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His earliest form was a fetish resembling a barbed arrow. Later the written form of his name was recognizable in the sign of the ninth nome of Upper Egypt.

Min developed from a fertility god for animals to a god of vegetation. Among his attributes were a bed of lettuce (which was considered and aphrodisiac), a round hut with bull's horns tied to a pole and a small shrine surrounded by lettuces. He was celebrated at the "festival of the staircase", when he was presented the first ear of corns from the new harvest, out of the hands of the king.

Main center of worship:

Gebtu/Koptos/Qift, 5th N, Upper Egypt

Ipu/Khemmis Panopolis/Akhmin, 9th Nome, Upper Egypt

Festivals: (exact dates not historically verified)

1st October - 15th Hethara - Contemplation of the fertility of


10th January - 26th Mechir - Min Goes Forth to Coptos

20th February - 7th Parmutit - Min Goes Forth in festivity

18th June - 5th Mesore - Day of Appearance of Min

11th July - 28 Mesore - Feast of MinM

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