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'The Great Flood'. Goddess of the primeval flood out of which life emerged and the sun god appeared. She was often depicted as a great cow with the sun disc between her horns, as such she was linked to Hathor and called the mother of Re.

There was no cult especially for Mehet-Weret.

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Mehet-weret, with whom she is frequently connected, particularly Mehet-weret were often almost interchangeable.
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goddess Mehet-Weret. In this combined form, Isis represents the mother of the Apis bull.
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Aug 12, 2010 goddess, sky, mythology, Hathor, Sakhmet, Mehet-weret, Re, New Kingdom, cosmography, kingship.
Mehen (bůh) svinutý had ochránce boha slunce. Mehet-Weret (bohyně) kráva obloha; prvotní vody; 'Velká záplava'.
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Mehet-Weret's name means "the great flood." She was the cow goddess of the sky.
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Mehet-Weret was a cow goddess of the sky. Her name means "great flood".
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Hathor (hăth`ôr), in Egyptian religion, celestial goddess of love and festivity.