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Local ram deity of Djedet (Mendes), meaning 'the spirit, the lord of Djedet'. He incorporated the essence of the world in four forms or 'ba' spirits, corresponding to the fours first rulers of the world; Ra, Shu, Geb and Osiris. At Mendes his spouse was the local fish goddess Hat-Mehit and here in the 6th century BC, the Saite king Ahmose II, constructed four monolithic granite shrines for each of these four 'spirits'. This became one of the greatest Egyptian complexes to endure until the Ptolemeian period was over.

No festival days have come down to us, although it is likely that this occurred during the Saite period.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. Banebdjedet (Banedbdjed) was an Ancient Egyptian ram god with a cult centre at Mendes.
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In myth, Banebdjedet is asked to intervene when a stalemate has occurred among the judges who are set to judge between Heru and Set.
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Banebdjedet or also known as Banedbdjed, the ram god was an ancient Egyptian god of Lower Egypt at Mendes.
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(Also Banebdjed, Ba-neb-Djedet) Banebdjedet's name means 'the Ba who is Lord of Djedet', a city in the Delta known to the Greeks as Mendes.
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