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moon crescent, theban triad, war god, upper egypt


Author: Mirjam

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Khonsu, "the Traveller", referring to the moon wandering across the sky. Divine child of Amun and Mut, one of the Theban Triad. Depicted as a young boy in the form of a mummy, wearing the side-lock of youth and with the moon crescent above his head. Connected also to Shu, the supporter of the sky, and to Horus, from whom he acquired the royal insignia the crook and the flail. Khonsu is therefore also shown with a falconĀ“s head and with the moon crescent becoming a sun-disc.

He changed from a bloodthirsty war god in the Old Kingdom to a divine child healer in the New Kingdom. The title "Khons the Child" refers to his form as young sun-god who was invoked as protection against dangerous animals. In later times both Khonsu and Horus is shown standing on crocodiles.

Main center of worship:

Wast/Diospolis Magna/Thebes/Luxor, 4th Nome, Upper Egypt