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tall plumes, eleventh dynasty, falconheaded god, upper egypt


Author: Mirjam

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Montu was the falconheaded god of war. From the beginning he was worshipped at Hermonthis, but in the Eleventh Dynasty he was brought to Thebes, where he soon was overtaken by Amun as the royal deity.

Montu was depicted with a falconĀ“s head crowned with the solar disc surrounded by two tall plumes. He fought the enemies of the gods and defended his father Re against his enemies. His sacred animal was a white bull with a black face, which was regarded as his manifestation and buried with full honors at death.

Main center of worship:

Djerty/Tuphium/Tod 4th Nome, Upper Egypt

Other sites:

Iuny/Hermonthis/Armant 4th Nome, Upper Egypt

WastDiospolis Magna/Thebes/Luxor 4th Nome, Upper Egypt

Festivals: (exact dates not historically verified)

22nd August - 5th Paopi:

Feast of Montu