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Heket - a water deity in the form of a frog or a frog-headed woman. She made her debut into the Egyptian pantheon in pyramid inscriptions, in a magical text destined to allow the king to ascend into the sky. Later she became connected with birth, in a Middle Kingdom papyrus, containing tales of wonder from the age of the pyramids.

As she developed into a symbol of fecundity and resurrection, Heket, who helped Osiris to rise from the dead, presided over the birth of kings and queens. In a passage concerning the wife of the High Priest of Ra giving birth to the three kings who inaugurated the fifth dynasty, she hastens the final stage of labor. Amulets and scarabs worn by women to protect them in childbirth often bear the image of the frog-goddess. Similarly, magical knives of ivory which were popular in the Middle Kingdom, bore her image to protect the home. She was often called the wife of Khnum and a birth-deity of all his creatures. Sometimes Heket was taken as a form of Hathor, and called the mother of Horus the Elder.

Main center of worship:

Gesy/Apollinopolis Parva/Qus,

5th Nome,upper Egypt

Other places:

Tuna el-Gebel in Middle Egypt ?.

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annual phenomenon crucial to the fertility of the land and life itself.8. (3) Plague of Frogs (Exodus 7:25-8:15).
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Heket (ägyptische Göttin der Geburt und Auferstehung). Heket (auch Heqet oder Hekit) war im alten Ägypten die Göttin der Geburt. Sie ist die.

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