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Author: Mirjam

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Nut, belonging to the Heliopolitan Ennead was the mistress of all heavenly bodies and was thought to be reaching across the sky from horizon to horizon, touching them with her hands and feet. She was seen as the mother of Re, who swallowed him up every evening and gave birth to him again every morning. She was thus connected to resurrection and the tomb. The coffin, decorated with stars, was seen as the heavens, i.e. Nut herself in whose body the deceased rested until he awoke to new life.

Main Temple:

Nut was one of the cosmic deities and as such was never worshiped in a

personified form. No temples or specific cult places are known.

Festivals: (exact dates not historically verified)

6th August - 19th Thuti - Festival of Nut and Ra

27th August - 10th Paopi - Birthday of Nut

30th August - 13th Paopi - Day of Satisfying the Hearts of

the Ennead

4th January - 20 Mechir - Day of Nut and Raet proceeding


1st February - 18th Pamenot - Feast of Nut

2nd february - 19th Pamenot - Birthday of Nut

26th February - 13th Parmutit - Day of Nut

5th May - 21st Payni - Day of the Living children of Nut