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A Helipolitan deity, 'Mistress of offering' or 'Mistress of the Vulva', a manifestation of Hathor and sometimes linked to the Creator god Atum as his female creative counterpart. Also sometimes referred to as a mother goddess.

There was no cult especially for Nebethetepet.

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Seroudj, mentionnée encore une fois en relation avec Nebethetepet sur une stèle ... Neskhons 35 est inconnue 36 ; on notera que Nebethetepet est simplement ...
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the Hathoric goddess Nebethetepet.15 In the next register below, her husband Kasa is at the front of a procession of musicians. Not only is he smaller than his ...
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southern lands, priestess of Nebethetepet of Serud, chief tỉt-šps,. Neskhons, justified. This is an unusual stela as it records a woman holding the title 'King's son ...
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manifestation of Hathor and the qualities of entertainment, the goddess Nebethetepet was also associated with sexual energy, which Malek believes is tied to ...
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The introduction speech by Soror Nebethetepet, Treasurer of Black Sun. Oasis and the addresses by Frater H.K.

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Kamikatze Katzennamen und ihre Tücken, Teil II
Doch ich gab auf: Die haben so zungenbrecherische Namen wie Nebethetepet oder Ta-senet-nofret. Oder sonst sind sie für gruselige Bereiche zuständig – so trägt etwa die Göttin Ammit den Zunamen «Fresserin der verurteilten Toten». Etwas unorthodox ...

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Nebethetepet (nb.t-ḥtp.t) is an ancient Egyptian goddess.
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Hathor is an Ancient Egyptian goddess who personified the principles of joy, feminine love, and .... In Egyptian mythology, Nebethetepet was the manifestation of Hathor at Heliopolis. She was associated with the sun-god Atum.
Nombre egipcio: Nebethetepet. "Señora de la satisfacción" y "Soberana de todos los dioses"; diosa que representa la mano divinizada de Atum en el momento ...
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Wearing a scarab beetle on her head she can easily be seen as a counterpart to the sun god Atum, and like Nebethetepet plays a crucial role as the feminine ... | Hathor
The name Nebethetepet means “mistress of the offering.” Thereafter, and once the Ancient Egyptians began to interact with Greece and Rome, Hathor came to ...