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'He who is coming into being of himself'. Creator god in the form of a beetle or scarab, mentioned as far back as the 5th Dynasty (ca 2494-2345 BC) in the Pyramid Texts. The ancient Egyptians watched the scarab pushing his dung ball in front of him, and drew the conclusion that the scarab was born out of it, therefore they linked it to Creation itself and thereby to the creator god Atum.

Khepri is manifesting as the rising sun as it rose on the western horizon, after having been born out of the womb of his mother Nut, the night sky.

He is depicted in funeral papyrii and in tombs as a man with a scarab's head or as a boat with a scarab, which Nun holds up by his arms.

Amulets in scarab form was produced in masses during the Middle Kingdom and onwards, but there was no cult attached separately to Khepri.

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