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Survivalists' Guide for the New Millennium: Chapter 8

Author: Matthew Webb and Courtney Schmidt


brought to you by The World Mind Society, and Matthew Webb

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Contrary to popular opinion, the human being possesses great
strength, power and purpose.  Our
strength comes from the ability to be flexible. 
It also manifests through sheer force of will, determination and
the capacity to cooperate.  Our power is found
in a keen intellect. We possess the ability to learn and accumulate
information, as well as the means to change any environmental circumstance
according to desire.  Our purpose as intelligent beings is to make natural and spiritual
progress, to evolve.  Because
we are intelligent our species carries the potential to evolve at will, an
ability made possible through self-reflection, (self-realization). Of our
own strength and power we have invested much focus, developing these as
might an imbalanced and grossly muscle bound athlete, who lives only for
the thrill of competition. As for humanitys’ spiritual purpose however,
we have invested comparatively little thought and even less energy. 
With all its technologies, industrial and social might, modern
society is very powerful on the physical and technical levels, yet very
weak in the true understanding of spiritual matters. 
It therefore does not know its own ultimate potential or direction. 
Of the trinity body, mind and spirit, we have cultivated only the
first two.  The mighty
collective mind and body to which we belong, one which possesses advanced
technologies and huge social institutions, can never save us from our own
lack of positive direction.  High
technology is still used for the same destructiveness as was the horse and
buggy, and our social order is still plagued by the same old corruption. 
Without the guidance of higher understanding that is spiritual
wisdom, the mighty machine of society must eventually collapse. 
Through technology we are only accelerating the process of
extermination of all life on this planet. If we are to survive our own
strength and power run amok, it will be because we tune these to a
different direction and purpose.  They must not exist for their own purposes alone.

There is a pressing need to regard the new millennium as a fresh
start for humanity.  Its
beginning is the crossing of a psychological barrier that indicates to
many that the “FINAL DAYS” are upon us. 
Perhaps they are.  Perhaps
we have gone too far with unnatural fixations and the mass destruction of
life, in the lust for war and petty competitiveness. 
It may be that the great towering machine of an artificial society must fall very hard into
the dust, causing death and famine on a mass scale before people will
change their ways.  Yet the
seed and promise of new life based upon a new set of priorities will, like
a great forest fire, leave in its wake fresh growth. 
Only our own individual efforts will serve as the foundation for
change in the collective future.  Through
our own right living and respect for the natural order, we become the seeds of growth for the future of humanity. 
That future must contain the vision of wise, spiritually minded
people who have not forgotten what is of importance in life, unlike the
average modern citizen. It is for the spiritually minded to value love and
clarity as the guiding forces behind social interaction. 
Having learned from the mistakes of the past millennium, we will
value wisdom as it spontaneously and intentionally arises from natural
ways.  To naturally wise
persons history will owe a debt of gratitude, not only for the bringing in
of a more enlightened age, but for its very survival as an unbroken
chronicle of human life.

In the future, community
must take on a different meaning.  Community
cannot remain merely a collection of small, private, material empires that
by coincidence stand in proximity to one another. 
Neighborhood must mean more than a collection of persons of similar
race or economic class.  Well
being must have a broader connotation than participation in the “local
crime watch” or the efficiency of electronic security systems. Fear must
be replaced with love, paranoia with mutual confidence and materialism
with spiritualism.  It is
necessary that lucid conversation and progressive mutual activities take
the place of television “programming.” 
We don’t after all, need to be programmed. 
Our need is to intelligently recognize the common roots of all
human beings and all life in general. 
This can only be accomplished through the maintenance of spiritual

Wisdom is the
emphasis of truth in ones’ life; the greater the emphasis, the greater
the wisdom.

some level we all want to see better, happier times come about. 
We would all enjoy a neighborhood in which everyone treated each
other as the best of friends.  It
would be a good world in which everyone understood the value of sharing,
caring for one another and working for the common good, but in a very
primitive sense we’re all waiting for the other guy to put down his
stick first, before we put down ours. 
There tends to be a very fundamental level of distrust among people
in the modern age, regardless of fancy speeches to the contrary. 
From where does this distress and fear come? 
One might be prompted to say it is simply a result of our
interaction with a world that cannot be trusted. 
Yet this line of reasoning is far too simplistic to be either
accurate or useful.  The
intelligent person knows that mutual trust can only come about through
gestures of genuine good will and a loving nature, ones that leave no
question of trustworthiness in the minds of others. 
We must make the first gesture of good will in order to
establish good will.  So on a basic level at least, the logical remedy for positive
and progressive interaction is already known. 
In fact such knowledge represents very simple logic that should be
obvious to anyone.

But is a demonstration of good will all that is needed to solve the
worlds’ ills? A review of the modern condition reveals that it is not. 
In fact, the deepest problem in the cultivation of positive
relations must go well beyond the scope of simple logic. 
If peace and true prosperity were such simple matters, then surely
they would have been firmly established long ago.

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