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From the beginning a local goddess in El Kab (Nekheb), later one of the two goddesses of Upper and Lower Egypt. She and the goddess Ouadjet represented the symbolical two halves of Egypt. Their forms showed Nekhbet as a vulture and Ouadjet as a snake. Together they embodied the two crowns of the country and were part of the royal insignia. They also represented the mythical mothers of the king and were shown offering their nurturing breasts to him. In the New Kingdom Nekhbet was worshipped as a goddess of childbirth, often shown as a woman wearing a vulture skin.

Nekheb/Eileithyiaspolis/El Kab

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Per-Wadjet/Buto, 5th Nome, Lower Egypt

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(Neophron percnopterus [L.]). The symbolic
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is in turn related to the name of the goddess Nekhbet.
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Nekhbet, who was 'powerful of heart against the Nubians, who were burnt by fire'. It ends temple of Nekhbet with a 'new sacred barque worked in electrum'.

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