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Author: Mirjam

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As one of the Heliopolitan Ennead, Geb is a cosmic deity and the eldest child of Shu. The union of Geb with his twin sister Nut produced the deities of the myth of Isis, Osiris, Set and Horus. As earth-god and presiding judge of the divine tribunal of the kingship struggle between Horus and Seth, Geb is well-documented in the Old Kingdom.

According to myth as well, Geb divided the earth into two parts, giving the northern part (Lower Egypt) to Horus, and the southern part (Upper Egypt) to Set. Originally ruling in tranquillity, the relationship of the two brothers turned into rivalry.

However, the best images of Geb are found in New Kingdom papyri, where he is shown reclining partly on one side, usually with one arm bent. Beneath him is green, showing the vegetation of the earth.

As earth-god, Geb also contains the idea that he might imprison the dead within him, preventing their free movement in the afterlife. Also, his laughter is often considered to be the origin of earthquakes. On a more positive note, Geb provides the nourishments and fruits of the earth to all. Barley, for example, grows from his ribs. The idea of Geb as a healing god is also found in texts dealing with scorpion stings and how to heal them.

Geb is intimately associated with the kingship of Egypt through the uraeus symbol, which he gave to the king as a symbol of his power. It was also worn by the gods Ra and Horus. In myth it had the power to spit fire in defence of its wearer.

Main center of worship:  

Iunu/Heliopolis/Cairo,13th Nome, Lower Egypt

Festivals Days:(dates not historically verified)

30th August – 13th Paopi - Day of Satisfying the Hearts of

the Ennead

15th February – 2nd Parmutit - Geb proceeds to Busiriso see

Anpu (Anubis)

2nd April – 18th Pachons - Day of Joy of the Ennead and

crew of Ra

15th November – 30th Koiak - Ennead Feast in the House of


2nd October – 16th Hethara - Day of the appearance of the

eight Great Netjers (Primordials)