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Author: Mirjam

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"Lady of the fertile land" and "lady of granaries", a deity of fertility and harvest but she was also a protector of linen, especially bandages, children and their nourishment. Mother of the grain god Nepri. She also gave each child a destiny and she attended the weighing of the hearts of men in the Hall of Judgment. The Greeks called her Thermutis. Her name consisted of two parts:`rnn´ - nourishment, and `wtt´ - snake, showing something of her character. People made offerings to her during harvest time and she was depicted either as a snake or a human with a snake´s head. In the Greco-Egyptian days she was often depicted as Isis with a snake´s head. Her main cult center was Faiyum in Lower Egypt.

Main center of worship:

The Faium area, Lower Egypt