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Author: Mirjam

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Her name means "Embracing Lady", she was probably of Nubian origin and worshipped in the 1st cataract area. The name of Anuket has been found together with Satis on a great number of inscriptions from quarry expeditions in that area. In later times she was included in the Elephantine triad as the daughter or consort of Khunm and his consort Satis. Together they protected the waters of the Nile in the cataract area. Anuket is depicted as a woman wearing a tall feather crown, some say of ostrich plumes, others say of reed. Her image can be seen in the Temple of Ramses II at Abu Simbel and at other Nubian temples. Her sacred animal was the gazelle.

Main center of worship:

Abu/Elephantine, 1st Nome, Upper Egypt.

Kom Meir, near Esna, 1st Nome, Upper Egypt.

Festival Days: (dates not historically verified)

25 th July – 9 of Thuthi - Feast of Anket: Welcoming the rising of the Nile