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'He who brings the distant (goddess). Ancient god of hunting, origin: This is Upper Egypt. Depicted in bearded, human form and with four feathers on his head, carrying a spear aloft from one or both hands. He resides in the desert at the edge of the world from whence he brings back the eye of the sun.

There was no cult especially for Onuris.

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aus: Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik 117 (1997) 203–209
20 This sometimes confused with another myth in which the god Onuris (Anhur) goes south to retrieve his consort.
Handbook of Egyptian Mythology
Onuris (Anhur, Inhur, Inhert), 177. Osiris, 178. Pakhet, 180.
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a winged sun disk, Anhur (a form of Horus the Elder and Shu), Horakhety Then Onuris said to the Company: “What are we to do?
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dence of the kings of the 30th Dynasty (378-341. BC). The local temple was dedicated to Onuris-.
The Story Games Names Project
Ishaq. Osaze. Nkosi.

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'He Who Brings the Distant One'. Ancient god of war and hunting whose origin is This in Upper Egypt, near Abydos.
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Ancient Egyptian Gods: Anhur (Inhert, Onuris) the god of war and hunting.
Anhur - solar god
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Ogdoad (according to Hermopolitan theology eight gods ruled before creation of the world). Onuris (Anhur) (god of Thinis in Upper Egypt).
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