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mask of anubis, weighing of the heart, yinepu, lower egypt


Author: Mirjam

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Anubis/Inpew/Yinepu/Anpu, "Lord of the Hallowed Land", meaning the necropolis. Jackal or dog headed god protecting the deceased. Known since Predydnastic times and linked to the name Khenty Amentiu, "Foremost of the Westerners". He was also the protector of embalming and guardian of the mummy and the necropolis. Sem priests used to wear a mask of Anubis during mummification.

After the cult of Osiris had risen to power, Anubis was placed under his rule, Osiris taking over much of Anubis´ role as caretaker and protector. This is when Anubis became the embalmer, ("he who is before the divine booth") and overseer of the funerary proceedings.

In the Hall of Judgement he oversaw the weighing of the heart of the deceased. In myth he is sometimes called the son of Nebt-Het (Nephtys) and Set or of Nephtys and Osiris. The jackal or doglike animal which he also is shown in has so far not been satisfactorily identified.

Main center of worship:

Zawty/Lycopolis/Asyut, 13th N, Upper Egypt

Other places:

Mena´t Khufu/ el Minya, 16th N, Upper Egypt

Hardai, 17th Nome, Upper Egypt

Saqqara 1st N, Lower Egypt.