. 
It is a reverence for love without object, positivity without
special interest and for the Divine in all things. 
As noted previously, natural laws are also spiritual laws. 
For instance, in science the student learns of the principle of
resonance. Simultaneously elsewhere in the world, the religious devotee
learns that love knows no limits and is capable of transferring itself
from one person to another. What this means is that the principles
described by physics in the functioning of natural systems, account also
for the laws which form the basis of all religions worldwide. 
From natural laws and purity do these religions draw their life
philosophies.  It is readily
evident that a truly natural person is also a truly spiritual one, and
vice versa.  In nature we find
the manifestations of logic, straightforwardness and the sweetness of
purity.  In the spiritual
masters, the Buddhas and Christs, we find the same logic of presentation,
straightforwardness of manner and purity of being.  Therefore to emulate the masters is also to emulate the very
spirit of nature that animates a tree, a human being and all points in
between.  When we speak of
Divine laws or natural laws, of God or Cosmos, we make reference to the
same solid consistency of Truth that is the basis for reality.  Today we hear much talk of what it is to act with appropriate
spirituality.  Yet the
majority of what we see is a fixation upon power and money which
contradicts this message.  While
receiving spiritual messages, much of the affluent world sits within
multi-million dollar structures of ornate and lavish design, as though
such décor makes Truth itself all the sweeter. Obviously the message of
spiritual intent does not reflect the only
intent involved in the modern religious institution. 
We have not achieved the spirituality so often spoken of. simply
because it is not yet our highest priority. 
Truth and spiritual intent must consistently remain our primary
focus in daily affairs, or else we cannot hope to sustain good relations
with each other.  Natural living tends to automatically advance the purpose of
spiritual right action because of the reasons noted above. 
The individual with spiritual intent recognizes that their own good
will and demonstrated good works, are the necessary ingredients for
establishing trust and progressive community. 
Just as in the disarmament of nations, person to person interaction
can only be improved when someone makes the first gesture(s) of good will. 
Gestures of friendliness given by an individual do not imply
weakness as is often assumed, they imply a realization of the wisdom
contained in the phase, “If not
now then when, and if not me then who?”

The path to greater wisdom, or in other
words to a true education, cannot be gained through books or lectures. 
It can only be had only through right living. 
Right living implies an everyday, and preferably moment to moment
focus upon universal truth.  A
continual emphasis of this kind is exactly what is needed to clearly see,
understand, absorb and finally embody the lessons life has to teach. 
Truth is therefore an applied science. 
We cannot approach it through the memorization of techniques or
through the regurgitated opinions of others, as formal education would
have us believe.  The
teachings contained in God and Nature are ones that must be lived out step
by step, in order for their details and importance to be clearly realized. 
This principle of learning is summed up in the saying “give a man
a fish and feed him for a day, but teach him how to fish and you’ll feed
him for a lifetime.”  Book
learning is like being giving a single meal, but practicing natural laws
as a lifestyle, provides a continuous source for personal growth that is an
endless feast of wisdom.  When
we practice the principles of natural law in our daily lives, we come to
see their specific benefits in every action we take. 
This is why the natural lifestyle is simple one, acquired through a
modesty of imagined needs, and a maximum of time and energy focused upon
the depths of God and Truth. Applied in this way, the benefits of a
lifestyle that includes living in ones own vehicle cannot, therefore, be
adequately described in words.  It must be lived out in the day to day before its advantages
become fully apparent.

The nine principles listed above are a
primary and fundamental means for right living and true personal success.  Although these laws are comparatively few in number, the
perceptive reader will not make the mistake of assuming that they are too
simplistic to properly guide ones’ life. 
The fact that each of these is a principle or law means that they
act as a set of master keys that can unlock any door. 
Unlike specific philosophies or religions, they can be applied to
any circumstance successfully and without the limitation of bias. 
All nine are excellent and proven modes for intelligently managing
the mind and body.  They also
act to expand personal consciousness, or in other words to enhance
spiritual progress, especially when applied in the natural context.

The process of self-education that is
natural living is truly the best “formal learning process” that is
available.  It requires no tuition, technical formulas, credentials,
scholarships or diplomas.  What
it does require is patience, a determined focus, the love of truth and
silent attentiveness.  To be
silently attentive in this case, means to watch and listen carefully not
only to the outer world of nature, but to the inner world of ones’ own
consciousness.  The modern
person has a particular problem with this, because even on the rare
occasion when the discussion of trivia stops, the common practice is to
immediately fill any gaps of silence with some form of artificial input. 
How can we observe anything and therefore gain real wisdom, if we
are constantly distracted by endless trivialities? This is where the
principle of prioritization comes to its greatest use. 
We must make silent attentiveness, (particularly inner reflection)
a main priority in daily life.  If
we do not take the time to simply stop all the gibberish and noise in our
lives be it audible, mental or electronic, then our true “formal
education” cannot begin.  Life
in your own vehicle will of course facilitate this. 
As a further aid to personal progress, the nine modes above are an
endless source for growth. There is yet a tenth factor, which is like the
placing of the capstone upon the pyramid of enlightenment. 
This factor is known as meditation.


