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el minya, son of osiris, apollinopolis magna, apollinopolis parva


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The falcon, soaring with outstretched wings was already in Predynastic times seen as the sky-god, his eyes were called the sun and the moon. The sky, the sun and the falcon were at this time equaled with the king and out of this came the symbol of the winged disc which was one of the many forms of Horus. This became the royal insignia, used on lintels over doors of temples and royal building, as well as on many other places. This refers to the form of him as "Horus the Elder" which is not the same as "Horus, son of Isis".

In early times he was the ruler of Lower Egypt, in later times he was considered to rule all of Egypt. When the cult of Osiris spread, he became the son of Osiris and Isis and later the avenger of his father who was murdered by Set.

Main center of worship: Iunu/Heliopolis/Cairo 13th Nome, Lower Egypt:

Other temple sites:

Nebet/Ombi/Kom Ombo 1st Nome, Upper Egypt:

Djeba/Apollinopolis Magna/Edfu 2nd Nome, Upper Egypt

Nekhen/Hierakonpolis 2nd Nome, Upper Egypt

Gesy/Apollinopolis Parva/Qus 5th Nome,Upper Egypt

Iunet/Tentyris/Dendera 6th Nome, Upper Egypt

Men´at-khufu/el-Minya 16th Nome, Upper Egypt

(Horus the Elder)

Khem/Letopolis/Ausim 2nd Nome, Lower Egypt

(Kehnty-irty, a form of Horus)

Hut-Heryib/Athribis 10th Nome,Lower Egypt

(Khnety-Khety, a form of Horus)

Festivals:(dates not historically verified)

15th of July, the 2nd Epagomenal Days, is the Birthday of Heru(Horus)

13th August - 26th Thuti - Day of battle between Horus and Set

14th August - 27th Thuti - Day of Peace between Horus and Set

17th August - 30th Thuti - Rituals in the Temples of Ra, Horus

and Osiris

19th August - 2ndPaopi - Procession of Heru to Neith

20th August - 3rd Paopi - Thoth orders the healing of the eye

of Horus

31st August - 14th Paopi - Horus receives the White Crown

9th October - 23rd Hethara - Ra judges the dispute of Set and


12th October - 26th Hethara - The Black Land is given to Horus,

The Red Land is given to Set

14th October - 28 Hethara - Festival of establishing Heru as

King, The appearance before Ptah

15th November - 30th Koiak - The Ennead feast in the House of

Ra, Heru and Wasir

25th December - 10th Mechir - Birth of Heru (Horus), the child

of Aset (Isis), Day of elevating the Great Netjret (goddess) in all her

names and manifestations.

6th February - 23rd Pamenot - Feast of Heru (Horus)

21st February - 8th Parmutit - Day of counting the partos of

the eye of Heru (Horus)

15th March - 30th Parmutit - Offerings to Ra, Wasir, Heru,

Ptah, Sokar and Atum

16th March - 1st Pachons - Feat of Heru and His Companions

15th April - 1st Payni - Festival of Heru (Horus)

29th May - 15th Epipi - Heru(Horus) hears prayer in the presence

of the Netjers

30th June - 13th Epipi - Ceremony of Heru the Beloved

26th June - 13 Mesore - Holiday for the Shemsu (followers) of


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