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Cat-headed goddess who in early times also connected to Sekhmet, Tefnut, Atum (her father) and Mut. Via Mut she is also connected to Amun and in the Old Kingdom she is found depicted together with Het-Hert.

She did not become associated with the cat until ca 1000 BC, until then she was shown with a lion's head or a desert sand-cat headed goddess. Sometimes she was regarded as the mother of the savage lion-god Mahes (Gr: Miysis), the 'lord of slaughter'.

Only after or towards the end of the New Kingdom was she depicted with a cat's head, and a more friendly appearance developed.

Main center of worship:

Per Bast/Bubastis, 18th Nome, Lower Egypt

Festivals:(dates not historically verified)

27th August - 10th Paopi - Procession of Bast

6th October - 20th Hethara - Bast appears to Ra.

16th November - 1st Tybi - Festival of Bast

5th December - 20th Tybi - Bast Goes Forth from Bubastis

6th December - 21st Tybi - Bast guards the Two Lands

14th December - 29th Tybi:

Djehuti (Thoth) sends Bast and Sekhmet to guide Egypt

15th April - 1st Payni - Festival of Bast

15th May - 1st Epipi - Festivals of Het-Hert and Bast

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Her name is also spelled Bast, Baast, Ubasti and Baset.
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In Egyptian mythology, Bast (also spelled Ubasti, Baset, and later Bastet) is an ancient solar and war goddess, worshipped at least since the Second Dynasty.
The Gods of Ancient Egypt -- Bast
Description: Probably the most famous Egyptian goddess after Isis, Bast was said to be the daughter of Ra, though long after he created the primal gods.