There is much misunderstanding and a
negative cultural bias toward the word “meditation” which must first
be dispelled.  The connotation
surrounding it tends to be generally derogatory. 
We are prompted to visualize its practice as a type of fringe
activity performed by bubble-headed hippies, trendy rebels, shifty eyed
cultists or new age dropouts who don’t know any better. 
This attitude is so widespread one might easily conclude that our
society is more than a little defensive about the concept. 
This is predictable since taking responsibility for thoughts or
emotions is something we are taught we cannot, or even should not do. 
We are also taught that there is no other path for us other than the
rigid roles assigned to us by virtue of gender, economic class and the
religious orthodoxy.  The very
idea of meditation however, involves shifting ones’ mental state,
self-image or even whole world view, at will. 
It is an inner discipline practiced by those who would shape
themselves according to their own desires, and not the desires of an
insecure status quo.  This of
course is unacceptable for those who have vested interest in the
predictability of the public, and thus, how they spend their money in the
market place.  Profit margins
built upon the sell of nonsensical goods, depend entirely upon the blind
followership of sheep-like masses.  Meditation has the power to change all that, as well as to
cause challenge to fall upon authoritarian and corrupt leadership. 
This is of course, just one more reason why we should all take up
meditation today. 

The fundamental quality of meditation
is simply inner reflection.  There
are many techniques and schools of thought in regard to how it should be
conducted.  Don’t
let this fact become a source of confusion
.  The single primary goal of any meditational practice is
accurate self-perception.  It
is easy to assume that we already perceive ourselves accurately enough,
and if we lived in a natural society this would be basically true. 
But since we live in an era which has chosen to fascinate itself
with the shallow, irrelevant and ridiculous, we have a particular need to
use meditation as the key of keys that unlocks personal freedom. 
We do not perceive ourselves accurately so long as we believe in a
self-image made up of artificial ideas. 
We are more than just an occupation, family history, set of
beliefs, thoughts, emotions and memories. 
We have a reality that goes far beyond all of these, one that is
not learned behavior but which is natural, profound and Divine. 
When we get beyond thought or in other words our own thoughts, to
that in us which is actually creating all images, thoughts and emotions,
it is then that we begin to learn about our true selves as souls. 
This is the practice of meditation, one that allows direct contact
with the true self, and ultimately a total identification with it. 
Accomplishing this composes a large portion of what is meant by the
phrase “gaining enlightenment”. 
enlightenment is largely the realization of self as soul
Personal memories, thoughts and emotions do not bind the
enlightened person, nor does any culture or system of belief. 
For them, the only standard worth total devotion is that which is
already existent in the universe, as set forth by natural law.

A basic though effective form of
meditation may be practiced in the following manner:


To begin the practice of meditation it
is recommended that a three-step process be used (initially). 
These steps are known as; 1) preparation, 2) breathing focus and,
3) the meditation itself.  To
accomplish step one, simply find for yourself a quiet place that will not
be disturbed.  Sit comfortably
with both feet on the floor, a straight though relaxed spine and eyes

Step two consists of a breathing
exercise in which deep, relaxed breaths are taken in as follows; A)
Breathe in deeply and slowly for a period of about five seconds until the
lungs are completely filled.  B)
Hold this breath for approximately five seconds more. C) Exhale slowly,
taking five seconds to do so until the lungs are completely emptied. D)
After exhalation wait another five-second period before inhaling once
again.  E) Repeat A, B and C
ten times or until you feel calm and refreshed.

the breathing exercise of step two, let the body breathe as it wants to
normally for about a minute.  Relax.

step three, the Mantra Meditation itself consists of silently repeating
certain syllables/sounds, while maintaining an awareness of breathing as

On an in-breath begin to silently
repeat once in the mind the sound “OM”, prolonging one repetition of
this sound for the entire duration of the inhalation. B) Upon exhaling,
silently repeat once in the mind the sound “EEE”, (as in “key”)
prolonging it from the start to the finish of the exhalation. 
C) Repeat A and B above for a total of 15 minutes. All breaths
should be natural and not prolonged, (as in step two) unless desired. 
D) Practice this technique twice daily, once in the morning
immediately after bedtime, and once in the evening just prior to bedtime,
for a recommended period of at least 20 minutes each session.

meditator will find that thoughts very often drift in to the mind,
interrupting the repetition of the mantras. 
This is very natural and should not become a source of anxiety. 
When noticing that thoughts have entered the mind during
meditation, simply return to the mantra repetition with each inhalation
and exhalation.  Do this as
many times as necessary to maintain the meditation, and always in a
relaxed manner.  Do not strain
to keep thoughts out of mind, merely return to the practice without
further effort or consideration.  Like
all meditations, the Mantra meditation is an exercise in increasing
one’s internal awareness.  Any
increase in internal awareness is likewise an increase in personal power,
which is why meditation is not a practice to take lightly. 
Use it daily to see into your own depths, and realize more clearly
the nature of the human soul and God.

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