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Ra, or Re, originally meaning the heavenly body itself. An early cult center existed at Heliopolis. From Herakhty, which he joined, Ra adopted the falcon head and when he later also coalesced with Atum, Re-Atum became a manifestation of the setting sun. In the Middle Kingdom, when the cult of Amon rose to power, Re still kept his position and he and Amon became Amon-Re.

Re travelled across the sky in his sun-boat, from sunrise to evening, accompanied by his Vizier Thoth and his daughter Ma´at. When the sun set below the horizon, Ra was said to travel in the underworld, meeting all kinds of danger until he finally was reborn again in the Eastern sky.

Main center of worship:

Iunu/Heliopolis, 13 th Nome, Lower Egypt

Festivals: (exact dates not historically verified)

6th August - 19th Thuti - Festival of Nut and Ra

17th August - 30th Thuti - Rituals in the Temples of Ra,

Horus and Osiris

26th August - 9th Paopi - Day of Jubilation in the heart of


9th october - 23 Hethara - Ra judges the dispute of Set and

Heru (Horus).

31st October - 15th Koiak - Feast of Sekhmet, Bast and Ra

15th November - 30th Koiak - The Ennead feast in the House of

Ra, Heru and Wasir

6th December - 21st Tybi - Day of offerings to the Shemsu

(followers) of Ra

16th December - 1st Mechir - Day of Ptah lifting up his hands

17th December - 2nd Mechir - Day the Netjers of Heaven

receive Ra

4th March - 19 Parmutit - Feast of Ra in his Barge at


15th March - 30th Parmutit - Offerings to Ra, Wasir, Heru,

Ptah, Sokar and Atum

21st March - 6th Pachons - Coming Forth of the Great Ones of

the House of Ra

2nd april - 18th Pachons - Day of Joy of the Ennead and crew

of Ra

14th April - 30th Pachons - Celebrations in the House of Ra,

Wesir (Osiris) and Heru (Horus)

16th April - 2nd Payni - Holiday of Ra and His Shemsu


9th May - 25th Payni - The Akhet Eye pleases Ra

26th May - 12th Epipi - Holiday of the receiveing of Ra

30th May - 16th Epipi - Ma´at is taken to Ra in Heliopolis

1st June - 18th Epipi - Ma´at and Ra Go Forth in secret

28th June - 15th Mesore - Ra Goes forth to propitiate the Nun

13th July - 30th Mesore - Birthday of Ra

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